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  1. I'm a roller derby ref, Its my roller derby name.
  2. Deadfool

    Stopping acronyms

    I don't have an issue with acronyms, it's just the times I can't work them by searching. My other hobby is being a roller derby ref and we only talk in acronyms. But it's useful to know there's a reference thread
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    acronym guide?

    Also what's a u boat in X Wing?
  4. Deadfool

    acronym guide?

    Hey so being pretty new to X Wing I'm struggling to follow some of these threads because I don't know what all the acronyms mean! TLT and I think PWP tonight?
  5. So I used this list that wurn made for me but with auto thrusters traded in. Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Push the Limit (3), Targeting Computer (2), Hull Upgrade (3) Carnor Jax (31) TIE Interceptor (26), Push the Limit (3), Royal Guard TIE (0), Targeting Computer (2) “Mauler Mithel” (21) TIE Fighter (17), Opportunist (4) Academy Pilot (12 It was a hanger event so I made a second list that was similar to the above but with Vaders tie advanced added. Cluster missiles, twin ion engines and PTL to get the three actions.
  6. I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and take part in a charity tournament which gave me my first six ever games of x wing. Used Imperials. 1st Game - I played against 2 T-70s and a Y Wing, I made so many mistakes, I basically killed Soontiar Gel on asteroids! Didn't even get all the shields off one ship. 2nd Game - 3 jump masters with Boba Fett, someone said it was a meta list? I lasted about 15 mins 3rd Game - Ghost and a K wing, things went much better I managed to inflict a point of hull damage which would have been more if I didn't reveal a K turn that was meant to be a bank. 4th Game - 2 Y Wings and a jump master, did a fair bit of damage before once again crashing into asteroids. 5th Game - IG88 and slave one. Got slave one down to half hull and then it slipped off the board giving me my first points! Still lost. 6th Game - played against a TO from another city who correct every mistake I made and taught me how to play properly. I won but naturally it doesn't really count. I learnt a lot and everyone was incredibly patient and helpful.
  7. Is there any software, database or spreadsheet that can be used to keep a record of what cards you have etc? Obviously I could probably make one with excel or Google sheets but I thought it might be the kind of thing that already exists.
  8. Am I understanding this correctly, Vader takes an action, then takes another action, then uses PTL to take another action gaining a stress token Then next turn I can green bank move him to remove the stress token? So for example Target Lock, Focus, Barrel Roll?
  9. They were £7 each. So it would have saved me £3, so I reckon I can make more than £3 from selling it.
  10. The only reason I was planning to send it is because I don't see myself collecting anymore scum & villain shis.
  11. Assuming my local store has one in stock I'm going to get a Star Viper tonight, what should I change out to accommodate the auththrusters? Personally, I would take Targeting off both interceptors for autothrusters (I think there are two in the starviper). If I'm wrong put it on Fel. Cheers
  12. Last night, I think I was the only player on a map not using the TL-50, every time I ran round a corner - SPLAT secondary fire.
  13. Stop duplicate post, sorry
  14. I'm picking up the Star Viper to get the Autothrusters, but I have no use for the ship so will probably Ebay it. What else is worth keeping out of it? I play as Imperials but also have some rebels if that makes a difference.
  15. Assuming my local store has one in stock I'm going to get a Star Viper tonight, what should I change out to accommodate the auththrusters?
  16. Sadly in the UK the autothruster is £7 on ebay, which I'm not paying for a card, I probably will just have to suck it up and buy the starviper
  17. Deadfool


    I was looking at X Wing cards on ebay, some of them are going for nearly as much individually as the cost of just buying the expansion pack they came from. I want some autothrusters but have no really use for the starvipper but they are £7 plus P&P!
  18. Can I just check that I understand the sequence of this correctly? 1. Fel Focus's as his normal action 2. Then use PTL to get the free action and stress token 3. Fel's pilot ability kicks in getting him another focus token 4. Next turn green move to get rid of the stress token?
  19. Thank for this, yeah my resources are limited because of the haphzard way I have been buying things off ebay!
  20. So, I've played the quick game with my girlfriend and to help my get some experience I've entered a 64 player charity event on Saturday. First disaster being that I can't use my tie defender as it has no real cards. (I bought it with the box set not knowing the absence of cards was an issue). I thus have the 2 ties from the core set, a tie interceptor, imperial aces and assuming it arrives in time a tie advanced. The event is hanger format so I need two lists. This is my first, it comes in at 99pts. Boontime Fel (30pts) Royal Tie Push the limit Saber Squadron (23pts) Swarm Tactics Alpha Squadron (18pts) Black Squadron (15pts) x 2 Any suggestions? My second list will basically probably be the same but with the tie advanced, unless someone can give me some advice on a better use of my resources!
  21. Yeah, its a hutt contract. It came out just before Death Star on its own. Level 1 & 2 is speed increases and level 3 is an instant melee kill. Everything seems to move really slowly when you use something else!
  22. I cannot say yes enough. On open maps 1st is fun to use but 3rd person let's you see walls and the environment around you to help you avoid hitting anything. It is also a amazing thing when dogfighting to be able to keep better track on enemies.Also does anyone else love and hate the two new guns? I love using them and the new firing mode is cool... but yet everyone spams them and I have lost count how many times I have died from Secondary Fire. I have a terrible habit of pulling the left trigger when I fire, so secondary fire is really annoying for me. I prefer blaster rifles anyway, but if I have an active heavy blaster challenge I would probably use the TL-50, not sure about the pistol. How are people finding the Escape Artist trait card? I love it!
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