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  1. Rey, expertise, Finn, Kansan, new title, engine upgrade nora, otl, Kyle katan, r5 p9, overhaul i have also ran Rey with tycho, Miranda, Wes Jansen and Biggs with zeb in sabines tie. I like Nora best I've being running Rey pretty much since HOTR came out
  2. I was using Rey & Nora both with expertise and Nora with bistan, 10 hits around with a tasty crit or two crits at the rear, but Nora was very vulnerable
  3. Played at store event yesterday. 5 Rebels, 3 scum & 1 imp. 4 of top 5 were Rebels.
  4. I've been using Rey since she came out, My Rey build is pretty standard. I've tried a range of side kicks; Miranda, Thycho, Biggs & Zeb (Tie) but today I used: Rey, Finn, Kanan, Expertise, Sloop Title, Smuggler Compartment, Burnout Slam Nora Wesley, Alliance Overhaul, R2D2, Expertise, Vectored Thursters, Bistan Went two for two. Pumping out a truck load of damage. its very much all our nothing but it's fun. When they combine Rey strips the shields and leaves it open for Nora & Bistan to force the crit.
  5. Had a quick game tonight, Rey did most of the heavy lifting getting in pretty much 5 hits a turn, expertise means she can have a focus which makes her a bit tougher. Didn't make the most of the U Wing but I don't think my play to use it as a mine layer works. Won 100-0. Hotshot Co pilot & Expertise were among my opponents build but can't really remember the rest.
  6. Pretty hazy recollection, think it was Kenan with Zeb, autocannon and accuracy corrector, no shuttle.
  7. Oops, that should say Miranda. But I think he moved me using a forward bank template which I found out after you can't.
  8. Duplicate post, I keep getting posting errors on the forum...
  9. Played at the regional hosted by IQ games in Huddersfield (UK), my aim was to get one win, used this squad: Rey - trick shot, Finn, Kanan, Signor Loop title, Miranda - homing missiles, cluster mines, guidance chips, extra munitions, TTL Game 1. Played against two shadow casters, came down to one of them on 2 hull and Miranda on 3 hull at range one. Got tractored onto a rock, no shot and got killed. 72-100 lose Game 2. Got Cormac and his two arcs. Not much to tell. 0-100 lose. Game 3. Shadowcaster (ventress maybe?) and 2 TLT Y wings, accidentally flew a heavily damaged Rey off the board trying to pull off an S loop and 180 turn. Got picked apart by the two TLTs. 0-100 lose Game 4. Bossok party bus and an arc, things went really well. Rey chased each ship around at close range landing 4-5 hits a turn. I won 100-2! Game 5. Trip defenders, everything went bad! Landed a homing missile and didn't even knock a shield off, flew an undamaged Miranda off the board by the barest mm of base! 0-100 lose Games 6. Ghost and two ghost squadron K wings with TLTs. Killed the Ghost really early, Miranda managed to drop a cluster mine right across its base! Sadly she died after that and the K wings split up so Rey could only keep one in arc and she got picked apart by the TLTs. 71-100 lose. I really enjoyed Reys offensive out put, with a focus I was regularly get 4 or 5 hits, but her defence is weak especially out of arc and no shield regen. The event was really good and well hosted.
  10. Deadfool

    Considerate play

    I played a little kid yesterday at regionals, game 6. I reckon he was 9 or 10. Not swearing was one of the hardest things, I think considerate play, especially after beat me, ******* TLTs...
  11. Deadfool

    Considerate play

    I've boiled down the content of this thread... "don't be a ****"
  12. Does Dash's pilot ability allow him to ignore the rule saying that you can't barrel roll onto an obstacle?
  13. Does Kanan's ability kick in at the end of the titles ability so after the 180 turn?
  14. Disappointing to hear that Tarkin is not good, that's the one I was most likely to read.
  15. Not sure where you are from, so I don't know if you are aware of the show Red Dwarf, but the books are excellent.
  16. OK, I've been playing since September and have always just tried to use the full 100pts (old school gamer, not wasting points) but my list I'm going to use this weekend comes in at 99pts. I could spend the 1pt but I thought maybe it was time I understood iniaitive bidding. My list is probably going to be Rey/Miranda both PS8, if I have the choice would go first or second? What influences this choice?
  17. Deadfool


    Rey and title benefits from Kanan - let's you take a focus or boost after you choose to sloop or not, making Rey have great maneuverability. I would drop the advanced Slam from Miranda, as it's not bringing a great deal to the table, begins to free up points. That leaves me at 101pts, so I guess my choice is reduce homing missiles to advance homing missiles, remove VI or remove extra munitions.
  18. Deadfool


    I've not been playing for long but I'm thinking this: Rey, VI, Finn, ML Title (loop), EU - 56pts Miranda, TLT, EM, Homing Missile, Advanced Slam - 44pts What do people think?
  19. is there a limit to the number of focus tokens you can "bank" on Ray? You can assign one per turn to her and then the next turn you may return it to the ship, but if you don't return it to the ship can you assign another unspent focus? The word token is pluralized which we took to mean no limit other then the one in one out per turn limit.
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