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  1. You need to have both ships working on Omega or that ***** won't die. She locks Rey and that's all her magic gone. I'd not be too worried about Vessery without Tie X you can still nail him pretty quick even if he Ions Rey.
  2. Assaj Two TLT Y wings. Just won local store champs and a couple of small events. not my list so I can't remember the exact builds.
  3. I've been flying Rey since she came out, just shoot her a lot. No matter what tricks they play there is a limit to how much she can evade. Also stress or Omega Leader, expertise Rey is a **** load of useless points against her.
  4. I use expertise rey and Norra. In store champs today rey took out fenn and then died leaving Norra to take on 2 jumps. Nailed em! 5 hit shot followed by a r hit shot dud for one and then a slow whittin down if the other. Norra, expertise, R2D2, alliance overhaul, shield upgrade and nien numb! Struggled in the third game when someone boba fetted R2D2 off her!
  5. Why do big ships need special treatment, in competitive play they already suffer from the terrible half point rule. They generally (not scum) have poor evasion dice so damage racks up fast anyway. I ruin Nora & Rey and 9/10 times its Nora left alive with all her hull and shields and shield regen and no half points. The card serves no purpose and is not needed.
  6. Can passive crew abilities from crew on the Phantom be used while it is docked? Like for example Jan Ors
  7. - 3 points, seems a bit good!
  8. Luke Iggy Jabba Eweekys Alliance smuggler Temp alliance
  9. Or is alternatively is there a way of making a competitive list that includes Luke, Iggy and Jabba?
  10. Did you get much use out of the Ion Bombs?
  11. I tried to swap out his unpainted guys for some of my painted ones to make it look better!
  12. Off the top of my head: 10pt Luke, Leia, 3PO, Gideon, Rebel High Command, 2 x rSabs and the character that has that interrupt ability.
  13. I went with: Jedi Luke Obi Wan R2 & 3PO Gideon Hera E/Sabs The force thingy Vs. the straight up twin magic list. We played the ISB mission from the current rotation. I made loads of daft mistakes like charging Luke and the E/Sabs forward, forgetting to add my 3pts of extra command cards and splitting up my team. My opponents command deck combos all came out where as mine didn't which hurt me. Lost 40-16.
  14. Will 3PO still be useful if I switch dabs? Will he be able to keep up?
  15. Thanks, I was just going to do Lukes Elites or whatever the list is called but I don't have the Echo Base Troopers.
  16. I don't know what this part means, this will be my first skirmish game
  17. I have 6pts left, what should I spend them on? I was thinking Hera but then what would I do with the 2pts? Or swap Obi for Leia and have 5pts left to spend? Any thoughts?
  18. Stress will stop expertise for sure but if you have them in arc then Rey & finn can still pump out a lot of damage.
  19. Norra - expertise, R2D2, Nien Numb, Alliance Overhaul, Shield Upgrade Rey - Expertise, Finn, Kanan Jarus, Sloop title, They both do a lot of damage and Norra is a nightmare to try and kill. I won a store event with that and have done pretty well at other stuff like 4:2 at a regionals.
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