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  1. There seems to be an implied position in some posts that you can only play x wing or something else, I find that weird.
  2. Sorry, that British, someone who moans a lot.
  3. of how to fix x-wing threads. Just stop making them, you bunch of whingers! Also give it up, you're not getting prequel ships. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  4. Yeah it was getting pretty salty on some of the FB pages.
  5. But if you have to pay for intensity and the mech to make the T-65 good, then it becomes more expensive and you're back to square one.
  6. You're not being dumb, he clearly doesn't understand the word untrustworthy, because it doesn't mean what he's trying to say with it. Also, there mouse droids on the Death Star for a start.
  7. The thing that disappoints me about Cannon, is that there are never any actual bloody cannons!
  8. Would you like to show us on the doll where the Ugnauts touched you?
  9. One of my first RPG memories, I'm defiantly going to get this.
  10. I have been using HOTR Rey for months but got sick of the MOV bleed so found this version of her is just a little tougher, I usually pair her with expertise/shield regen Nora but I think I'm going to try this instead: 100 points Pilots ------ Rey (61) YT-1300 (45), Expertise (4), Finn (5), C-3PO (3), Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) (1), Counter-Measures (3) Captain Nym (39) Scurrg H-6 Bomber (30), Veteran Instincts (1), Autoblaster Turret (2), Bomblet Generator (3), Havoc (0)
  11. I think you'd be better off dropping clusters, EM and Sabine on the ghost and spending the points on something else. Not sure what Navigator is popular with Hera ghost.
  12. I'm trying the BB8 intensity version tonight with PS10 Nym and Captain Roark
  13. I have nothing useful to add to this other than to point out that all your mums love splash damage.
  14. Bidding is for ********, spend every point!
  15. Yeah, I agree at the Store Champs a few weeks before that I played three different Jump master lists. I think part of the issue is that a lot of new ships are not as good as the meta popular ships like the jump master so they are not breaking in and breaking up the scene enough, but for me Captain Nym is a good addition as it seems to be getting a lot of action while helps dilute the concentration of other lists. Basically FFG need to make every ship awesome!
  16. Ours was a top 4, I think it was two rebels, one scum and one imp. In one round the top table game was double deci's vs. Whisper & a deci!
  17. Its about the right tool for the job.
  18. Last store champs I went to, I didn't play a single duplicate list. People get too sucked into the internet moaning and forget the real world is a lot wider.
  19. Any game that involves customisation of your units via cards or whatever will always become about the cards/upgrades. It's just the way it is, if you don't like it, move on.
  20. No APL but yeah dauntless and daredevil, he beat me in 15 minutes.
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