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  1. They may have to release a few more minatures for the immersion to work. Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Bespin, Corellia and Coursant have all miniatures you to need but Imperial Assualt only has two Mandalorians!!!
  2. Those are some cool ideas, I've made a post called "expansion idea" that lists 'most' my ideas for an expanison if your interested in reading that. I've used the Death Star laser maybe twice (I usally play as the Rebels) and it makes sense that no one is going to rebel when there is a super weapon pointed at them.
  3. Yeah I know but still I like my idea, hey do you have any ideas as to what mission cards can go with the neatral factions?
  4. How do the Empire take the Rebels' reputaion? I thought it was when they capture a Rebel leader but after reading some of their cards that dosen't seem to be the case.
  5. You don't even get to draw all you those lovely cards to begin with... Unless they are going to add draw an "extra three cards" I don't really the usefulness of getting extra cards. Except for maybe those combat cards. Also how do you reply without getting that quote box.
  6. Yes I see no reason why they can't, even after reading the comments down below. It's not like those people have to buy them. If people will fork out cash to buy Imperial Assult expansions then they will defiently buy Rebellion expansions.
  7. So I was thinking after reading peoples opinions on expansions (some I completely disagree with) for Star Wars: Rebellion I would post my own ideas for expansions. 1) Replacment factions: In case you want to change the timeline. - Republic set (replaces the Empire) It's pretty much the Empire except without the ability to subjugate or destroy planets. Wins by captuering half the enemies leaders or by eleminating the oppents ability to wage war (sabotage for example). Loses when senate votes for the war to end after a certain amount of turns. Has ARC Wings, Y-Wings, Victory Star Destroyers (which should be a tad weaker than the Imperial version), AT-TE (weaker than Imperial version) and Clones. Planet replacment tokens (with their own resoures) are Kamino and Christophis. Projects can include Imperial Star destroyers. -Sepratists set (replaces the Rebels) It's goal is pretty much to use it's objectives to make the senate vote for an end to the clone wars as quickly as possible. Leaders are assigned too planets rather than the leader pool and they posses much more resourcses than the Republic. Has Federation Tradeships which can blockcade (and take left-most resources) from neatural and enemy planets, Commerce guild destroyer, Banking clan frigate, droid fighter, Droid gunship?/spider?/Hailfire? and Battle droids. Planet Replacement tokens are Boz Pity and Rhen Var. If the Republic is also in play Palpatine will be in their leader pool for one turn and then the Sepratists for the other. -First Order set. The First Order has Starkiller base as a Coursant replacment token which they can choose five planets to destroy every two turns. A mission card (Starkiller planes) is provided for the opponet's mission deck to destroy Starkiller base. My idea is there is a structure miniature on Starkiller that can be destroyed via another mission card (provided) or ground combat, Then the base itself can be destroyed by the same way the Death Star is destroyed. -The Resistance set. Gets D'qar and Jakku as their planet tokens and the ability to turn evil leaders to the light side such as Kylo Ren. 2) Third Factions: Designed to add additional players. -The Hutt Clans set. Like the Rebels have limited resources but can subjugate planets like the Empire. Rely mostly on their raiding and ransoming leader missioncards and must control a certain amount of planets and hold them until the Empire capitchulates (win) or the Rebel Base is destroyed (draw or continue play). They always start on Nal Hutta and have Teth as a Planet Token. -Yuuzhan vong set. I... don't know much about these guys other than they are foreigners with organic tech. I just thought they would be a great addition for Legands fans. 3) Neutral Factions: Smaller NPC factions. Which defend their territory until conquered or swayed into joining you and thus give new abilites or additional allies (something the Rebels sorely need as I've ran out of miniatures for them more than once). -Mandalore set. Adds a small number of Mandalorians Supercommandos that roll two black dice, one red die and have one black health. And even less Mandalorian Basilisk Riders which roll one black die, one red die and have two red health and a few Kom'rk fighter/transports which roll two black dice and have two black health. They start on Mandalore and come with the mission card Single Combat (three; one for each player) which is played against the Mandalorian leader (whoever that is during this time) requires 3 spec ops and if successful gains the complete loyalty of Mandalore regardless of previous loyalty. -Umbara set. Comes with Umbara planet token. Adds a small number of Umbara Soldiers, fighters and walkers. Leader comes with ability card; Fanatism which prevents Umbara from being negotiated with. They must be conquered before they join you. -Kashyyk set. Adds a small number of Wookie Warriors (two balck dice and one black health) and Wookie Catamires (or whatever they are called). Comes with Tarful leader. -Trandosha set. Adss a small number of Trandoshan Hunters (two balck dice and one black health) and Trandoshan slave carriers. Comes with Bossk leader and Trandosha planet token. -Genosis set. Adds a small number of Genosion warriors and zombies (which have two black health) they also come with Spider or Hailfire droids (depending on the sepratists setup). -Dathomir set. Adds a small number of witches!!! Which have the ability card curse which reduces the amount of enemy attacks by two. -Endor set. Adds a small number of Ewoks. Special abilty card Swarm adds an extra attack dice. -Naboo set. Adds a small number of Gungan soldiers, riders and Fambas which allow you to draw extra combat cards. Okay I'm getting tired now so I'll finish by asking you what do you think... I think this will make the game more thematic and fun.
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