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  1. Rogue3

    Poe + Talli + ?

    That is a fantastic list, I will definitely try it out!! 😊
  2. Rogue3

    Poe + Talli + ?

    There is a part of my that just explicitly wants to fly Talli, but I am also open to other options! She has a really good initiative and is relatively cheap which draws me to her but it’s not set in stone
  3. Rogue3

    Poe + Talli + ?

    Hey fellow pilots, I am super excited for the Resistance to come out as I loved Poe and the T-70 in first edition and will be fully converting once they come out. I have a build for Poe and Talli I want to use but am having troubles finding a wingmate and thought I'd open it up for suggestions! Here's what I have so far: Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing 68 Heroic 1 BB-8 8 Integrated S-Foils 0 Primed Thrusters 8 Black One 2 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 91 Half Points: 46 Threshold: 4 Tallissan Lintra — RZ-2 A-Wing 35 Heroic 1 Predator 2 Ship Total: 38 Here are two ideas I have for Wingmates: Nien Numb — T-70 X-Wing 55 Heroic 1 Pattern Analyzer 5 Ship Total: 61 Or Temmin Wexley — T-70 X-Wing 54 Composure 2 BB Astromech 5 Ship Total: 61 Both of them have little tricks they can do with actions which can be fun but I would love to hear everyone's suggestions! I am also trying to keep my bid high so Poe will move last. Thanks!!
  4. Rogue3

    Sooo. How are you building your Poe??

    It’s probably not the most competitive list but here’s what I’m hoping to run once they are out. Poe: BB-8, primed thrusters, config, HLC, heroic, b1 Temmin: BB Astro, config, composure Talli: heroic, predator 190 total I have a soft spot for Snap and will be trying desperately to make him work in 2.0. Poe is definitely loaded up but always possible to trim later
  5. Rogue3

    Sooo. How are you building your Poe??

    I’m admittedly leaning towards BB-8 more than R4 just because I worry Poe will be too predictable with R4 (like Soontir was in 1.0) and too easily blockabke. With BB8 and a bid, you have twice per game supernatural Reflexes and can adjust better to the board state
  6. Rogue3

    The Resistance: A faction overview in progress.

    I couldn’t be more excited for the Resistance. Poe will be an auto include in every list I fly as long as I continue to play the game, and I look forward to the combinations of wing mates I can play with him! Glad to see other people are just as excited as I am!
  7. Rogue3

    I need a rebel list

    That’s a very valid point! The reason why I’ll be switching over is the Resistance seems to perfectly fit my play style of one very powerful ship flanked by a couple cheaper useful ships. I loved Poe in first edition and the T-70 is the perfect ship for my playstyle. They won’t be super competitive but I always have fun flying them.
  8. Rogue3

    I need a rebel list

    I flew this at a recent tournament and was very happy with how it went Luke Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (6) Supernatural Reflexes (12) Proton Torpedoes (9) Wedge Antilles (52) Proton Torpedoes (9) Dutch Vander (38) Total: 192 Of Dutch passes a lock to Wedge and Wedge focuses, you have two double modified torpedo shots at high initiative, and Luke has the maneuvering and survivability for a lake game dance. It’s a large bid because of my local meta of aces but you could add swarm tactics to Wedge if a bid isn’t as important! Best of luck!! I’ve been a rebel player since I started X-Wing but have a strong feeling I’ll be converted to the Resistance when they come out. Keep the Rebellion strong!!
  9. Rogue3

    Triple X Wing

    Hey everyone, So I have always loved flying the X-Wing, especially the high initiative pilots like Wedge. So I put this list together recently and would love some suggestions! The total points is 194 because I will need a bid since Luke wants to move as late as possible. Luke Skywalker — X-Wing 62 Supernatural Reflexes 12 R2-D2 8 Servomotor S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 82 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 52 Elusive 3 R3 Astromech 3 Servomotor S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 58 Thane Kyrell — X-Wing 48 Crack Shot 1 R5 Astromech 5 Servomotor S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 54
  10. Rogue3

    Poll: what factions will you play?

    Currently thinking of flying just Rebels and Resistance. Might be converted to Republic as well depending on how they fly as a faction but right now just the Rebels and Resistance. Gotta have my X-Wings
  11. Rogue3

    Suggestions for a good Crit dealing list?

    All the Crits! Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 52 Marksmanship 1 Proton Torpedoes 9 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 65 Thane Kyrell — X-Wing 48 Marksmanship 1 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 52 Gavin Darklighter — E-Wing 68 Marksmanship 1 Fire-Control System 3 R3 Astromech Not sure if it's any good, but it had a lot of crits!
  12. I use an Orange base when flying Poe’s black T-70, and Red when flying Wedge is his T-65. I just find the matching colours of the base and model make it look a little better. As well, like someone mentioned before, it does help differentiate when you’re flying against another player with the same models
  13. Poe and Wedge flying together. I had a ton of fun with those two, it'll be hard having to pick one or the other for 2.0 (though 2.0 Poe does look like a lot of fun)
  14. Rogue3

    Your first 2.0 list?

    Those are some good ideas, thanks!! Some people in my local meta who had played some 2.0 games warned against putting too many upgrades on a ship and it was better to have more ships on the table. This is why I tried to make it so I could fit a 4th ship, but I really like your suggestions!