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  1. I'm in X-Wing!!

    Davith Signis (obviously not my real name) X-Wing (or T-70) PS 5 EPT Ability: When attacking, if you have 1 or fewer Damage cards, roll 1 additional attack die. I almost always have regen on my favorite ships, so this pilot ability would fit really well with an X-Wing with R2-D2
  2. List Showcase: Wedge

    That is the list I’m currently flying, and looking to take to our upcoming regionals and it’s a ton of fun. I definitely recommend it! Wedge is one of my favourite characters and pilots, it’s nice to see him coming back to the table.
  3. Building a squad around Wedge Antilles

    Wedge is one of my favourite characters in Star Wars and I love finding ways to put him in a list. This is the list I’m currently going with: Wedge Antilles VI FAA Poe Dameron (PS9) VI R2D2 Black One Advanced Optics Autothrusters Fenn Rau VI R2 Astromech Tactician Total: 98 points. Having 3 ships at PS 11 is very powerful, especially with Fenn being able to co-ordinate. I usually shoot with him and Poe first to hopefully strip tokens to allow wedge the more powerful shot. Good luck, and let us know what works for you! Always good to see fellow Wedge fans on here!
  4. "I've never" anonymous

    Flown a scum list
  5. Spinal Tap Rebels (PS11)

    I have been running a list similar to this recently and I really like it. On Fenn I like to use R2 Astro and Kyle Katarn. That gives Fenn a focus after he uses his ability, and then can use his action to coordinate. I have been going back and forth on FAA on Wedge, it’s definitely got its uses but I find if your opponent is running 3+ ships, it can be hard to take advantage of the droids ability because you almost always have someone in Arc. It’s a really good list though! Coordinate at PS11 is great, and you can take full advantage of BB8. I look forward to hearing what works for you!
  6. VI Fenn/Poe/Wes

    I'm currently running a similar list with Wedge as the third ship, and they all have VI to make them PS11. I'm fine tuning it right now to get it where I want it, but having 3 PS 11's with a co-ordinate action is extremely powerful. I'd recommend giving it a try!
  7. Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?

    Selflessness or Draw Their Fire. I’ve been told a lot that I will jump on the grenade for other people way too much.
  8. Poe Wedge fun list

    Thanks guys, these suggestions are awesome! Definitely looking forward for the phantom to come out so I can get it on the table!
  9. Poe Wedge fun list

    Hello fellow pilots! So my two favourite pilots in the game are Poe and Wedge, and I’m always trying to put the two of them together in a list. I came up with this recently, and thought I’d ask the community for their input/suggestions. Poe Dameron (PS9) (33) Veteran Instincts (1) R2-D2 (4) Black One (1) Advanced Optics (2) Autothrusters (2) Wedge Antilles (29) Veteran Instincts (1) BB-8 (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Fenn Rau (20) Veteran Instincts (1) Flight assisted Astromech (1) Rey (2) Total: 99 Points my thinking was that if they are all at PS11 they should be moving last, and can all use their barrel rolls or boosts to get into good position. Fenn can feed them actions if need be, and use his ability to help them defensively. Poe is very tanky with R2 and BB8 gives Wedge some much needed maneuverability. Rey is there to help give Fenn mods when he’s using his action to co-ordinate. Would love to hear some feedback and suggestions! Thanks everyone!
  10. Wedge Antilles. I’ve been flying him ever since I started playing the game and I just can’t get him to be where I want him. He’ll have a few bad games, and then a game where he’s on fire. I’ve moved to Poe for most tournaments, but would love to make Wedge work.
  11. strategy with imps needed

    I watched this video recently and I think it's a great break down of 2 main imperial strategies. Give it a watch!
  12. So, are AT-ATs going to be useless?

    I don't believe so. When you use a tactic card, it is discarded and can't be used again until you've played all your other ground tactic cards, which I believe there are 15 of (I may be wrong on the number). So they can't use it every combat.
  13. What's your best pilot build in HOTAC?

    I was last running an X-Wing with this build: EPT's: Stay on Target, Push the Limit, Hobbie, Wedge Mods: Shield Upgrade, Vectored Thrusters, Engine Upgrade, Autothrusters Astromech: Targetting Astromech Torps: Advanced Proton Torps So what you do every turn is figure out what maneuver you want to do, and plan a different move of the same speed. Then when you activate, you change your move with stay on target which triggers Targetting Mech. The target lock you squire from the mech triggers Hobbie and you clear the stress from the move. Then you get to take your normal action, and use push the limit for a second action. Then when you attack, you always spend your lock to clear the stress from Push the Limit (Thank you Hobbie).

    I'm biased since I mostly fly X-Wings, but I love Poe's and Wedge's ability. Wedge can be an absolute killer, and Poe is such a well balanced ship.
  15. A ship that "clicks" with you.

    X-Wings! The T-65 X-Wing was my ship when I first started playing, but I fell in love with the T-70 when it came out. Every list I run either has a T-65 (Wedge or Biggs mostly) or a T-70 (Poe, Nien, Snap and Jess mostly)