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  1. Temmin Wexley (54) Composure (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Primed Thrusters (8) Ion Cannon (5) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 4 I flew this Snap recently and he's a ton of fun. If you keep his wings closed, on a turn where you can trigger his ability, you can boost, focus and barrel roll every turn and have the R4 to help clear stress. Plus the draw back of losing a die on primary attacks is mitigated by the Ion Cannon being 3 dice and range 1-3. Pushing through even one ion on a small ship can be huge. Plus with primed thrusters, after a k-Turn or Talon Roll, you can still boost and barrel roll. And composure is there if your boost ever fails to get a free focus (if you're not stressed) I recommend giving it a try!
  2. Hey Andrew, First off, I just wanted to thank you and everyone at FFG for providing us with amazing tabletop experiences! I have met many new friends and have tons of great memories thanks to your products, so I am very thankful for FFG! My question is (and apologies if this has been asked before in this thread) are there going to be any further expansions or support for Star Wars Rebellion? And would you think of doing something similar for the Clone Wars now that the Clone Wars are entering X-Wing, Armada and Legion?
  3. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone who has a copy of Rebellion in the Rim could post the rules for fleet building in here? I was talking to some members in my community about setting up a campaign and would like to get a start on fleet building! Apologies if they are already available elsewhere!
  4. Palob or Torkil. With the title it’s very easy to keep you in arc and then you’re either losing your green token or at Initiative 0 which can be devastating. I recently flew against someone flying Torkil with IG crew and 2 IG Pilots. Having the two IG’s initiative kill my Poe was not pretty! Though seeing a Hwk with 2 focus, a calaculate and an evade was pretty hilarious!!
  5. That seems like a really good combo! I currently have a list with Vi Moradi carrying GA-97 but now may switch it out for Finn with Heroic.
  6. Hello fellow pilots, Sorry if this is considered bringing up an old thread, just wanted t o get some input for an upcoming Hyperspace Trial. I'm trying to decide between 2 triple T-70 lists. Would love to hear your thoughts! List 1: Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Ship total: 77 Half Points: 39 Threshold: 4 Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 4 Lieutenant Bastian (48) Integrated S-Foils (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Total: 194 List 2: Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) Ship total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 4 Nien Nunb (55) Elusive (3) Integrated S-Foils (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Ship total: 63 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 4 Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Ship total: 57 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 4 Total: 193 List 1 has the potential to hit harder, but list 2 has a higher initiative overall. Would love to hear some of your thoughts!
  7. I have, but I have found in all my games with Snap I have been in barely any situations where I could trigger composure, where I trigger heroic a lot more. As well I only fly Rebels and Resistance (and soon Republic) so I never bought the Scum Falcon to get composure
  8. I built this list today while prepping for an upcoming tournament, Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing 68 Heroic 1 R4 Astromech 2 Integrated S-Foils 0 Black One 2 Ship Total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 4 Temmin Wexley — T-70 X-Wing 54 Heroic 1 BB Astromech 4 Integrated S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 4 Lieutenant Bastian — T-70 X-Wing 48 M9-G8 7 Integrated S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 4 Thoughts? Apologies if someone has posted this list before
  9. If there is one pilot I'm determined to make work in 2.0 it's Snap (or Temmin now). His ability is so much fun and I love the idea of using him as a flanker. I have a list with him, Poe and Talli that I can't wait to get on the table
  10. That is a fantastic list, I will definitely try it out!! 😊
  11. There is a part of my that just explicitly wants to fly Talli, but I am also open to other options! She has a really good initiative and is relatively cheap which draws me to her but it’s not set in stone
  12. Hey fellow pilots, I am super excited for the Resistance to come out as I loved Poe and the T-70 in first edition and will be fully converting once they come out. I have a build for Poe and Talli I want to use but am having troubles finding a wingmate and thought I'd open it up for suggestions! Here's what I have so far: Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing 68 Heroic 1 BB-8 8 Integrated S-Foils 0 Primed Thrusters 8 Black One 2 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 91 Half Points: 46 Threshold: 4 Tallissan Lintra — RZ-2 A-Wing 35 Heroic 1 Predator 2 Ship Total: 38 Here are two ideas I have for Wingmates: Nien Numb — T-70 X-Wing 55 Heroic 1 Pattern Analyzer 5 Ship Total: 61 Or Temmin Wexley — T-70 X-Wing 54 Composure 2 BB Astromech 5 Ship Total: 61 Both of them have little tricks they can do with actions which can be fun but I would love to hear everyone's suggestions! I am also trying to keep my bid high so Poe will move last. Thanks!!
  13. It’s probably not the most competitive list but here’s what I’m hoping to run once they are out. Poe: BB-8, primed thrusters, config, HLC, heroic, b1 Temmin: BB Astro, config, composure Talli: heroic, predator 190 total I have a soft spot for Snap and will be trying desperately to make him work in 2.0. Poe is definitely loaded up but always possible to trim later
  14. I’m admittedly leaning towards BB-8 more than R4 just because I worry Poe will be too predictable with R4 (like Soontir was in 1.0) and too easily blockabke. With BB8 and a bid, you have twice per game supernatural Reflexes and can adjust better to the board state
  15. I couldn’t be more excited for the Resistance. Poe will be an auto include in every list I fly as long as I continue to play the game, and I look forward to the combinations of wing mates I can play with him! Glad to see other people are just as excited as I am!
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