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  1. oops, the post dident show Obi-Wan as far as i could tell but i think we can all agree he's in there somewhere
  2. Soontir (an exponentially worse on every other Interceptor) is great while you can dodge arcs, but the moment your opponent gets you in their arc, you have very little to survive with, I've ran interceptors since wave 4, and theres always been a couple turns every game where my opponent got a shot at me and I had to token up to NOT DIE, and now in 2.0 I cant token up so now interceptors are going to die every game as they lost their only way of not dieing when my opponent can turn/rotate arc not to mention only soontir has the PS to actually arcdodge and his new ability forces him to be ultra aggressive
  3. I use them for my faverete ships, also make it really easy to tell who's ships whoose when fighting mirror matches
  4. Also empire only has 2 right int 6 pilots (and no intercepters with int 5) and tripple imp aces is apparently dead
  5. Fel with ace frends, oh wait only Vader has matching int and the rest of the 181st including the #2 man, turr are scrubs at int 4 there are no int 5 intercepters to fly with fel #bring back imp aces
  6. 3 imperial aces with ps 9 and have some form of counterplay to 4dice attacks (tokening up)
  7. Running 3 imperial aces all ps 9 with multiple actions... Something I can no longer do
  8. Yea I forgot only force pilots got force upgrades, but any way for the outrider to know the oponants manuver is evil
  9. Any ship that can spam 4 dice attacks beond range 1 piticularly yt2400s with luke sense and navigater. sure you could out dps it sure you could out swarm it. But if your list relies on Arc dodgers your simply at the whim of red dice and due to the evade Nerf there is NOTHING you can do to stop them from rolling 3 hits and a crit and one shooting you the moment you enter it's range
  10. ahh that's the difference, I did like running 3 aces so hard counters hit harder and are less avoidable, for me the thrill was "ok, they did that what can I do to NOT DIE and would put me in a better position" and in 2.0 all the interceptors are int 4 or lower except soontir and fat turrets have me running out of ideas except "Run away" which is no fun for anyone. I agree that Interceptors can be good when supported by other ships but alone they can no longer teach the rebels what a real ace squadron looks like. which with the interceptor as the ace platform of choice for the empire was something I thought 2.0 would keep, seems I was mistaken yes that 3-sloop does look fun, although it takes away ALL your actions so it's not much better than the 3k it had before I can only hope that the Interceptor pack when it finally does arrive (has anyone heard anything other than someday?) will give soontir an ace buddy to fly with
  11. evade tokens being changed so that there is no way to counter 4 dice attacks mostly, there's also no way to double token, the issue that made autothrusters necessary has for the most part not been resolved (multi/High attack turrets) the turret change helps but any named ship with a turret (or any turret with luke) will be able to rotate after the interceptor moves unless it's fel then it's a maybe putting us back to when turrets reigned subprime before autothrusters came out
  12. I felt this thread needed more salt ? My main issue is that that's all they can do, in 1.0 they were THE ace platform, in 2.0 they have 1 ace. in (early-mid) 1.0 they had good attack, in 2.0 while its almost the best the empire has the rebels laugh at it and power creep will always exist. in 1.0 they were the empire's go to for aces (I admit some were better than others) they had variety, in 2.0 they have 1. in 1.0 they were unforgiving, in 2.0 its do or die, i have trouble seeing new players learning to arcdodge the learning cliff seems a bit steep for them to play when there are better lists out there. arc doging in 1.0 was a challenge in 2.0 its a gamble
  13. considering the nerfs to the intercepter's greens I doubt it FFG Designer #1: the game isnt about dogfighting anymore, we should bring it back FFG Designer #2: but what about arcdodgers? they *Might* dominate the meta FFG Designer #1: lets nerf their green mods into the ground, their called arc-dodgers after all, we did buff their maneuverability. if they have any experiance (played since early 1.0) they'll never (somtimes) get shot at. also lets make a card (Luke) that is a hard counter, and lets take away all of their mid tier aces so that they cant build an ace list with 3 aces! FFG Designer #2: Brilliant! now if the evil empire wants to play they have to buy multiple conversion kits to play swarms FFG Designer #1: speaking of which, we should keep all of the heroic rebels 4 red dice attacks and make it so that the evade token that only the evil empire uses can no longer be used to potentaly (with 3 lucky evade dice which are already worse than reds) block a 4 hit attack FFG Designer #2: And lets take the TIE Phantom's 4 dice attack (the Empire's only 4 red) and give it to the outrider and give it a dual arc turret
  14. I suspect high dps and high hp ships will be the major threats with green dice and ace platforms being nerfed. so stuff like fat han, missile swarms. etc. what ever you do, if you cant garrentee that you will never be shot at, DONT FLY ARCDODGERS
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