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  1. Using the psychic ability Compel, are you able to command an opponent to "freeze" thereby cancelling out their attacks as well as stopping them from dodging and parrying. I also assume that any other "compelled" actions take place in initiative when the opponent would normally act, not when the ability is activated.
  2. Thank you very much for the explanation. I will bring this information to the table!
  3. Hi I am new to Deathwatch and a few questions have come up in a game that we are playing. 1. Is a Librarian able to activate Iron arm as a reaction if he has already used a psychic ability on his turn? 2. Does the Blood Angel psychic ability "Blood Boil" damage a horde as a standard psychic power or an area of effect power? 3. Can channeling psychic power through a Force weapon be used in conjunction with a) an All out attack / Killing strike? b) Swift / Lightning attack? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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