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  1. Hey, sorry to necro this thread. I just thought I'd chime in. I haven't done a deep dive on this, but I did skim it briefly. I think you got a good base, but some works needs to be done on balancing. For example, the Spartans probably should only have one "3" in a stat instead of two "3s, even when considering the associated drop in XP. Furthermore, the MJONIR armor's soak is too high at 9 soak. I think you got some good ideas. I love Skulls. That is such a clever idea. However, I do not understand how the blackeye skull is supposed to work in this version of things. The concept is great. I think a second draft with a little number crunching and rebalancing would really make this sing. You got some good ideas, but the execution just needs some refinement.
  2. I'm not sure how I would model spell ingredient in the system, though. In my experience, that usually gets handwaved away by the GM in most D&D games so it wouldn't be much of a drawback. That's why I went more with a charge thing. One could argue that their "preparations" involves gathering spell ingredients and the charges represent uses of those ingredients. It was meant to be purposefully vague. As for the other part, Protect/Unleash is to mimic, as Skyholme Astromancers take inspiration from fantasy wizards, fireball, magic missle, shield, and other such spells. They also do get a cost reduction to Forsee. I ran off the flavor text and basically went "they seem to care alot about seeing the future (forsee) and their D&D wizards (fireball, shield, etc)." My reading may not be universal, though, and I completely understand someone disagreeing. The flavor text is a bit purposefully vague (likely due to wordcount) and there is no onscreen/book/comic reference to go off of so there is likely to be a lot of different interpretations of these Force Traditions. Did not expect a dev reply. Just want to say I listened to your interview on the Order66 Podcast so thank you for getting these rules into the book. You were absolutely correct: Alternate Force Tradition rules are something I've been looking forward to popping up for sometime and I imagine I'm not alone.
  3. You know, I actually was thinking of that. I got my old Star Wars SAGA books that have a bunch of Force Tradition write-ups and most of them wouldn't be too hard to do. But, some might just end up a little boring. Like, the Krath would just end up with a XP cost reduction to Force: Misdirect and the Sith Lord's drawback since it's basically just the Sith Arts specialized into Sith Illusions. But, yeah, I might sit down and do that at some point, if there is interest in it. I've recently got InDesign for my own unreleated RPG projects and working on this homebrew's layout has been a useful learning experience. Regardless, glad that both of you liked it! Edit: Reading through these old books for idea, it's kind of funny running into ones WotC obviously made up themselves.
  4. I'm currently running a game on Weik so I decided to draft up Alternate Force Traditions for the Paladins of the Adamantine, Skyholme Astromancers, Lucites, and Cendiary Priests. Ya know, for my players. I decided to give it a bit of layout work as well. Thought some of you guy might like it. You can find it here.
  5. If you want my take on it, if you want a morality system that rewards balance and "both sides are equally bad", I'd do this: -Can use Dark Side pips without flipping a destiny point as you pull from both sides equally. -Still take conflict and strain due to the emotional strain. -When at 45-55 morality, +1WT and ST. At 30-44 morality, +1 WT, At 56-70 morality, +1 ST. You are strongest when in balance and weaken as you are pulled to one side. -When at 29- or 71+ morality, must flip DP to use LS and DS respectively. Take a penalty to WT equal to 1 at 80+ and 2 at 90+. Take a penalty to ST equal to 1 at 20-, 2 at 10-. Being too close to either side weakens you. -Must go to or past the 50 morality threshold to restore balance and be able to use LS/DS freely again. I.e., if you were under 30, you need to hit 50+ to restore balance and, if you were over 70, you need to hit 50-. You have your own form of redemption. This system, as far as I see, rewards and reinforces balance and punishes imbalance: you want to keep your morality between 30 and 60 and avoid going too close to either side. Stray too far to either and lose versatility and take WT and ST penalties. This encourages dabbling in both sides of the force. As conflict rolls are random, it avoids gaming the system and keeps players on their toes over morality. It also keeps the Force dice mechanic balanced (strain still limits things and stops every force power from being an auto sucess) while keeping to the narrative (emotional strain tiring you out and the increased versaility of not marrying yourself to one side). If conflict is the only cost for using DS points, force users would be OP. This opens their options but keeps them balanced. Should work for any Balance centric Force traditions. Personally, I let players pick and chose individually which system to use. I feel the penalties and limits are somewhat mental and this helps the one guy who wants to play a balance centric tradition without missing out on benefits. Letting people pick still lets people to play closer to the movie's depiction. Can help reinforce different takes on the force this way and lead to interesting discussions and roleplay, like in the EU. RAW morality and gray morality should be in balance as the increased versality comes at the cost of having to be much more active in regards to morality and keeping it balanced. You can't sail to paragon or sin to Dark Side, you got to tow the line and hope conflict rolls don't screw you.
  6. My reasoning for that is that Vong tech gives everyone a setback dice by default to represent their unfamiliarity with it. Vong, essentially, ignore that and can use it without the setback die. As Vong tech gets a free Advantage because its essentially Superior gear, in a way, they are, in a roundabout way, getting a Free Advantage with that racial ability. Also, as a general question to the thread, some people have suggested moving the 1 from Intellect to Presence. I put it in Intellect because all the skills influenced by Intellect have to do with familiarly with traditional machine tech and knowledge of the galaxy, both things the Vong would be bad at. Some people feel this is a misrepresentation of Vong intelligence. Everyone's thoughts? Also, might go in and add some tech instead of the kind of "shrug" answer I originally gave.
  7. I've decided to write up a short, simple, not too intensive set of guidelines for playing during the Legacy era. It's mostly player facing. This isn't as intensive as the Clone Wars supplement I'm working on as this Legacy Era Primer is just some notes for a game I'm planning on running that I thought I'd share whereas the Clone War supplement is meant to be an unofficial fan supplement.* It features: A short description of the Era and its main factions Rules for making a competent Force User at Chargen without breaking balance Rules for Jedi Knight level play Rules for Imperial Knight Armor Stats for Yuuzhan Vong as a player species Rules for Yuuzhan Vong tech Rules for a new type of Obligation called "Legacy" which focuses on reinforcing the themes of the era[/list] The primer can be found here.
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Your book "Spark of Rebellion" was inspiration for the idea, actually. That'd be awesome. Any help is, well, helpful and having more devs means more diving up the works means the book getting done earlier.Also, if it comes down to it, getting the material together is the most important thing, making it look good is secondary. I plan on getting a discord server up soon for dev dicussion and google docs folder to share/view files among devs. Likely do it by tomorrow.
  9. Often people ask how to play FF Star Wars in an era different than 0-1 ABY of the Rebellion Era (shortly after episode 4). Now, FF SW is flexible enough to accomodate changing eras on their own, but some issues still crop up. For example, setting up an AoR game during the Clone Wars brings in the factor that you're now working for an army with much, much more prevelant resources than the rebellion. If nothing else, some consolidated settinf info and generic stat blocks always help. As such, I'm thinking of organizing a little free fan project to make a supplement in a different era. I'm thinking of using the Clone Wars as it would be enough to cover the entire prequel era and is arguably the most interesting time of the prequel era. The plan is for a full color pdf. It would share layout features with AoR for obvious reasons. Chapter 1 - Introduction (short, 5 pages max, gets the idea of the guide, write last) Chapter 2 - The Clone Wars (guide to running an AoR game with a lot of resources, how to deal with Jedi order/council, guide to incorporating background politics, advice on how to deal with players holding power over other players ---> Jedi general and clones, advice on how to use Palptine and Dooku's machinations and collusion for good adventure design) Chapter 3 - Player Options (Clones as a species, clone war gear, clone war ships, Padawan universal talent tree for Jedi, Jedi Knight universal talent tree for Jedi, Jedi Master universal talent tree for Jedi) Chapter 4 - A Galaxy Torn (Planet Gazzeer with quest hooks, some basic overview of galatic politics and the public and real reason for the clone wars) Chapter 5 - Clankers (adversary section) Chapter 6 - Modular Encounters (Rescue a captured Jedi, send humanatarian aid through a blockade, reinforce a frontline, capture a seperatist general) That's the basic layout. Modular encounter section might be much and can be cut. It also might be much to add 3 universal trees for Jedi: maybe just the padawan one. Shooting for 30-80 pages. I plan to provide a good amount of the writting, but feel it's more likely this will get done with a well-organized team. This is a fan project so it wouldn't be a paid gig nor would the finish product be sold (both would be illegal, I think): just looking for other interested people to lighten the load. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for that, mate. Didn't know resource like that was available. Rather convenient.
  11. I apologize if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find it while going around the site. I'm curious how long books tend to stay Out-of-Stock. I'm interested in filling out my collection and I noticed that Fly Casual and Jewel of Yavin are both out of stock. What are the chances these books, among others, come back into stock?
  12. I'm having this strange problem with the character generator. For some reason, protect/unleash won't display in force powers, as well as a few others. I have all books selected as a source. Any idea what could be causing this?
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