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  1. We are waiting for translate second and third novels from Dark Waters trilogy since three years. Its normal? I think not. Arkham lcg is abandoned. No faqs translate, no campaign complete guides, no investigators novels... one year for mythos packs reprint... there isnt a good work here.
  2. Thank you all for your answers. We have a large community in Spain and although several people claimed that it is not necessary to have a clue to play the card, I was not entirely clear. Thanks again.
  3. Hi friends. I've dude on this card. The card says: Place 1 of your clues on the location with the highest shroud. This part is obligated for play card or optional (if you havent clues in your clues pool)? Thanks
  4. Edge Spain and France date released on 10/11th November also.
  5. There is progression. U will can buy levep-up with acumulated experience at end of each scenario.
  6. There will be organized play for LCG Arkham?
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