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  1. Whooops. Didn't know that one.
  2. oops. Thanks for clarification
  3. Theoretically, could you line up 5 Jakku gunner runners horizontally on the leftish side of the map, catch an opopnent in range 1 in the middle of the map and then continually throw that ship down the line like a rugby toss right off the map? I'm suprised this isn't one of the mynock bounties yet.
  4. I don't even think you need to introduce a modification card. I think you could change the rules so that tractor beam tokens work like ion tokens on large ships.
  5. RAC without EU just gets shot down too fast in my opinion.
  6. I feel like Omega leader should be banned here...
  7. Funny this thread just popped up. I was toying around with this 100 point list earlier this week: Academy Pilot (12) Epsilon Leader (19) OGP (28) -Tractor Beam, FCS, Darth Vader StarKillerBase Pilot (41) -General Hux, FCS, Kylo Rens Shuttle, Pattern Analyzer, Inspiring Recruit The tie fighter just circles flies in front and tries to block opponents when they come in for the first round of combat. The Upsilon stalls, pattern analyzer lets him do the Hux action before he receives the stress. He passes a focus token to himself, the OGP and Epsilon Leader. He can also pass out fanatical devotion to whom it best serves. He then receives a stress from Hux and a stress from the red stop. The OGP also stalls and receives a stress. Epsilon Leader just bumps into the back of one of the shuttles. Combat starts and Epsilon Leader removes a stress from both shuttles, inspiring recruit removes the extra stress on the Upsilon. Everyone has a focus token and no stress! Hopefully the OGP can tractor beam someone off the board/into asteroid/into a range 1 shot of the Upsilon. At the end of combat we should have some target locks from the FCS's and Kylo can dish out a stress to an opposing ship. Should be a fun little casual list.
  9. I had a good chuckle with the blue corner gold corner bit. Nice article.
  10. Thumbs up for 7-7-7
  11. There are instances when this could be pretty useful. For example you have Coran Horn target locked. He has a focus token, evade token and stress token from PTL. You probably are not going to hit him anyways even if you use your target lock normally. Better to spend your target lock to add another stress so that next turn he gets no actions.
  12. Well done Merman!
  13. you will still be missing the cardboard insert for the base....
  14. And C-ROC! Just got to that episode