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  1. 6 gunboats. 42 hp behind 2 agility. Its unkillable. Its undefeated except against the mirror. Its winning everything. This must be what hes talking about right?
  2. This is most definently going to lead to Aturi cluster type campaign. Cant wait!
  3. TBot

    TIE Interceptor?

    Loving this: 200 pts: Alpha squadron (31) x3 Soontir fel + predator (55) OGP Lamda + Sloane (52) That's 4 interceptors. They are great little swarmy ships. Being able to 5 straight focus->boost can really catch your opponent offguard. Aces hate this list. This has issues with droid swarms as they dont care about stress too much.
  4. TBot

    Obi wan ability

    Cool thanks
  5. TBot

    Obi wan ability

    Can obi use his ability more than once in a round?
  6. When ur flying 3 clt jedi and gettin those bullseyes like a boss. But all you roll all game long on offense and defence is eyeballs and your force starved and cant convert.
  7. I might have to dive into the some wooden templates/tokens from there too
  8. https://www.etsy.com/shop/StrataStrike?ref=search_shop_redirect
  9. Shout out to StrataStrike on Etsy.
  10. Thanks! I looked all over the internet for xwing related prints and couldn't find any!
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