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  1. **** u ffg. Just when I think I'm done buying ships...
  2. It would probably be a good choice for $$FFG$$. They would probably sell more units. I know some people that only buy for their faction of choice. It might also alleviate a nerf crying thread since every faction will have access to it. (and we all know the nerf threads need a nerf)
  3. There is no card called coordinate. Are you referring to the coordinate action that the Bat Wing and Epic ships can perform?
  4. how many people compete in these system opens?
  5. Love it!
  6. This leaves room for a new cannon. Incinerator Cannon - Range: 1 Attack Dice: 3 Cost: 2 Text: Roll double the attack dice when attacking wooden ships
  7. PUKE! goood catch!
  8. Even if the rebel pilot's ability isn't good (i guarantee it will be), there is sure to be some good bomb upgrade stuff you can use with Rebels. Plus it has a decent stat line and an EPT!
  9. just put Sabine on someone else. I forsee a sabine nerf in the future where she only works on the ship she is on.
  10. holy barf!
  11. True, never noticed that.
  12. Nothing meta shaking yet we will have to wait and see the pilot abilities. I hope that these upgrades won't increase the likelihood of playing against quad TLT's now that imps can do it too
  13. 5 PS2 x scimitar Tie Bombers w/ LWF & Unguided rockets VS 3 PS1 x Knave Squadron Ewings w/ Stealth Device, R2 Astromech & FCS I got my money on the Scimitars
  14. Ya I agree with your points. 1 for 1 the E-wing is better. However, the bombers don't need to spend their focus on the attack, they can use it on defense. Unguided rockets just says you have to have one not spend it.