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  1. Also another idea for a tie fighter title would be one that lets you lower your pilot skill to 4 or 1. Id love to fly howlrunner and epsilon leader at ps 4 or 1.
  2. I like it. I also think its time for a tie fighter title. They need a boost. I saw an idea a long time ago that allows tie fighters to remain on the table until the end of the combat phase even if destroyed. Meaning, if they get ps killed they still get to shoot.
  3. Agree with Chadwick. Ive played "honor among thievs" several times. It always goes down to the wire. Its perfect with three people. If you have 4 people just put 2 people on the imperial team. If 6 people just put 2 on each faction.
  4. Ive seen all the worlds finals but i just watched the 2014 video again tonight. How hot was that Falcon bait through the asteroids on the first round of combat? Paul is the man!
  5. Guri. Mindlink. Autothrusters. StarViper MKII. 30 points
  6. Because ps10, because his pilot ability (reroll blanks at range 2 to 3), because extra munitions slot, because classic, because good dials are for noobs!
  7. Airen Cracken PS10 (23) VI, cruise missles, guidance chips Hortan Salm PS10 (33) VI, proton torpedos, guidance chips, extra munitions, R2D6 Nym (PS10) VI, cruise missles, guidance chips, auto blaster turret, extra munitions, genious, advanced sensors Edit:Forgot bombletgen
  8. Well done sir. This is amazing. I absolutely love recklessness for A wings and that R4 seems like a wonderul addition for generic x wings. Id love to fly some of those interceptors they look fun as heck
  9. Thats the point I think.
  10. I think we can all agree that the Upsilon is decent and the U-wing is terrible. Now, I'm not saying that every ship needs to be competitive but I just found it weird that they are so similar and were released so close to each other and one of them clearly outclasses the other. In FFGs defence they did try and make it stand out by giving it a very unique title. However it clearly is not effective. I hope they come out with a new title that makes it better because it is my favorite model.
  11. Why is the U-wing so bad compared to the Upsilon? They were released the same flippin wave! For 7 points more you get plus 1 attack, plus 2 hull, plus 2 shields, coordinate, 2 techs, ISYTDS. Oh nm didn't realise the U-wing had a white 4 straight. U-wing is totally OP now.
  12. Love the look of that imperial hanger with the Lambda. Also, respect to your son for only owning 1 toilet seat.
  13. Reys pilot card. A great design that made arcs matter on a large turret ship.
  14. 1 sienar test pilot with title 2 tempest squadron pilots with accuracy corrector. 59 points Block with the sienar and joust with the tempest. They last suprisingly long with 3 green dice and a dedicated defencive focus or evade.