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  1. TBot

    The Imperials in 2.0

    Cant wait to fly Iden Versio and HowlRunner with 4 tie fighters Im dying to know what upgrades i can slap on them or what other named ties would go wiith them.
  2. TBot

    I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...

    Good write up. I did the same thing. I Agree with your point that vader is squishy if he rolls blanks. But so was luke and wedge and all the tie fighters. It made for a fast and intense game. I quite liked it. In my opinion 1.0 suffered from hyper defense. (Which lead to hyper offence) It was very disheartening to send 4 hits to a ship and them take no damage. I very much like that Vader cant just token stack and shake off a big hit. The best way to avoid damage in 2.0...? STAY OUT OF ENEMY ARCHs
  3. TBot

    Blackout! Fun fun fun!

    Cant argue with you there. There are some baloni OP cards and ships. However i am really enjoying the reasonable ships and cards that came with the new wave. Everything in the silencer pack is fun and balanced. flight assist astromech is a tremendous 1 point card. Its getting my 4 xwing lists on the table winning games. As long as you have friends that can agree that some cards are BS and a complete NPE you can have a really good time. We never used Biggs ever as a gaming group. Neither Kylo crew or kylo pilot Upsilon. We had HLC Dash on the board once before we decided he was a no go. Trajectory simulator? No thanks. The list goes on. All hail the fun and resonable cards/ships!
  4. TBot

    Blackout! Fun fun fun!

    Blackout: title, autos, trickshot, adv sensors, adv optics. It seriously forces u into a ridiculous playstyle. (Fly straight at the asteroids) And if you play it well you will be rolling 4+ die on offence and defence everytime. More dice more fun! Love this ship! And the defender loses 2 green die. One of the funnest ships designed recently IMO. No bombs, no turrets, no missles, no problems.
  5. TBot

    Any indication of next X-Wing Wave?

    Gotcha thanks. Just wondering if i was missing something.
  6. TBot

    Any indication of next X-Wing Wave?

    I dont understand sensor cluster and crossfire formation. They cant both be used. Shouldnt you spend those points on deflective plating?
  7. TBot

    Fenn Rau Tokens Needed

    Oh boy such a good ability especially at ps 11. I guess that would work on a double tapping ghost or Dengar too.
  8. TBot

    Countering "Quick Poon"?

    Captain Kagi baby! Messes with LRS reeeeeal bad.
  9. TBot

    Gun Boats are Beasts?

    Due to how cheap these are, LRS, and how good missles are, I feel like these ships would still be decent even if they didnt have the SLAM action
  10. TBot

    Gun Boats are Beasts?

    Anyone else doin work with these things? Seems like the generics are where its at. Flew a 28 point Nu Squadron pilot with LRS, Prockets, Homing Missles, OS-1. I was able to unleash a homing in the first round of combat, then a procket in the second round of combat. Run away and reload and then get the LRS target lock and come back 2 turns later and unload again. Lovely cheap lil ships.
  11. TBot

    Inferno Squadron Tie homebrew.

    Also another idea for a tie fighter title would be one that lets you lower your pilot skill to 4 or 1. Id love to fly howlrunner and epsilon leader at ps 4 or 1.
  12. TBot

    Inferno Squadron Tie homebrew.

    I like it. I also think its time for a tie fighter title. They need a boost. I saw an idea a long time ago that allows tie fighters to remain on the table until the end of the combat phase even if destroyed. Meaning, if they get ps killed they still get to shoot.
  13. TBot

    Really good missions

    Agree with Chadwick. Ive played "honor among thievs" several times. It always goes down to the wire. Its perfect with three people. If you have 4 people just put 2 people on the imperial team. If 6 people just put 2 on each faction.
  14. TBot

    2014 worlds finals

    Ive seen all the worlds finals but i just watched the 2014 video again tonight. How hot was that Falcon bait through the asteroids on the first round of combat? Paul is the man!
  15. TBot

    Help Required

    Guri. Mindlink. Autothrusters. StarViper MKII. 30 points