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  1. TBot


    Nice wolf looks great. How was sam jackson?
  2. TBot


    It went well i presented them obi. And used the torrents as blockers. Obi survived long enough. He got ani to the end game where it was ani against 2 ships. Ani danced and picked the final two apart. Only 1 game so far. I want to add r2 to ani. And add wolfe and a generic arc with 7th gunner for more punch.
  3. TBot


    BUBB RUBB for me
  4. TBot


    Things Ani hates: 1) BiddingProTorpWedge 2) Sand 3) Sand People 4) JarJar
  5. TBot


    Im a big fan of 7B. 6 health is just so much more insurance. Sure you loose a green. But ill trade 2 sheilds for a ficklegreendice anyday. Ive had so many awings 1 shotted.
  6. TBot


    He was ok. I dont like his ability.
  7. TBot


    I was a little underwhelmed by Obi. I didnt use his ability once. I may end up settling on Ani + 2 arcs. I do think r2 should probably be stapled to him. He is amazing at fleeing. And you can recharge your force pool and sheild pool while youre fleeing.
  8. TBot


    Ooooo scary!
  9. TBot


    4 I5 resistance
  10. TBot


    Oh and forgot to mention his dial is always open. Actions omega and never stressed. Even if he k-turns (usually)
  11. TBot


    I flew Ani tonight...And I think he is gonna be my new jam. My list 198 Anakin +7b Obiwan +7b Gold sqaudron trooper Gold squadron trooper Being able to boost and barrel roll at I6 and still having mods with the force is baller. His ability is fantastic. Its so powerful to be able to do back to back sloops or k turns. He is like soontir on steroids. With 3 hull 3 shields you can afford to make a mistake. It just feels like he can do anything and everything. I was worried that he was too expensive. But time will tell. Report back soon. Also gold squadron trooper did some work too. Cheap 5hp blockers got some staying power. I think ill take these over z's any day. White barrel roll is handy. White barrell roll to evade keeps them around longer than your opponent would like.
  12. TBot

    What can you put kraken on?

    None of the ships can take it in the app...
  13. TBot

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    Love you FFG ❤️
  14. Cool list. Great results. Nice writeup. Cheers!
  15. TBot

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    ^^ this guy gets it