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  1. Dont go on a double or triple date with jess. You will get shut down.
  2. X-wings models are too beautiful to be hidden away in boxes. They must be stored in glass display cases. This makes it hassle free to say hello to all your ships every morning.
  3. Cool thanks
  4. Wooo crazy A squad
  5. Two taps from black market slicer tools kills inqy
  6. Welcome to x-wing. It is a wonderful game. If you want to enhance your experience i recommend buying acrylic templates. It just feels so much better. Once i got them i regretted waiting so long. And i can never go back now. Also i recommend either buying accrylic tokens or painting the ugly brown sides of all the tokens with bright sharpie paint pens. Finally, if you can find them online, the battlefield in a box 3d asteroids just make the game even more amazing. Happy piloting!
  7. Rey is my favorite pilot in the game. I agree with your assesment that Han isnt necessarily the funnest pilot to fly against. I think Rey is a little more fun to play against because her arc matters and the 3 bank is a little predictable. Also to reinforce what others have said, there are a lot of fun upgrades and fun t70 pilots in the pack.
  8. Congrats. Nice writeup.
  9. Great writeup and thanks for sharing
  10. So you got to play 5 games of xwing. You went 3-2. Your only two losses were to seasoned vets. Seems like you did excellent. Not sure why you are so negative.
  11. Pumped for rebel scurg! Hope it pairs well with my ReyRey
  12. Thanks for streaming this. Holy smokes is jabba and glitterstim good in epic. Is zuckuss that bad if the croc only gets one shot a round? Not too sure. Also i liked that fancy trick you tried to pull with the shadow caster on turn 1
  13. I made a 4x6 table. Its perfect for xwing because when u put 2 mats on it you have 6 inches left on each of the sides for cards.