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  1. Dangit. I actually thought this card existed for a moment. That would be brillaint. Really wish they would make a side arc gunner card.
  2. Stabilized S foils closed - You can only shoot targets in your bullseye. Add two attack die. Risky because you may miss the bullseye and not get a shot. Also risky because of bwings low initiative. Makes sense thematically because when the s foils are closed the lasers are very close together. 6 die heavy laser cannon shot? Yessum!
  3. So pumped for pilot packs!!!
  4. This had me grinning ear to ear
  5. Thanks for the input gang. I was all in on getting a pool table to use for pool and xwing...now im not so sure. Maybe ill still do it. I mean my passion is xwing and the whole pool part would be secondary. I was planning on buying a used $500 pooltable anyways.
  6. Hi gang. Looking at getting a pool table but wont have room for a gaming table. The felt area of a pool table is generally 3x6, 3.5x7 or 4x8. So it is the perfect size for 2 x-wing mats. Has anyone played on a pool table? Is it cool playing in a sunken table? Or would it just be better to get a topper for the pool table. Is seating uncomfortable around a pool table as there likely wont be leg room? Or would stools work fine? Anyone with experience on this? Thanks.
  7. Looks neat. Ive read the Vizago card. I still have no idea what the plan is here. Care to share?
  8. The Ewing droid choice is very difficult. They want a lot of different droids. R2/R2D2 is hot for regen to protect your investment as you mentioned. R3 is hot for double locks so your not telegraphing your moves as you mentioned. R4 makes the ewing dial ridiculous. Blue hard 2s and white hard 1s are amazing.
  9. Had to buy me some of those sexy bwings! They are beatiful. I flew: Corran with fcs and plasma torps 3x blue squadron naked 200 points Love Bwings. Lotsa health and br -> focus is great for blocking as well. Plasma torps were a bit of a let down tho. I got three hits on both my doible modded shots but still missed. Not having that 4th die hurts. I basically only own 1 of every ship in the game. With the exception of tiefighter and xwings because of the core packs and epic ships. But i finally broke down and bought 2 extra bwings because they are so beautiful. Also, with the epic announcment freshly in the air and the wingtools i figured id want at least 3.
  10. TBot


    This is glorious!! I already have sexy 3D 90 degree rotate turrets!!!
  11. Those **** tugboats. I put all my guns into them in the first engagement so they cant tractor my aces the following turn. Yet they always squeek by with 1 hp and ruin my day. How do these have the same agility as an x-wing???????
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