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  1. It was more misunderstanding of wording,because it says when Zarihell suffers [damage] equal to her Health. But thank you all
  2. Hello, is it really needed to close the portals? Or heroes just can rush the lieutenant and kill her deallng more damage than she has HP? If I understand right, if Zarihell has (for example) 5 HP and someone deals 6 HP and the portals are still on the map, she is defeated and heroes win. If I am right, I don't really undestand the purpose of the portals.
  3. Hello, community! I've got a question about the movement through the corners. At page 9 of rulebook there is a movement example, where Grisban the Thirsty goes through the corner without any problems, but at page 3 of FAQ it says the wall blocks both movement and line of sight between the two spaces on either side. So, what is right?
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