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  1. I need to make some deckplans and maybe some planet maps, but I can't dump $40 on Cosmography.
  2. Anyone have suggestion on "starship mapping programs"? I was looking at cosmographer but $40 is a bit much...
  3. The ship is in the topic title... "Space Masters Medium Transport". I did do a fair amount of googling, I was wondering if anyone here had any different resources or if there was a database somewhere I was misisng. That one is very similar to the one I found I was looking at using. I really wanted the ones done by someone in a different thread, but Photobucket has taken his images hostage, so I figured I'd see if anyone had his stuff. Thanks for the answers. I managed to find an awesome fuel+provisions Operational PDF. What's the WEG planets stuff, and is there an easy reference somewhere? Also, I heard about something with the number 6 in it that has a ton of reference materials, do you know what that might be?
  4. I had a group that one did an undercover mission on an Imperial Occupied Planet. They were impersonating rebels trying to meet with a contact, but to get the "scale" of the occupation to them, I ensured they had to go through several checks, ran into tons of patrols, and in the end when they fled under fire they were basically 5 of them running through streets from a battalion of pursuing troops. They key thing to remember, is that on a "majorly occupied planet" imperials like to keep the peace and law, so a single blaster shot will likely draw investigators who report they are going to investigate and where. Meaning if they take out someone who investigates something they do, they can except questions and more people.
  5. What I used to do in SWRPG was that it was "distance" based sort of. Basically, each sector had a "Primary Comm Relay" and several others connected across the sector. If you wanted to use the galactic communication system (which was free) you were almost always covered by a relay (unless it was sabotaged or you were in the fringes). Relays allowed real-time holographic communication and below within the same sector, and real-time voice communication within 5 sectors all for free. Outside that, real time holographic communciation was restricted to empire only, and real-time voice communication required a small payment. I also allowed "off-relay" communications. Anywhere in the sector was real-time voice, but outside the sector the delay was 10 minutes per sector for voice/data and within the same sector real-time holographic communication. The main inspiration/reasoning for this was because they were an imperial special forces team, and several of their missions required them to intercept information and communications so the best way I found for this, was for them to locate and bug Relay stations. They even found a few secret Rebel relay stations and destroyed them to sabotage the network. (The concept was that, you needed a relay station every 5 sectors to maintain communications long-range without huge delays or for huge data transfers).
  6. I'm running EotE if that's what you mean, but I've run the 3.5 version of SWRPG in the past.
  7. You guys gonna be at GenCon? If now, you should try to be there next year. Lots of people there would LOVE this.
  8. Looking for a top-down map of a Space Masters Medium Transport. I have a group of 6 players, and it seemed like the best ship to use to fit them all. The campaign is kind of "space indiana jones" where they are looking for an ancient transport lost in the jedi-sith war that was rumored to have been transporting plunder from worlds captured by the Sith. My questions are: Does it have landing capability (I noticed a lot of docking rings, but no landing ramp)? Where can I find a good top-down layout map of the ship to put the characters on (I noticed a thread here with photos, but Photobucket replaced them all with the silly "PAY US OR ELSE" stuff)? How do the blasters work? I notice in EotE it says there are 2 weapons, but in SW 3.5 and in the past it's had 4 (it also shows 2 top in all the art). I'm debating giving them all 4 turrets and just increasing encounter difficulty (since there are 6 of them), but I wanted to know how many it "should" have before i modified anything. Can anyone suggest some sites to generate "random" planet maps, or places where I can get some more information/rules on things like Hyperspace fuel costs, or provisions costs? I'm just looking for some basic starting numbers. And, maybe some rules on Cargo hauling or pricing for various cargo/trade stuff. It says most of that is up to the DM, but I'm looking for some references. Thanks for any help anyone has!
  9. It never even hit the "Printing" update or anything.
  10. I'm on Android so that works for me. Yeah, I heard the app is a BIG help.
  11. Yeah, I use the cardboard tokens right now, but I paint models, so I was looking forward to making them more terrifying.
  12. Awesome. What types of paint did you use? I was thinking of using my 40k paints, out of concern that Testers Acrylics would make everything too shiney.
  13. So, as a former W40k player, I take my Miniatures fairly seriously and I was a bit disappointed in these. I have 2 starspawn, and their legs are different distances apart, one of them can't even fit on the platform he's supposed to go on, because the legs don't reach the holes. I have the same problem, with many of the smaller ones. It's at the point that I leave the Miniatures in their box and just use the cardboard icons to mark monsters. Is there a way to get replacements that have the proper dimensions/fittings? I had been planning to paint them, but I'm not sure it's worth the time in the current state, with us not even using them. I was especially disappointed, because the Miniatures in X-Com seemed to get so much more love than these. I'll upload photos later if anyone wants, so you can see what I'm talking about.
  14. Wait is there like, a problem with the mastermind puzzles, or can he just not solve them? I've not had a problem with them yet, but I've been playing mastermind for almost 25 years...
  15. Do my eyes deceive me, or is it ACTUALLY for sale on the store again? Also, any idea if they are going to make a version of this that incorporates an app? I want to make sure I'm not going to run into a "Mansions of Madness" like situation, where they move to a new edition.
  16. After several experiments, I think the reason it's not an "opposed check" is that it would potentially give people 2 chances to deal damage. Look at it this way: Opposed Checks: Player Turn: Attacks with a pistol Player Rolls 3 positive dice, 1 negative. Enemy Rolls 1 positive dice, 1 negative die 2 successes, 1 stress gained for player 0 successes, 5 stress gained for enemy (1 negative die, 2 player positive dice, 2 from the weapon) Enemy turn: Enemy rolls 1 positive die, 1 negative die Player rolls again, 3 positive dice, 1 negative die. 0 successes, 5 stress for enemy (possibly killing them) (1 negative die from zombie, 2 player positive, 2 from the weapon) 2 successes, 1 stress for player Without oppose checks, it's similar to this: Player Turn: Player Attacks with a pistol 3 positive dice, 1 negative die Roll: 2 successes, 1 stress. Player takes 1 physical stress Zombie takes 4 damage. 2 from the pistol, 2 from the successes. Enemy Turn: Zombie attacks with it's hands 1 positive die, 1 negative die Roll: 0 successes, 1 stress Zombie takes 1 physical stress Player takes 0 damage See It draws the combat out a bit longer, and reduces the ability for an enemy to die on their turn, and makes attacking a little safer for players against stronger enemies.
  17. We've been running the "slow" zombies one and recently had to deal with "infection". Someone was "bit" but survived the infection. Luckily for him, it's the scenario where everyone is infected, so he's just been fighting off the base "infection". However, I forced him to keep the "bite" as a permanent trauma even though he didn't die from in, because it'll have affects in the future. Also, the only reason he didn't die this time, was that it happened literally right outside the hospital the military was using as a base and he got instant treatment (he was leading a patrol outside and on the way back they were clearing the zeds outside the hospital and he got unlucky).
  18. For me, I kill the enemies when it seems "thematically" right. So, the PCs who are dealing it 1 or 2 damage a turn might not kill it quickly, but a new zombie that a PC super-succeed on will sometimes one-shot them (even if it wasn't enough damage). I did run into that sometimes during Revolt of the Machines, where the PCs were spending boatloads of time beating these tiny modulons up, despite them being glorified toasters individually.
  19. Interesting. I'm actually about to run a short D20 Star Wars Roleplaying Game session soon, maybe I'll test this after.
  20. Just curious. I used to run a D20 Star Wars campaign based loosly on the DND 3.5 system from years back. Looking to see what from this would replace it, and which one fits best, so... What's the difference between this one and Age of Rebellion and Edge of Empire? Are they different mechanics, or just different primary "sources" (Similar to End of the World being different "Settings" but the same gameplay)? Are the resources cross-compatible? How does it function, compared to the previous iteration of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game? Thanks for any help and comments!
  21. You aren't exactly supposed to survive without some extreme ingenuity. That being said, The group I ran this with went for Antarctica and would have made it if they didn't get greedy and try to commandeer the ship they were sailing on.
  22. I think the issue is more "forum setup" It probably would have been better to put all the books in the same subforum, instead of one for each. Most people ask questions and get clarifications in the Zombie one from what I see.
  23. It says under the "infected" monster that failing the check grants an additional infection Trauma. The way I would do probably it (we haven't done that one yet, because my group are babies about "fast" zombies), would be when they convert the stress to a trauma, I'd tell them it would be an "infected" wound. I'd also probably roll my own vitality check for them, and not give them the results. Thus, the players would have to decide how to proceed. If the check had passed, they'd have nothing to worry about (but wouldn't know that). If it failed, a few in-game hours later, they'd start experiencing symptoms. If left unattended, they'd turn a few hours after that and their "health" would be whatever health they had left until death prior to turning.
  24. Yeah. We did sort of that. I've actually got a "system" for it, Specifically, i bought this from amazon and the different colors are different things: Success - Green Physical - Blue Mental - Purple Social - Yellow I started it up during a "revolt of the Machines" game when someone was holding off a Robot and was as good as dead, and someone else wanted to fire a M203 grenade launcher into the robot killing both the guy and the robot. In his defense, they were also attempting to save a bunch of Orphaned teenagers who had been fighting with them against the robots. Anyway, the guy who was doing the shooting had "true friend" under social and had a bullet wound from a previous battle he was recovering from, so the question came up how to do the stress. So, I invented the system. He took 3 positive dice (1 for base, 1 for being a veteran, 1 for the M203 being his "baby" which he loved pretty much since he found it) and 4 negative dice. 2 From his "moderatly severe" bullet wound, 1 from True Friend, and 1 extra because him and the guy were super-bros throughout the entire apocalypse. We've also sort of had to "homebrew" hand-to-hand combat rolls as well since the "combat" system is very... vague and you'd be surprised how often it ends up someone fighting against a robot trying to strangle them or zombie trying to eat them. I'm looking for a better option, but right now what we do is: Say a dude is fighting a standard zombie in melee with say, a fireaxe. Zombie gets 1 base D6 for situation. Then, Zombie gets a second D6 for unyielding Zombie takes a negative d6 for Mindless since it's not "the best" at attacking and a second negative D6 for shambling since it's not the "fastest" thing out there. For the Zed, the extra stress D6s don't really do anything except negative successes. The player, would get the following: 1d6 for the situation 1d6 for "athletic" 2d6 for Large Bladed Melee 1 Negative Physical for a recent pulled muscle trauma 1 negative mental for "easily frightened" So, the zombie rolls say, a 1 and a 4 Then, the sombies negative die is a 3 and a 6 So he's got 1 success Playyer rolles his 4d6 positives, his 1d6 physical and 1d6 mental gets a 3 4 5 5 4 and 1. the 4's eliminate since one 4 is physical negative leaving a mental stress and 2 successes (assuming a strength of 4) That's 5 damage he deals the zombie, which isn't enough to kill him but, he also gains a mental stress from being afraid of the zombie. It doesn't seem to bad for this, but I feel like, it's very... clunky. For our purposes, the Zombie then attacks on his "turn" the same way. With mostly the same dice on each side. My concern for my system, is that I feel like it's giving an "advantage" to the stronger opponent all the time. For 1v1 zombie fights it's probably not a problem, but they are going to be facing a horde soon, and I don't want them to think they can just "put their back to a wall and constantly-counter" the enemy target. I've been thinking of making it just a regular "check" instead of an opposed check, but I feel that "cheapens" the thematic components of a fight when you can just run up and score enough to insta-kill someone, especially if they end up fighting another player in fisticuffs (happened once in a diff campaign over a water disagreement, ended with both getting stun-gunned by someone guarding the food). So, I'd be interested in hearing how you do melee combat.
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