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  1. I need to make some deckplans and maybe some planet maps, but I can't dump $40 on Cosmography.
  2. Anyone have suggestion on "starship mapping programs"? I was looking at cosmographer but $40 is a bit much...
  3. The ship is in the topic title... "Space Masters Medium Transport". I did do a fair amount of googling, I was wondering if anyone here had any different resources or if there was a database somewhere I was misisng. That one is very similar to the one I found I was looking at using. I really wanted the ones done by someone in a different thread, but Photobucket has taken his images hostage, so I figured I'd see if anyone had his stuff. Thanks for the answers. I managed to find an awesome fuel+provisions Operational PDF. What's the WEG planets stuff, and is there an easy reference somewhere? Also, I heard about something with the number 6 in it that has a ton of reference materials, do you know what that might be?
  4. I had a group that one did an undercover mission on an Imperial Occupied Planet. They were impersonating rebels trying to meet with a contact, but to get the "scale" of the occupation to them, I ensured they had to go through several checks, ran into tons of patrols, and in the end when they fled under fire they were basically 5 of them running through streets from a battalion of pursuing troops. They key thing to remember, is that on a "majorly occupied planet" imperials like to keep the peace and law, so a single blaster shot will likely draw investigators who report they are going to investigate and where. Meaning if they take out someone who investigates something they do, they can except questions and more people.
  5. What I used to do in SWRPG was that it was "distance" based sort of. Basically, each sector had a "Primary Comm Relay" and several others connected across the sector. If you wanted to use the galactic communication system (which was free) you were almost always covered by a relay (unless it was sabotaged or you were in the fringes). Relays allowed real-time holographic communication and below within the same sector, and real-time voice communication within 5 sectors all for free. Outside that, real time holographic communciation was restricted to empire only, and real-time voice communication required a small payment. I also allowed "off-relay" communications. Anywhere in the sector was real-time voice, but outside the sector the delay was 10 minutes per sector for voice/data and within the same sector real-time holographic communication. The main inspiration/reasoning for this was because they were an imperial special forces team, and several of their missions required them to intercept information and communications so the best way I found for this, was for them to locate and bug Relay stations. They even found a few secret Rebel relay stations and destroyed them to sabotage the network. (The concept was that, you needed a relay station every 5 sectors to maintain communications long-range without huge delays or for huge data transfers).
  6. I'm running EotE if that's what you mean, but I've run the 3.5 version of SWRPG in the past.
  7. You guys gonna be at GenCon? If now, you should try to be there next year. Lots of people there would LOVE this.
  8. Looking for a top-down map of a Space Masters Medium Transport. I have a group of 6 players, and it seemed like the best ship to use to fit them all. The campaign is kind of "space indiana jones" where they are looking for an ancient transport lost in the jedi-sith war that was rumored to have been transporting plunder from worlds captured by the Sith. My questions are: Does it have landing capability (I noticed a lot of docking rings, but no landing ramp)? Where can I find a good top-down layout map of the ship to put the characters on (I noticed a thread here with photos, but Photobucket replaced them all with the silly "PAY US OR ELSE" stuff)? How do the blasters work? I notice in EotE it says there are 2 weapons, but in SW 3.5 and in the past it's had 4 (it also shows 2 top in all the art). I'm debating giving them all 4 turrets and just increasing encounter difficulty (since there are 6 of them), but I wanted to know how many it "should" have before i modified anything. Can anyone suggest some sites to generate "random" planet maps, or places where I can get some more information/rules on things like Hyperspace fuel costs, or provisions costs? I'm just looking for some basic starting numbers. And, maybe some rules on Cargo hauling or pricing for various cargo/trade stuff. It says most of that is up to the DM, but I'm looking for some references. Thanks for any help anyone has!
  9. It never even hit the "Printing" update or anything.
  10. I'm on Android so that works for me. Yeah, I heard the app is a BIG help.
  11. Yeah, I use the cardboard tokens right now, but I paint models, so I was looking forward to making them more terrifying.
  12. Awesome. What types of paint did you use? I was thinking of using my 40k paints, out of concern that Testers Acrylics would make everything too shiney.
  13. So, as a former W40k player, I take my Miniatures fairly seriously and I was a bit disappointed in these. I have 2 starspawn, and their legs are different distances apart, one of them can't even fit on the platform he's supposed to go on, because the legs don't reach the holes. I have the same problem, with many of the smaller ones. It's at the point that I leave the Miniatures in their box and just use the cardboard icons to mark monsters. Is there a way to get replacements that have the proper dimensions/fittings? I had been planning to paint them, but I'm not sure it's worth the time in the current state, with us not even using them. I was especially disappointed, because the Miniatures in X-Com seemed to get so much more love than these. I'll upload photos later if anyone wants, so you can see what I'm talking about.
  14. Wait is there like, a problem with the mastermind puzzles, or can he just not solve them? I've not had a problem with them yet, but I've been playing mastermind for almost 25 years...
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