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  1. The text states that The marionette can be armed with any combination of weapons that the character controlling it knows how to use, and you can explicitly channel ki through them for other uses. Marionettes with cancer to attack with their own strings sounds like a fun gimmick, but maybe it's too cheesy?
  2. Here is the direct quote from the example given in the GM book. A mentalist with a Psychic Potential of 100 declares that he will use three powers that round, dividing his bonus into +40, +35, and +25 respectively. However, he also has Psychic Ambivalence, which allows him to add a total of +15 to each, given that he is using three powers, resulting in final bonuses if +55, +50 and +40. 3 powers = +15 to all three, you add the full bonus to every one
  3. Thank you for the response. I'm aware of how splitting your potential works, but there's two things you aren't realizing: the advantage psychic ambivalence (+5 * number of powers when using multiple powers per turn) and the courage mental pattern (automatically use a higher result with offensive powers,) that make this more viable. Lets say I have +60 potential, and want to use mental restraint which I spent 1point to strengthen for another +10. Because I have +60 I can use the power 6 times at +10. However I get a +30 (6*5) potential from ambivalence and then a +10 for strengthening. This means that I can turn one power at +70 into six powers at +50. Because of the courage mental pattern all six of these are automatically Medium difficulty (80 Psr) at worse, and if I roll better than 30 they're Difficult (100 PsR) because I actually need to hit a level of 40 or 80 and automatically bump it up. This is all how this stuff works, yes? You don't need to maintain a power if you just use it again the next round, right? Because even if these results are a bit lower than I could by just using the power once, I feel that having to roll six times at slightly lower numbers is way better odds than rolling once with bigger ones, especially in the case of a power like mental restraint where each one that hits can do something different.
  4. Does it stack? If I use it on someone multiple times in a round and they all hit, could I prevent them from doing 4-5 different active actions? Obviously everything is up to house rule interpretation, but some kind of guideline if it exists would be nice to have.
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