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  1. Those are amazing... where did you get the character portrait stands from? Is the ship stalk part of the standee or did you glue one on?
  2. The damage card states "before you engage..." If the ship with this damage card isn't in range of any attacker or defender (or any other of my opponents ships) is this ship still considered to be engaging? Sorry if this has already been clarified
  3. Any update on this spreadsheet to add SOR?
  4. Other than for your characters... When ever something is removed from play in destiny, does it always get discarded to your discard pile? if you read the text on Second chance. "Before attached character would be defeated, instead heal 5 damage from it and discard this upgrade from play." this card would go to your discard pile right? not out of the game. (focusing on the "from play" part) "Before attached character would be defeated, instead heal 5 damage from it and discard this upgrade from play."
  5. Soulless and Stu35... thank you for those responses. I had a similar response myself in mind, but just didnt have a chance to type it up earlier... This is a new system, so every question is valid and there is no need to rip on someone new, that is by far the easiest and quickest way to chase newbies and beginners away from a game. a simple answer would have been just fine... even WonderWAAAGH's response would have been fine, I have the RRG, just didnt look or think it was in there. so my bad for first posting before checking myself. Thank you for your time and responses guys, and sorry to Rouge30 for wasting his time for him to add a quote and type a answer
  6. When claiming a battlefield, do you HAVETO resolve its claim effect or is it optional? for example on Starship Graveyard: Claim - Choose a support or upgrade in your discard pile and place it on top of your deck. Are the Claim abilities a "may" effect or a "must do"?
  7. Ok... so does this mean no one pays the cost of the die (if any)?? also, i dont think you can resolve/remove a dice showing a "+". The card ruling says "...may remove one die showing damage (Ranged or Melee) from their opponent’s dice pool..." This reads to me as DAMAGE not MODIFIER or MODIFIED DAMAGE.
  8. Just one was enough to destroy a good chunk of our fleet. the fact that it can spend energy to attack 3 times is quite hectic.
  9. So took your suggestions into account, and had alot of fun. in our first match we played against a rebel list that had no epic ship in it. and won that round. Then second match we went up against a imperial list with 2 raiders in it. the raiders basically destroyed a good portion of our fleet in the first round of firing. Not much you can do to avoid that.
  10. So im playing in a 2V2 epic tournament on saturday and want some help/sugesstions on a rebel list. ships I have: 1x rebel transport 1x arc 170 1x z95 1x YT2400 1x Y wing 1x HWK-290 2x A-wing 2x E-wing 2x YT1300 (Heroes of the resistance and Millenium falcon pack) 3x Bwing 3x X-wing (T-70) 4x X-wing (T-65) My team mate only has 4 T65 X-wings but we will be making use of what I have. So i need to setup 2x 200 point lists that we are going to be playing. any suggestions?
  11. Haven't checked it out yet (still busy downloading it) but does this generator include the characters and so forth from Force and Destiny?
  12. There's some really good points in that thread. I just brought the Idea up because stress should be a negative thing. and it was for a while (earlier waves) then Eadin came along, and he made some difference (all be it a very small one) in the early days of stress. now his ability means very little because stress stacking only adds one extra dice to a 2 dice attack and alot of the stress stacking ships have a ton of health. so they get major advantages, with very little dissadvantages for stacking stress. If you are at work and stressed... and someone brings more and more **** to you to handle... what happens eventually (in a general sense as there are some people that handle stress at work very well) eventually you break down or, get ill, or throw your toys out the cot and rage at everyone.
  13. Fair Enough, Tycho does not have plenty of hull or shields, but a max of 10 stress does force him to start having to try get rid of some of them.
  14. ok, I saw this coming for a while already, but why is there only a tiny downside to stacking stress? There are a few lists out there where stress stacking means absolutely nothing to the ship... it can keep taking stress, sure it can't S-Loop, K-turn, perform red manuvers or actions, but most of the ships stacking stress dont really need to bother about those and most of the time once you have atleast 3 stresses, you aren't going to care about any of those manuvers. Just a thought... maybe as a way to try and limit the amount of stresses a ship can take, after 10 stress tokens the ship takes a damage a round until he minimizes the amount? Most of the ships that do the stress stacking wont really care too much about this as they have tons of shields and hull already. or another one, add a title or modification to Eaden Vrill (who already has a native ability that if the ship has a stress he can roll one additional dice) or a generic mod/title card that allows more attack dice to be rolled against a stressed ship after it has more than 10 stress. something like "when performing a primary weapon attack against a stressed ship, roll an additional dice for each stress token over 10 that ship has" opinions? Obviously those that love stress stacking will go against my points, but its still a interesting point.
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