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  1. I just wish that Black Market Slicers would let you roll dice equal to the number of stress tokens and remove damage equal to the number of hits rolled. This would help it nuke Dengaroo if the Dengar player overused Zuckuss/Overclocked but otherwise remain fairly ineffective.
  2. Oh wow, I like that Snap Shot swarm one! Thanks for the comments!
  3. I put together this gimmicky but possibly fun list. I was thinking this list might have some promise since all pilots can make use of snap shot in interesting and powerful ways and since they're all PS 7 you can fly it like a swarm with great area denial due to all the snap-shots and Rhymer. Major Rhymer (26) TIE Shuttle (0) Snap Shot (2) Tactician (2) Mauler Mithel (17) Snap Shot (2) Turr Phennir (25) Snap Shot (2) Autothrusters (2) Zeta Leader Snap Shot (2) Mauler and Zeta leader are both able to throw 3-dice snap shots. Turr is able to arc dodge in the activation phase. And Rhymer does his gimmicky Snap Shot Rhymer things. It's probably better to swap out Turr for a Palp Shuttle if you want to be more competitive but the synergies are just too fun. Thoughts?
  4. EDIT: I reread snapshot and realized that gunner won't let you attack again in the activation phase. Please ignore this noob's post. In general, you need high PS TIE Phantoms in order to shoot first and proc Advanced Cloaking Device before taking fire so VI is always an auto-include. I'm thinking Snap Shot could be used to give your Phantom a cloak token before ever getting to the combat phase. It gets even scarier when you add Gunner + FCS. For example: Echo (30) + Snap Shot (2) + FCS (2) + Gunner (5) + ACD (4) = 43 pts Against lower PS ships, you can in the traditional Whisper style while having the added Echo maneuverability, while against high PS aces, you try to figure out where they're going and make sure you'll have a range 1 shot after their maneuver, this is easier due to Echo's slippery decloaks. This gives you the ability to get your 2-dice Snap Shot off and then, if that misses (which it probably will), you get your 5-dice primary (with modifiers - at least a target lock due to FCS) against them. Furthermore, you'll get to cloak after either attack (snap or gunner) and before the attack phase thereby nullifying the downside of being PS6. Moving into range 1 would be death for any ace unless they get lucky enough to not proc Gunner. I don't know if it would work in practice, but the idea is kind of interesting, thoughts?
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