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  1. I’d like to be the first to welcome our new overlord. All hail jonboyjon1990!! Long may they reign!!
  2. Why deny yourself all the new aspect and basic cards though? You could buy the pack and just never use the character.
  3. They did, reprints have been confirmed as being a thing. I believe they said they wont be in every deck though.
  4. You get 3x of a card for each other aspect, and 3x of a basic card that's not in the pre-built deck.
  5. He looks solid. Happy with the inclusion of other aspect cards even though that's not how I thought they would go, and not particularly bothered by their being reprints in the deck either. All in all I'm very happy with today's news. Only downside is still no release date, which makes me think it's going to be late October.
  6. Quoted for truth. This is the assumption I'm operating under.
  7. Don’t worry, they have not confirmed reprints. Even if they were to re-print cards there’s no way they would reprint a card they gave us 4 playsets of in the core set. As much as I would like additional copies of the superb Power of cards, I just don’t think we’ll be getting them. True, they have said the hero packs will contain playable decks but they’ve never claimed those playable decks will be fully optimised. EDIT: Well, this comment certainly aged well 😂
  8. Considering the recommended starter decks in the core set included cards at 1x and 2x I suspect the hero pack's pre-built deck will do the same. The remaining 13 cards will be whats needed to complete the playsets of what is included in the deck. This allows the deck the versatility of showing off more cards, whilst allowing you to customise it without losing that 'out the box' experience that they are aiming for.
  9. It’s a playset of every Aspect card, with that being 3x, 2x, or 1x depending on the specific card. You also get 4x each of the 11 basic cards. EDIT: Just to be clear, you get 4x of every basic/neutral cards, not 4 playsets of every card.
  10. It’s possible, but the description specifically says a 40 card deck.
  11. The website states there are 60 cards in a Hero pack. Suppose whoever wrote it could be wrong, but it seems like the kind of thing marketing would have checked before publishing an exact number.
  12. Same! We know it's going to be a 60 card pack, and we can account for 47 of those cards. I need to know how they're gonna fill it out. I wonder if those 13 cards will be spread amongst the other Aspects, or if they'll all be Leadership too.
  13. If you could make him consistent then I’d be inclined to agree with you. He’d be a very strong ally if your deck was full of physical resource cards and/or top deck manipulation. In the core set environment though, and probably for the foreseeable future, I feel Nick Fury’s versatile consistency makes it the better of the two options. Right now all Hulk brings to the table is additional RNG. However, I can see the appeal in a group game for the potential laugh out loud backfire.
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