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  1. Negative Play Experience
  2. We've lost several people from our local group because they "don't like the direction this game is going". The feeling seems to be shared across the Xwing community. I've only been around for a few waves so can someone tell me what the 'right direction' is? Or even describe the 'peak' of Xwing, before we went down the wrong path?
  3. Well, that's exactly it. I could be wrong, but there seems to be a stigma around miniature gaming, CCG, RPGs etc. My family and close friends know I'm involved. But when I tell people, I do sometimes get funny looks. While I know it's really no different to most other hobbies, people still treat it differently. Nothing is going to change, I'm WAYYYYY to invested emotionally and financially in this game to quit now Great to hear all this feedback though, really not the kind of responses I was expecting
  4. Hi all, First time posting on these forums, created this account so I could get your thoughts and experiences. I've been playing since Wave 6. I'm a competitive player and have had plenty of success in lots of tourneys. If you play on vassal, you've definitely seen me Last weekend, I won an event at my FLGS. I was absolutely delighted and on such a high for a couple of days as a result. On Monday, when people at work asked what I did for the weekend, I felt too embarrassed to tell them about my victory. I'm very passionate about Xwing, and spend so much time playing, theory crafting, listening to podcasts etc., but I keep that stuff totally separate from my day-to-day. I know the short and simple answer is to be proud of my hobby; if people can't handle it, screw them. Really, I'm just wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? I'd love to know how all of you manage your Xwing life with your outside life. For example, on one podcast, they discussed when you should tell a girl you are dating that you play! This has genuinely been a problem for me as well Thanks, Colossal
  5. Hi all, First time poster, long time player. I'm curious as to whether Dengar's ability (and now snapshot) includes the declare target step. This is relevant for interactions involving either rebel captive or R3A2. I spoke with Frank Brooks at Yavin Open who said Dengar's ability doesn't trigger rebel captive. His logic is that Biggs' ability does not prevent Dengar from retaliatory fire. The mechanism to allow this is through Dengar skipping the declare target step of his attack. He mentioned it in passing so I'm hoping you might guide me on the official ruling. Firstly, does Dengar's ability overwrite Biggs? Second, is it done through skipping the declare target step? Last, can we assume Snap Shot will work the same way? Many thanks to all, Colossal
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