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  1. It was a mix of both. The tournament winner get's a story prize, they achieve a goal for their clan etc. I'm not aware of it ever happening that a winner did something that was outright damaging for their clan. The rest of the field is still taken into consideration. That's just not right. Sure the winner got to make a decision but that wasn't everything. The rest of the field had a big influence. In the race for the throne the first got to be the king but the fate of the other clans was influenced by how well they did overall for example.
  2. Another factor that we shouldn't forget about would be story prizes. If FFG keeps the same or atleast takes up a similar style as to how AEG went about it, clan loyalty quickly becomes interesting. Because it is not just about you specifically winning the tournament but how your clan fared overall. So another player of your clan would help you as a matter of course. I joined in very late to the old card game. I started with Twenty festivals and when it really became interesting for me it was already surprisingly over. I only played in one tournament, but the people were all incredibly nice. I got advice left and right, how to improve my deck, got lots of cards just handed to me. It was a great experience and this wasn't just because it was the last "bigger" tournament in my country. That had always been like that. And I have to agree with others, many people had two clans. I didn't really have much in the way of cards for dragon, so I just went with lion, whose mechanics, I just loved to death.^^
  3. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun. Definitely the wrong time zone for me, but I'm sure there will be some people interested in it. Guess I'll have to stick running a game for my players next week to get my fill of L5R. I love the way you made the campaign guide and the setting with the tsunami wouldn't just so happen to be inspired by the new story FFG put out?
  4. Instead of a whole faction I'd much rather see the shadowlands and other "dishonorables" like the kolat, bloodspeakers etc. as neutrals that are playable in different clans. That would catch the spirit of everyone being able to fall from grace far better than one dedicated faction. That way you wouldn't need to put in extra mechanics for the draw and the like and would still be able to have them. Just pay a certain price for the power they grant you. Anyone else remember the good old oni that destroyed the province in which you summoned him?
  5. If there would be a need for Spider, which it would be if they keep the storyline going they could cut the Scorpions out of the 4 named. Both are dishonorable and both have ninjas. Sure the focus is different but the rough idea is there. I for one always liked the Dragon, but seeing the storyline it's hardly possible for there to be a Dragon deck.
  6. Another alternative might be to update it for Pathfinder. There wouldn't be any major changes to be made and they could focus on more descriptions. I love the setting and would like to see some of the locations more in depth.
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