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  1. I'd say what everyone else says seems appropriate. But on a side note can space marines get drunk?
  2. Put him in his place. Show him that there are consequences to abandoning his team. As a player I've had some issues with misunderstanding/assuming, which caused MY death. Not my teammates. The fact that I was punished has allowed me to really learn to think things through, but it's a slow process. Hopefully he improves, and hopefully I do too.
  3. Can you burn fate points to revive yourself if you get a 100 in perils of the warp as a psyker? It might be mentioned somewhere but I can't find it.
  4. But the thing is it would also probably cover the legs as well, not just the arm it's equipped to and the body. So +4 AP to legs, an arm, and the torso is really good, as well as having a force field for that zone. Really, you'd be giving up an arm for twice the coverage.
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