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  1. Just on this note, it sounds like you're also unwilling. Nothing wrong with asking for a volunteer to give you a break. That said though, I agree with your point entirely. I think that'd be a nice addition.
  2. The rules reference entry for Nearby use the term "game map" because it applies to both journey and battle maps. @Vince79, are you able to clarify what you meant?
  3. I would say it's unnecessary. This isn't a skirmish type game with competitive organized play that requires frequent releases to keep interest up.
  4. No, we can’t. They’re still doing sequel ships (they’re their own factions) and there really isn’t much left form them to do (I can’t think of anything). The prequels have so much more content.
  5. Just to clarify this point: just about anything you can buy will add something to the app (the exceptions being skirmish maps and possibly figure packs associated with a box you already own). Core, Jabba, and Hoth have campaigns available in the app.
  6. I haven't bought it myself yet, but someone asked about it before and the answer was to click/tap on the price tag you referenced to purchase it. Have you tried that? EDIT: I just tried it and it brought up the purchase screen.
  7. On page 5 of the HotE rules, last sentence under "Energy Shield" says that you can draw LOS to figures on the energy shield. The section also states that it does not block adjacency.
  8. Correct on both accounts. Also worth noting if you have other equipment that uses the stat you choose to attack with you can use successes from that card on the attack as well.
  9. It only works when it is specifically stated that the fear/damage is face down. Flipping it face down occurs after it has been received.
  10. Yes, the only keyword that doesn't require a discard is scout, but I don't think any card has scout as a stand alone ability.
  11. The forced mission would occur immediately after the second mission of the campaign, before the upgrade stage. It's one of the more difficult missions for the Rebels in the game. Question for you: what's your experience level with the game? Based on some of your questions it sounds like this will be your first campaign as the Imperial, or maybe first campaign at all. If so, jumping in with a mini-campaign, at least without a learning session, could be a mistake. I always recommend running Aftermath for a group of all new rebels. It's a good mission to learn the basics. After that you're good to shift straight into TS or BG if you want.
  12. I ask not having played with or against this deck: is this really a big problem? I wouldn't think an Imperial Player would be leaning on 88-z as an attacker. Overclock looks like it's intended as a way to crank out more of the special actions on the other cards and allow them to be done twice a round. It's still not great unless the rebels have a hero with poor insight and you can get 2 extra threat and hand out 4 surge tokens per round consistantly. The gain a damage token special action is pretty useless. And, as you point out... it's all useless if you can't keep 88-z alive anyway.
  13. Did you send an email to the address above? I only suggest it because they may have stopped monitoring the thread after the initial issue was fixed in 1.0.4.
  14. No. The next time the heroes choose a side mission they can pick from Dark Obsession or the other two side missions available. If they dont pick Dark Obsession you get Darth Vader after the side mission ends. If they do pick Dark Obsession then you only get him of you win. Basically, their only chance to block you from getting him is to play the mission at the next available opportunity and win it.
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