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  1. Military Might is strong, but it's very straight forward so I wouldn't worry about this one. Subversive Tactics is the "No-Fun Deck," so if you're looking for new players to have a good experience then it shouldn't be used (If you're IP wants them to have a good experience then they shouldn't pick it anyway). Hutt Mercs has probably been called out as being the strongest deck most often. As for your heroes, you still have a lot of strong choices. Personally I don't think he should "ban" any of them so much as picking three or four and saying you can only have one of them, but I digress. Among the top level heroes you still have Fenn, Vinto, Verena, MHD, Mak... I think as long as no one insists on taking Biv you'll be fine.
  2. Uninvited Guest

    Rules question - Reclamation from Bespin Gambit

    Actually the rules state that the target of a cleave is another eligible target. As you said, the rule you mentioned are very specifically states that is for ranged attacks. Melee attacks don’t become ranged attacks just because the they gain an accuracy requirement.
  3. Uninvited Guest

    Set for Stun

    Keep fighting the good fight!
  4. Uninvited Guest

    Rules question - Reclamation from Bespin Gambit

    I don’t have the mission in front of me, but based on your wording: 1) yes 2) cleave and blast are not attacks so they are unaffected by accuracy requirements.
  5. Uninvited Guest

    Overwhelming Oppression what am I missing?

    Wait... Thrawn had a drinking problem!? Timothy Zahn's writing had more subtlety then I realized!
  6. Uninvited Guest

    Electrostaff and Shyla Varad

    I've seen her do that with a DL-44... on Gaarkhan's activation. I think the difference is that, while Verena can do this stuff with a good enough weapon under the right conditions, Shyla with the Electrostaff just does it. Every time.
  7. Uninvited Guest

    Campaign weapon guide

    Lol, completely understood! One Gloomhaven campaign has been enough of a time sync for me to (possibly) skip ToL expansion as well.
  8. Uninvited Guest

    Campaign weapon guide

    Just checking, but you're both aware that the FAQ nerffed that, right? At least for Attacks, it still works when they declare a Move. On page 13: "A Stunned figure cannot declare an attack, but can resolve an attack that has already been declared if it becomes Stunned during it."
  9. Uninvited Guest

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    You could play the Power of the Dark Side deck, and pick up Embrace Suffering. I bet they get sick of hearing it really fast!
  10. Uninvited Guest

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    I know you said you have the latest update, but double-check the version number (latest is version 1.4) if you haven't already. If it is the most recent version then you may want to send an email to software@fantasyflightgames.com. Hmm... those all came up for me as well (on v1.3 and 1.4). I did get the vibrosword after the first mission and gaffi stick after the second though. A lot of items have stayed present after a few missions as well. I've completed three missions and the Plasma Cell has been available since the first one. Are you playing on Steam?
  11. Uninvited Guest

    Campaign Recommendations

    This is very true. I've said before MM is straight forward, TS is difficult for a new IP to figure out how to play, and ST is difficult for new Rebels to figure out how to play around. I would add though, that it does reduce the fun for experienced players as well because it forces them to play characters a certain way (except perhaps the strain-light characters as @ManateeX mentioned).
  12. From the main page click “More” and then go to “Customer Service.” https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/
  13. Uninvited Guest

    Companion Rules Consistency

    They definitely are. The first line of the Companion section of rules (in all instances I’ve seen, including the FAQ) state that they are a “new kind of support figure.” It even states that the follow “all the same rules for figures with the following exceptions” right before it goes into that long list of bullet points.
  14. Uninvited Guest

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    So what? You just keep showing up to ruin this dude’s vacations?
  15. Uninvited Guest

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    I think I know what mission you're referring to. I don't think any Imperial Player has been happy with Vader in that mission. Usually he kicks down a door to find everyone's already at the exit. My friend playing the IP read that instruction at the end of our previous session and said "THAT'S GOING TO BE SO FUN FOR ME! IT'S GONNA SUCK FOR YOU, BUT IT'LL BE FUN FOR ME!" He was so mad when he saw how it actually played out.