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  1. Uninvited Guest

    CT's Pin Them Down

    The damage requirement only applies to Blast, Cleave, and condition keywords. Stun, Bleed, and Weaken are the negative condition keywords so they require damage; Stunned, Bleeding, and Weakened are the negative conditions so they do not. And, of course, the same applies to Focus versus Focused and Hide versus Hidden.
  2. Uninvited Guest

    CT's Pin Them Down

    The problem with that is the size of the area. You’re talking about a 5x5 grid centered on the target of the attack. Moving figures out of an area that big is often really limiting when it comes time for their next activation.
  3. Dude, if they preview new IA content today, excluding maps, I’m giving you a medal, lol.
  4. Uninvited Guest

    What should the next campaign use?

    So, I think it will be HotE based. As previously discussed in other threads, Jabba’s Realm brought a lot to the game in terms of figures and groups. If someone just has the core and Jabba they can build a decent skirmish list, and with a few figure packs they can be tournament ready. Plus it brought some of the best stuff to Campaign. So if you don’t have it, the app is one more reason to pick it up. I think HotE is the next best expansion to fit that bill. That said, I’d like to see them do Twin Shadows. The 01 tile for TS is one of my favorites in the game and I’d love an excuse to use it more.
  5. Uninvited Guest

    Basic question

    Has that ever been a problem on this forum? That’s an awful attitude to take on when someone is asking for help. Also just to clarify regarding the Imperial Rule: it’s only used for breaking ties. So as @a1bert indicated, multiple figures to meet criteria at equal distance is an example (and probably the most common one).
  6. Uninvited Guest

    Twin Shadows and Nemeses

    Are all your rebels new? If that’s the case I feel I should warn you: I did Twin Shadows for my first campaign thinking the same, but the intro mission for Twin Shadows isn’t a beginner mission. To help with this I recommend to run the players through the Core campaign’s intro, Aftermath, mission first just to get everyone’s feet wet. Otherwise, Nemeses is a great choice to get new players into it due to its thematic attributes. I’m with @subtrendy2 there. Stick to villains who enhance that, and I’d say you hit the nail on the head with Terro and Greedo. Sadly the Empires villains are big bads, from book/comic/tv characters, or FFG originals. So you reactions are likely either, “what’s he doing here,” or “who?” At least Terro fits right in on Tatooine. Mercs have much better options. Any Bounty hunter will do. Greedo is just cost effective. Next best bet, as Trendy said, is probably Bossk (and if they’re into the books/comics/tv Hondo is also viable).
  7. My only issue with that is that the Core came with a lot of desert tiles, Twin Shadows came with a lot of desert tiles, Jabba's Realm... more desert tiles. If we're going to get a Rogue One expansion then some sunny, tropical beaches would be nice.
  8. Uninvited Guest

    Had a break...how to pick side missions?

    Yeah, when one mission is passed over two or three times in a row you might as well put it aside. I think in my last campaign as IP I offered my rebels the option to do a full redraw each time. I’d rather they get more options.
  9. Uninvited Guest

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    Someone on here or BGG once suggested a home brew idea to have Mara Jade start as an earned villain but giving the Rebels a chance to win her as an ally as the campaign went on. I wish I could remember who suggested it. It was a great idea the way it was presented.
  10. Uninvited Guest

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    Personally, I prefer to use my laptop, but a tablet would be fine. I’m just like having easy access to the data files in case there’s an issue. Regarding the cost: It’s actually always been free.
  11. Yes, those are all perfectly legal, (unless there was an errata to this card in the FAQ that I’ve missed). There’s nothing within the text of Sustained Fire prohibiting attacks outside of the attacker’s activation or from special actions.
  12. Uninvited Guest

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    Well, there are 3 in the core set and the third triggers is the heroes lose a me of the story missions. Also when playing TBG mini campaign to can add the ISB Infiltrators side mission as a forced mission, but that’s not based on influence; it’s more of a player decision. I think the issue is that you’re dragging out a long campaign for 1-3 more missions and if the Rebels win they get nothing. I mean, there’s an easy fix, but as it is their a waste of time in terms of their effect on the campaign.
  13. Uninvited Guest

    Jabba's Realm Playthrough impressions *Spoilers*

    I’m using the Gaark and Drok connection right now with Verena and Murne. I just finished the second mission so far so good. My only big issue so far is that I don’t have decent weapons coming up in the armory. I’m hoping better synergies will come up as I level them, too.
  14. Uninvited Guest

    Figure Costs in App

    I actually just finished that mission. No, it does not cost an action to pick up or throw the bait.
  15. Operating costs, most likely. Staff schedules would be my #2 guess.