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  1. Uninvited Guest

    Restriction list for Campaign use.

    Restricting tactics on both sides seems odd to me. What’s your ultimate goal? Is it to prevent everyone from overpowering each other? Is it to encourage other play styles? Getting other content to the board? Personally, I say take the Electrostaff out of the deck (unless their melee Character is struggling) and just tell them anyone who takes Gideon won’t be having any fun when they’re getting withdrawn every mission. If any of them have an imp class they hate, agree to not use it.
  2. Uninvited Guest

    What should the next campaign use?

    I’m starting to wonder if they’ll combine two of the small boxes for a campaign (after HOTE). If they hadn’t done it for Descent, the thought never would’ve crossed my mind, but it could be an easier way to create a more robust app campaign with the reduced content of the small boxes. I mean, making one app campaign from a small box would actually be extending the original campaign; if they can combine them and give us something more like Jabba’s Realm it’d be pretty sweet. They could even do two separate story lines to follow where you make a decision one or two missions and that’ll either lead you to Bespin or Tatooine.
  3. Uninvited Guest

    How far is the game from being discontinuid

    Yes. I asked you to clarify your question so that it could be properly answered. I asked this because you used the words “discontinued” and “on sale.” So hopefully this clears why I asked the question. ”On sale” means being sold at a discounted price, but I wonder if you meant “for sale” meaning it’s available for purchase. When a product is discontinued it typically goes on sale. This type of sale is called “Clearance.” The game is not likely to go on clearance because the game is not likely to be discontinued. It will be for sale and some stores may even have it on sale.
  4. Uninvited Guest

    How far is the game from being discontinuid

    I’m aware of the content of my post. It is in no way contradictory to a1bert’s. So... I’m afraid to ask this question for fear of it being insulting but here we go: is English your first language?
  5. Uninvited Guest

    How far is the game from being discontinuid

    That’s not even close to what I said.
  6. Uninvited Guest

    How far is the game from being discontinuid

    Well, @a1bert had already explained the reasoning. I figured there was no sense in making you read his post and then read it again in my post. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. Uninvited Guest

    How far is the game from being discontinuid

    I’m a little confused by the question. Are you asking if you’ll be able to get IA products on clearance soon? If so, I’d say it’s not likely. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some sales though.
  8. Uninvited Guest

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    So here’s the thing... I agree with you. There isn’t enough hard evidence one way or the other to say whether or not such an agreement exists. I wouldn’t say for certain that it does or not, and it doesn’t sound like you would either. So if the answer does come out, this goes one of two ways: 1) It isn’t real. Everyone is surprised but you. That’s all you get out of it, congrats. 2) It is real. Everyone else gets to say “I told you so.” Though you weren’t wrong (you just wanted more evidence) people will treat you like you are. For this reason, I recommend you leave the matter alone.
  9. Uninvited Guest

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    I heard Outer Rim will have Lieutenant Kettch as a recruitable crew member! YUB YUB, COMMANDER!
  10. Uninvited Guest

    Solo Return Fire at End of Round Attacks

    I don’t get what you mean. “Once per round” is a pretty clear statement. “Until the end of the round” and “during this round” both clearly defined (in the FAQ at least, I’m not sure if it’s been added to the RRG). As for X-wing 1 vs. 2.0, don’t get me started. Adding more phases over complicated the game. Even in 1.0 the kept having to redefine the various steps of each phase and when each card took affect. Now that was a mess.
  11. Uninvited Guest

    To Add or Not to Add? That is the Question.

    I mostly agree with the wave by wave idea, but I see no problem with adding some of the other non-unique figure packs/waves as you go. I mean, Wave 3 can be used along side Wave 1 with no issue, and Wave 4 with Wave 2. That much isn't too ambitious.
  12. Uninvited Guest

    Any hope for the Empire?

    No, he’s right. I also house rule that my players can’t use the letter ‘e’ when scheduling our next game. Teaches them outside the box thinking 😂. @Pollux85 was joking, don’t worry.
  13. Uninvited Guest

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    OH MAN! That made my day, dude!
  14. Uninvited Guest

    Doubt question

    I don’t play a lot of skirmish, but is there any reason this wouldn’t be resolved based on initiative?
  15. It looks like they’re trying to combine elements from Xia and Firefly, intentional or not. I love Xia, but after reading the rules for Firefly it was a hard pass for me (I love the show, but that game was not for me). Could be interesting, but from the article I might be sticking to Far Off rather than Far Far Away to scratch my space captain itch. That said, I’m keeping an eye on this. I would love for it to be better.