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  1. No, but there's at least one starter ability and, I believe, items that do.
  2. Yes, as @Majushi said, they are two separate effects.
  3. I just made a copy of the save file before playing the mission. It's easy enough on steam/android, but to be honest I wouldn't know how to do it on iOS.
  4. Discarded and forgotten. Cards that are kept will instruct you to turn them face down or keep them face up.
  5. Close. He can spend the two MP at any point during his activation. If he gives the MP to another figure that figure would need to spend immediately as it would be outside their activation.
  6. Regarding your second question, remember that pushing is non-directional and it uses the "Move X Spaces" rule. So a hero can spend a movement point to push him to another space adjacent to the same hero and spend a second movement point to push two more spaces.
  7. Perhaps more importantly it would use the word “inspiration” as opposed the the leaf icon (Fate).
  8. This guy did it with IA: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2404590/quarantine-crew-flight-freedom-fighter-mission-one Unless everyone owns the game there's really nothing for the remote players to do other than make decisions, unless someone makes/has made a JIME deck app similar to the one D Miller is using for IA in the link above.
  9. For that section I've had worse on normal, but I've also had a lot better. The game probably thought you were doing too well, meaning you had high fame. If you'd been dealing some high threat groups leading into the event then it's possible.
  10. I imagine if that's the case they would introduce new second and third tier upgrades for it. Personally I think I'd be fine with that.
  11. We're expecting a baby girl, due in August. I'm hoping my IA stuff is still in good condition when she's old enough 😁.
  12. Those of us that know IA know what you mean, so please take this as a clarification, not a correction, for those that may not 😁: Heroes (Rebel Player characters) have a rest action which works as you describe, outside of the app. Other figures, both Imperial and Rebel, must use other abilities to heal.
  13. Pretty much a rite of passage with this game, lol.
  14. Sorry if I was unclear, the two things I was referring to was app-based games and miniatures games. Rereading my post I can see where it would look like I was referring to the two divisions, board games on the whole vs miniatures. The whole point of your first paragraph in the post that I took the quote from was regarding the decision to stop app based games and focus on miniatures games, wasn't it? I would call that a connection. "We can make more money doing X, so we're going to stop doing Z." I just think the experiment is still going with JIME. Yeah, I agree with that part. Do you think Disney strong armed them into going back to IA though? I mean, my first thought would be to put that content into Legion, but I guess they would need create a Merc faction. I don't play (nor have I really looked into) Legion, so you probably know better than I if there'd be a be a better way to integrate them.
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