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  1. Uninvited Guest

    Hiding Davith - Is it possible?

    Agreed. This point is what makes Elusive Agent a very important ability. Being able to recover strain AND hide really helps to alleviate some of surge decision making, even if it does exhaust.
  2. Uninvited Guest

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    My first playthrough only gave me one ally encounter, and the second gave me two.
  3. Uninvited Guest

    Is this game still being made?

    Oh, I hope no one was taking either suggestion too seriously. Aside from being kind of mean, organizing it would be like herding cats. I know I wouldn’t take part in my own idea 🤣.
  4. Uninvited Guest

    Is this game still being made?

    So we have two motions on the table. My way actually answers their question by sending them down a path of repetition that the threads actually cause (call it a rite of passage). @The Cocky Rooster‘s way is effing funny. Does anyone else have a solution to propose?
  5. Uninvited Guest

    Is this game still being made?

    Is it bad that at this point I want this question answer with just a link to the previous thread so that after two months people have to click through 10 links to get the answer? I mean, I feel like it’s mean to the people who ask... but, I just rewatched the Groundhog Day episode of SG-1, which might have inspired me to have some fun with it.
  6. Uninvited Guest

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    It may or may not be surprising to some, but Opportunist is key to this point. Her abilities require some level of proximity, without it knocking her down to three speed and three endurance either hurts the pace of the group overall or forces them to move out of her support range. I opted to take Fire Support Specialist in a LotA campaign and she was wounded in the first round of a mission. Not having Opportunist in that situation hurt big time. Inch by Inch was not helpful enough. If the Rebels have a long way to go in a mission and she doesn't have that card, that's the time to hit her first.
  7. They'll probably only use him if the figure for Ackbar doesn't look as good as they hope. (Wow... that joke was obscure even for me...)
  8. Uninvited Guest

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    The minimum is 10 and the maximum is 11 from what I’m told. The winner of the first mission gets a bonus XP, so you know right from the start how much you’re getting.
  9. Uninvited Guest

    Hyperspace Report

    Not at Worlds per se, during the Hyperspace report on Tuesday. So just before/kicking off Worlds you could say.
  10. Uninvited Guest

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    That’s an extremely dramatic interpretation of what I said, esspecially considering the topic of this thread. I’m saying that if they did a second edition I’d like to see the new mechanics incorporated into older parts of the game. I did say “and the corresponding characters/classes” specifically for that reason. i definitely like your skirmish core idea. That’d be great! It’s similar with my friends, not being able to Justify the core purchase.
  11. Uninvited Guest

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Yes, I am too. I didn’t watch the stream, I’ve just read a bunch of promo stuff; so maybe I’ve missed or was mislead about something. Ah, that makes sense regarding the cards in the promo spreads.
  12. Uninvited Guest

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    In theory, FFGs new ability to adjust point values via the app when they want. There are some statements regarding upgrade cards themselves going away, although the component spreads seem to dictate that’s not 100% accurate. So... will this fix things? No. What will probably happen is they’re going to continue to break things with new content, fix it, break it with more new content. But I think the user experience will be better in that the fixes will either change point values or change how an ability works that will be clearly visible in the app.
  13. Uninvited Guest

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    I don't want to disagree with you, but I do. The problem with X-Wing at this point that it's out of control. The make something new and break something else, they try to fix it and they ruin something. The FAQ is bigger than the RRG, I feel like half the cards I have are errata'd to the point where they don't do what they say they do, and the top tables at each event all end up having at least one ship in common. They could continue the cycle of break and fix, call it quits with the game in a bad state, or do this - overhaul everything. As an X-Wing player, I don't want 2.0 for various reasons (money being right at the top of that list); but it's really hard to say it's unwelcome. I'll probably just stick to 1.0 and be done with it, I only play casually anyway. Now, on topic: I've always been a little bothered that there have been mechanics in IA that are essentially exclusive to certain campaigns and the corresponding characters/classes. @Pollux85 touched on this in his original post mentioning the bubble shields, but I'll use another example: power tokens. Fenn or Verena will never be able to assign themselves a power token without equipment from HotE. I'd like to see things like that rolled back to the previous existing content of the game.
  14. Uninvited Guest

    How useful are the expansions?

    Double post, sorry. My phones acting wonky.
  15. Uninvited Guest

    How useful are the expansions?

    Double post, sorry