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  1. No offense, but you say "What did you think being a samurai entailed?" as though she was given the choice. The only choices anyone in Rokugan really has are "Live the role you were born in," "Go against the system and get executed," and "Screw around with Maho and become an evil maniac." I feel like the pieces of fiction that FFG has published have done a good job of showing that Rokugan is a pretty terrible place to actually live in, even if it makes for a very interesting setting for stories and games. This story doesn't show Shahai wanting to bask in the privileges that being a samurai entails--it shows her simply wanting to be with her family and to ride free like she once did in Unicorn lands. Instead, she is stuffed into a gilded cage and forced to choose between taking actions that (she feels, perhaps incorrectly) will make all her loved ones hate her and ones that'll disobey the emperor, likely leading to her execution and big problems for her clan. I fail to see how her situation qualifies as typical teenage angst. All the poor kid wants is some choice in her life--that's not selfish, that's something everyone deserves. But it's also something that Rokugani society is designed to deny to virtually every segment of society. It makes perfect sense to me that some people, such as Shahai and Daisetsu, would be opposed to this. By the way, I'm not complaining that Rokugan is an incredibly dysfunctional society--it makes for some very compelling fiction. But criticizing characters for saying "Hey, our dysfunctional society has brought harm to me or my loved ones" makes zero sense.
  2. It's a little hard for me to tell based on the map details, but it looks like that "Fulda Gap" you are referring to is comprised of a mountain range with what looks to be a desert on the Western side of it. It would likely be extremely difficult to march an army over through the mountain ranges, as travel would be slowed significantly and the topography would provide numerous ideal places for ambushes. I doubt they could march north through the desert to the Shinomen Forest, either, because keeping an army supplied in such terrain would be incredibly difficult. Most pre-industrial armies (that I am aware of--I am by no means an expert) kept their armies supplied by foraging or looting along the way, but in a desert there would be nothing to forage and no people to pillage (this is also a big problem with crossing through the mountain range). I get the impression that a Shadowland army would have abysmal discipline, as it would be, as you described, a "horde." While such a force would be a massive threat in the swampy terrain of the south, it would likely disintegrate fairly quickly in a desert, as its members would likely wander off or start eating each other as soon as food supplies ran low. If they DID somehow manage to make it across the desert or mountains intact, however, I could see a Shadowlands horde being a major threat to whatever more-fertile region they arrived in. It's interesting that you use the Fulda Gap as a metaphor, as modern technology is something that allows nations in the present-day to have large, mobile, and well-supplied armies. When your primary mode of transportation is "throw it on the back of a donkey," your ability to field a large army or send it far from home is severely reduced. Historical nations that managed to project force across large distances, such as the Romans, the British Empire, and the Mongols, tended to also be very disciplined and have well-thought-out supply chains (and yes, I know this runs counter to Hollywood's memory of the Mongols). I just don't see this being the case with a Shadowlands horde. But, as I said, I am neither an expert in the historical side of this nor in L5R lore. If anybody noticed I misinterpreted either one of those things, please correct me. And of course, there is also the strong possibility that I am reading this map wrong and that the land to the east of the mountains is not arid, which would change this situation significantly. Those are just my thoughts on the question you asked, sorry this turned into a random rant.
  3. Then Kaede awoke from her dream, wondering what's a forum?
  4. I'll be moving back to Birmingham, Alabama for the summer, and was wondering if anyone knew of a playgroup in that general area. I am loving L5R so far, except I have had zero luck finding any other players at all in the Auburn, Alabama area. Getting a bit tired of play testing versus myself. If anyone could point me toward players in the Birmingham area, I would be very appreciative.
  5. Hmm, tough question. In X-Wing that's a maneuver that basically every ship has, it's not a turn and it's not particularly fast or slow. It's unlikely to screw you over unless you already had your ship's nose pointed at something dangerous. Maybe a 2 or a 3 honor bid? EDIT: Also, I believe that the two straight in this case is counted as a white maneuver (X-Wing fans please correct me if I'm wrong). That means that it neither gives stress nor clears stress. So you could go the route of saying your Honor bid is one or two, but you can't take Honor from your opponent (but maybe they still could from you?).
  6. I'm still VERY confused about what's supposed to be going on with that trapezoid-looking river system in the north. So in the northwest you've got two rivers draining out of two lakes converging together, which then...either fork at a ninety-degree angle or converge with a river coming from the east. Then they flow south into a mountain range...somehow, and somehow the path of least resistance at that mountain range was to split into two branches, one of which travels along the eastern edge of the mountain range and the other apparently bored its way down through a mountain peak (from what the drawing makes it look like) before travelling southward and eventually emptying into the sea. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the trapezoid we have a river running down from a lake that, again, either converges with that horizontal river or splits at a ninety degree angle for some reason. That horizontal river, by the way, is the most confusing part of this map for me. Which way is it flowing? Which side is it forking from and which side is it converging on. There's a tiny little stream feeding into it in the middle from the north--is the river supposed to be flowing away from it in BOTH directions? Maybe it's a Kami-blessed tiny stream that turns into a crapload of water when it meets the river because of Phoenix shenanigans. ...Yeah, I'm no geographer, but this map makes NO sense to me! Are the trapezoid rivers anywhere near Phoenix lands? Because the only way I can justify these rivers is if someone was meddling REALLY DEEP in the Maho!
  7. That ability's perfect for this character. Fumio: (Sees Hotaru's Fine Naginata lying on the countertop) Hotaru: "Fumio!" Fumio: (Raises paw) Hotaru: "DON'T YOU DARE, FUMIO!" Fuimo: (Stares at Hotaru for a heartbeat) Fumio: (Swats Naginata onto the floor)
  8. The rule in X-Wing for setting an illegal maneuver on a dial used to be that your opponent got to choose your maneuver for you (as many people here have suggested). So if you screwed up, then your opponent could be like "HAH, have fun flying off the board!!!" Eventually FFG changed it to an automatic 2-Straight if you dialed something illegally. Honestly, I could see either option being used for this game.
  9. Welp, I guess that's just one more complexity I'll have to go over if I convince any of my friends to try this game :/. It's very unintuitive, but oh well...
  10. Was the thing about Hotaru and Toturi giving your OPPONENT the Ring resolution if you use them on the defense known before? I play neither of those clans, so if it was I must have missed that ruling. If I were a Lion or a Crane, I'd be pretty upset. It's a very counterintuitive ruling.
  11. A faction pack for my second- or third-favorite clan? Sign me up! Honestly, I like this idea much more than the Dynasty packs. I still have few enough cards that I can only really use two or three decks, so I wasn't very eager to buy most of the packs since the majority of the cards I wouldn't have used. This Phoenix pack will make my Phoenix deck much better, and even the packs for the clans I don't play yet will be tempting since they'll give me options that will help offset the hurt those clans are having from the good Core Set neutrals all being unavailable. As a Dragon, I really want my main clan to get one of these next, but if I'm honest the Ponies need it alot more than we do. So Ponies, then Dragon? Please FFG???
  12. I'm just going to leave this here to ask if anyone else in the Auburn/Opelaika area looks at these forums. I don't know of a playgroup here, but I know the owner of the Game Time Hobbies has stocked it before and is hoping more people will get into it. Also, I'm occasionally in Birmingham, AL. If anyone could let me know of a shop where people play there, I'd be appreciative.
  13. I came here to read the new story. Unfortunately, it seems it's being too ephemeral to show up.
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