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  1. Questions

    1. No, things that take two actions still only cause 1 attack of opportunity. 2. Less sure here, someone may be able to correct me, but I think you would gain the discount no matter what role you are in. It's just the next card you play of whatever your role is. So for example, if your role was seeker, you wouldn't get the discount for a neutral card. 3. I'm not totally sure I get the question. I assume you are talking about the effect on the act card. In general, each location is considered to have a separate instance of this effect. So the one that causes you to make a test when you enter or end your turn would work like this: You move, entering one location with horror and have to make the test. You then move, entering another location with horror, and you have to make the test again, because it is a different location. If you end your turn there, you do not have to make another test, because you already made one when you moved in (this is where the "limit once per round" comes in). I hope I'm being clear and that this answers the question.
  2. You discard all clues controlled by everybody, no matter where they are.
  3. Questions

    Yes, Ballroom and Living Room don't care whether it was successful or not.
  4. Night of the Zealot Redux

    This seems pretty likely to me. I'm just going off the fact that the dimensions look very similar to the 500ct boxes I'm using to store each campaign. All of Dunwich fits, completely sleeved, in one box with enough space left over to fit roughly 3 player decks, which I would think would be enough space for any redux cards. I'm really hoping they continue this for the other cycles, I really like this idea (and the boxes!).
  5. I think there's just a bit of a misreading. When the agenda says "Spawn the set-aside Umordhoth there", "set-aside" is just telling you where to find the card (in the ones you have set aside previously). It's not telling you to do anything special with him now. He still comes into play and spawns normally at the Ritual Site and follows all normal rules.
  6. Unspeakable Oath Player Cards

    I've seen Sefina decks get a ridiculous amount of resources, maybe Dario could be decent there, as the Will boost can help with any spells she decides to use? Requires XP, and as everyone says, he's not Leo. And I haven't actually played her myself, but it seemed like an interesting thought.
  7. how to buy/use expansions

    Ah, yeah, to make what I was trying to say clearer: I've known people to allow swapping out 1 or 2 level 0 cards with level 0 cards from the new pack only. This is only for level 0 cards, and only to allow cards from the newest pack to be added. I don't do this, but I have absolutely no problem with this, if someone in my group wanted to do this, I'd allow it.
  8. how to buy/use expansions

    You can do it either way. I can't wait to try the new scenarios, so I buy each pack as it comes out and play through the scenario with the deck that I built when I only had the deluxe. This does mean that if I want to use any of the new level 0 cards, I have to spend XP to do so. So you're right, this means I usually don't end up using the new level 0 cards in that pack. There are several ways around that, though. As you say, you could just wait until the whole cycle is released, and get it all and build decks using all the cards. There are certainly people that do this. I also tend to have multiple campaigns going at once, so the ones that I start later on will allow me to use all of the new cards as well. And I know some people just really don't like this, but want to play the scenarios right away, and have implemented some house rules allowing them to make changes to their deck, adding new cards without requiring XP. I think the basic idea is to get each pack as it comes out and immediately play through the scenario, but you're right, there are some issues with that. So ultimately it's up to personal preference. I can't wait, and I know I'll be playing more scenarios later with all the cards, so it doesn't bother me too much.
  9. Choose effect

    The agenda is only referring to the mandatory addition of doom at the beginning of the mythos phase. I believe this has been stated by the designer, but I don't have that reference handy. So it is still possible to add doom to the agenda with other cards, like Led Astray, even if it is drawn in the mythos phase.
  10. How do you Chaos Bag?

    I definitely think a larger bag or container is helpful. I use a variety of things, a ceramic vessel I made specifically for the game for games at home, a chaos hat for games on the road (it has tassels, which are close enough to tentacles, right?), and my friend has a nice big drawstring bag for another game that we use sometimes. I think I prefer the ceramic piece, both because I made it, and because I think it's easiest to mix up tokens effectively in.
  11. Fan Made Scenarios

    Indeed it is.
  12. Can you use multiple fast actions?

    Absolutely. Generally, if you can only use an asset once, it will require you to exhaust it.
  13. My understanding is that The Painted World would indeed go to the victory display instead of being discarded. But once it is out of play, it it just The Painted World again, not the card it copied, meaning it is not worth any VP. I haven't heard this considered, but I guess it would get exiled, and then for the next scenario she still has to abide by the deck construction rules if possible, so it would just go back in. I don't think the rules for using XP would apply here, since it doesn't have a level. I think Uncage the Soul would only work if the card being copied is a spell. Being a spell itself works for things like Arcane Initiate.
  14. Forbidden Knowledge?

    It is certainly used frequently in Agnes decks. Using it is a free trigger, so it doesn't cause attacks of opportunity, and the horror it gives allows Agnes to deal 1 point of damage, which can frequently kill something. Agnes decks usually know how to deal with taking a lot of horror. It can also sometimes be really nice to get an extra resource for things like Fire Axe. I haven't played with it much, so I'm no expert, but those are a couple uses I can think of.
  15. Spawn and entering location

    Normally, I think it does. Small spoiler for LiTaS: