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  1. 4. Wouldn't taking the test and drawing a token have the possibility of changing the game state because of token effects?
  2. Skills aren't ever "played" and put into play, as the rule says. The important thing to note is that committing to a test is different from playing them. You commit them directly from your hand to a skill test, and they get discarded when the test finishes. So they have to stay in your hand until you use them during a test. Also, a note on 3. - You can commit multiple cards to a skill test you are taking, but you can only commit one to a test a different player is taking. Hope that's clear.
  3. Alice will be in The Wages of Sin, the second Mythos pack for The Circle Undone.
  4. I think flashlight would work normally. As you say, it is not affecting your skill value, it's actually changing the target value of the test.
  5. Oops, I missed responses, no need to repeat...
  6. Wow, I'm having trouble today. Please ignore me.
  7. The way I would interpret the rules is that you only shuffle the exploration deck if you've drawn and set aside a location that didn't meet the criteria for putting it into play. Then you shuffle those cards into the deck. If you just draw a single location and can put it into play, or just draw a treachery, you don't shuffle.
  8. Just barely scraping by is my favorite way to do pretty well. So tense! That was certainly how my first Dunwich campaign went (on Standard). We succeeded, but I think I finished two scenarios with 1 card in my deck and Beyond the Veil on me, among other close calls.
  9. The rules, as far as they exist for this, just say carry over each investigator's deck, trauma, and experience. I don't think the chaos bag carries over. The tokens are in the bag are such an integral part of how each campaign plays, I don't think you would ever want to play a campaign with the tokens from a different campaign. I've heard people say bumping up the difficulty of the bag is a good idea, though, since the decks are powered up, even with some trauma. EDIT: This is actually covered in the FAQ now: "The chaos bag is reset. This includes all additional chaos tokens that were added to the chaos bag throughout the original campaign."
  10. I think the difference is that the keyword makes the sealing cost. Since the Codex's Seal keyword is a cost, if it can't be paid, the card can't be played. The Serpents sealing is just an effect. The card can come into play, but the effect fizzles. EDIT: Somehow I skipped many messages, this is already resolved... oops.
  11. From the articles, it seems to involve Yig, who appears in "The Curse of Yig". The preview articles have been quoting from "The Nameless City", so that's probably a good one to read too. Any other Yig stories people know of?
  12. Trauma doesn't prevent Rise to the Occasion. His base is still 0/0/0/0, even if it's being modified by the trauma. I can imagine Amnesia being just awful for him. Maybe not Stubborn Detective bad, but still pretty bad. The times I got destroyed were because of no Fire Axe. When he had it, he was unstoppable. I definitely needed to be able to deal more damage. Waylay would have been great, I will have to think about that next time.
  13. The official FAQ says "Another investigator cannot control another investigator's signature cards" (under Definitions and Terms, Signature Cards). So you can't pass them with Teamwork.
  14. Yeah, you need a decent amount of both damage and horror soak. My deck only had 1 of each, but also included 2 Pete Sylvesters and 2 Madame Labranche who are also good for that sort of thing. I think he's become one of my favorites in a very short time. I did however find out what happens if you can't find your fire axe or fight or flight, and it wasn't good.
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