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  1. Used Yavaris or Adar Tallon.
  2. Well my opponent turned up with Ackbar, Quantum Storm, Bright Hope, Home One, Defiance (both: QBT, leading shots, ECM and early warning), and zero squadrons. I went with my original list. I went second and he chose minefields, which forced him to try going down one of the edges. I parked my AF2 in front of his conga line and used my squadrons to take out Home One/Ackbar. I lost an AF2 and the Pelta but Sato and 125 pts of squadrons survived. He lost Home One and Bright Hope. Technically it was a tabling cos he flew Defiance off the table slightly but I let him off with it. 216/157 to me ? But yeah, squadrons did most of the work so there's a case for using Dodonna.
  3. That's a fair point, Sato on mc30's is worth investigating. Have made an alternate AF2 list with Dodonna, and swapped out Tycho and a y-wing for a green squadron a-wing and Nora, for more bombiness.
  4. Risky rebs (399/400) ======================= Assault Frigate Mk.II B (72 + 43) + Commander Sato (32) + Boosted Comms (4) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) Assault Frigate Mk.II B (72 + 11) + Boosted Comms (4) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 + 16) + Flight Commander (3) + All Fighters, Follow Me! (5) + Expanded Hangar Bay (5) + Fighter Coordination Team (3) Ten Numb (19) Tycho Celchu (16) 2 x E-wing Squadron (2 x 15) 2 x B-wing Squadron (2 x 14) Gold Squadron (12) 2 x Y-wing Squadron (2 x 10) Fighter Ambush Minefields Opening Salvo I'm playing an opponent who usually goes very light on squadrons, and usually flies a couple of pickles, or a couple of Cymoons. Hopefully he won't bring 7th fleet and chaff... I want to lay down a carpet of bombers and keep my assault frigates free to skirt around and fire black dice from afar. The Pelta is just there to speed the bwings up, and provide a diversion. The list is nothing exceptional but will hopefully get the job done. Any improvements? Thanks
  5. Brilliant, I did think it would be far too hard to pull off the other way. Thanks
  6. I'm IG88 and I want to zap Boba Fett with my Feedback Array. I get the bump on Boba. There are no other enemy ships in ig88's arc that could be shot at. Can I still zap Boba with the Array? I'm confused by the wording "Before you engage.." Does it simply mean before IG88's turn in the 'shooting phase' or does it mean before I have an actual chance to shoot at someone? ie. Would I need one of Boba's allies in arc (and therefore be an engageable target) to be able to zap Boba? Thanks
  7. Yep, it took about 10 seconds to load some pages for no obvious reason. Made it totally unusable. That was on my decent motoG5S+ phone. So I printed it off at work
  8. Ah I see thanks ? I suppose it's thematic - Darth chokes one of them so the rest work harder!
  9. What's the timing on the free action? Eg. Can Stormtroopers activate, then aim and fire as their normal actions, then suffer a wound to take a free move action to run away? Or does the wound (and free action) have to be taken first? Thanks
  10. Yeah I think they're right. Looks like hangar bays next to 2 of the dishes. The more I look at it the more I like it
  11. Looks like some kind of local system surveillance ship? I don't hate it.. At least it's not absurdly big like the new trilogy ships. Edit: Well I hope it's not. Design looks like it'd be better Arquittens size
  12. I regularly play an opponent who brings 4 flotillas, a raider/glad and a big hitter, and has a ~20 point bid to go first. I'd be happy with something like: if Player 1 has 3 or more flotillas Player 2 gets to choose the objective (so I can be sure to get the one I want)
  13. I would be grateful if someone can confirm: 1) If the defender suffers 4 damage, do you have to spread the 4 damage between that ship and the other ship/squadron you want to take damage (eg. they both suffer 2), OR does it mean an extra 2 damage is generated. ie. The defender suffers 4, and the other ship suffers an 'extra' 2? (I'm thinking the latter..) 2) Does the crit kick in before the application of Brace? So, say the defender suffers 4 damage prior to spending defence tokens (and doesn't have an evade). Does the crit take effect now, and generate 2 damage on the other ship, even if the defender later braces their damage down to 2? Thanks
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