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  1. Electronic Arts holds the exclusive license for all Star Wars video games for another few years yet.
  2. Are there any plans to release characters from outside the Clone Wars proper such as Qui Gon Jin or Darth Maul into Legion?
  3. How long the SSD is. Thanks to @Crabbok
  4. its 5 red, 4 blue. the reds are always on the left of blue and the black always on the right. thus the side is 3 reds as well.
  5. Quad Battery Turrets. No one wants to go speed one into that kind of firepower. And the SSD will want to go speed 1 to maximize the time its front arc is relevant.
  6. Front Arc - 9 dice - 6 shields 5 red, 4 blue Front Quarter - 6 dice - 3 shields 3 red, 2 blue, 1 black Rear quarter - 5 dice - 3 shields 2 red, 2 blue, 1 black Rear arc - 3 dice - 2 shields 1 red, 1 blue, 1 black
  7. Arcs are 9-6-5-3 Shields are 6-3-3-2
  8. Here are some pics my friend (a real hero in this hour of need) sent me from GenCon! I had to put them into GoogleDrive since the forum doesnt like large files. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/foldervziew?id=1EKfVZLocO0aWRYhByGGH8NAEYmrdLvCb
  9. Yeah, I'm thinking about 200 at those hull + shield values listed. it's less total HP than 2 imperial star destroyers, and so is likely to be less than 220. 200 is a nice, round number. that leaves 30 for an admiral, 30 for upgrades, and 140 points to either go squads max or bring in other ships.
  10. Isd 1 is 110 points with 11 hull + 12 shields. SSD should end up costing somewhere between 180-240 depending on many factors, but until we get a total shield count or upgrades we can only ballpark it. And we are likely to know the actual points costs before we get all the stats that lead into those costs.
  11. I saw somewhere that Crabbok asked about clone wars for armada and they implied something was in the works but said nothing outright.
  12. Nothing else will be its size, so yeah, near mandatory. Nice call!
  13. Looks like rear arc is 1 blue, 2 black. Antisquad is blue-black. 7 shields. Ofc, thats only for the version displayed.
  14. Shmitty got a closeup video of the model in 720p. Kudos to him, it looks great!
  15. It'll have the equivalent of a Jaina's Light title and no one will ever play anything else.
  16. Having played 4 corellian campaigns, the game works fine at 500 points. I think it even works fine at 800. It just takes longer, which is the main detriment to armada currently, honestly. I'm fine with it, but I know many who aren't.
  17. Honestly, I would love upping the points cap for tournament play, but I dont see 800 point games being normal unless they want 2-day regionals to be a thing.
  18. Its fine that swarms work against them. It should just be closer than it is, but its an imperfect world.
  19. I see 180-240 points. Based on hull and shields compared to an ISD, it should fall in that range in 400 point games. It will easily be able to engage turn 1 based on its size alone, meaning 6 rounds of combat are possible.
  20. Oh, you mean the carrier ship. Yeah, don't hold your breath. It dies to everything. Its not meant to fight other ships. I have actually tried it in the role you suggest, and it blows. Did it with motti and also concentrate fires/repairs and it still dies and doesn't kill anything. Let's not kid ourselves here - it's a carrier with chip damage and no tokens or shields. Its interesting to me how I am advocating for something here and keep getting recommended something I have tried and passed over. I am not saying you can't advocate the use of something else, but the implication of 'oh, you mean the gladiator' or 'oh, you mean the quasar' as if it was what I was asking for is frankly quite condescending. Go ahead and say you don't see the issue, but I am confident that the gladiator, the quasar, the arquitens, the victory, and the Interdictor are NOT what I am looking for and I don't need them recommended to me as if they were.
  21. Engine techs - pass. I don't actually fall into the category of people who think the Vic needs a defensive retrofit. Sure, it would be useful. But now I am paying 82 points for a ship that can't hop a medium base if it needs to and I have to use a specific command to proc that speed every turn. Don't get me wrong, I like this better than the existing. But I solidly want a real speed 3 medium ship. Drop the Vic armament and hull down slightly, give it the ISD maneuver chart, and I could be happy. I am NOT asking for a OP killing machine, I am asking for a medium ship (so it can take some hits) and speed 3 (so it can engage or run).
  22. Its not speed 3 and doesn't 1 tick at speed 2, pass.
  23. Honestly, any mini game needs a regular influx of new content or it gets stale. Its human nature to seek new experiences and share those with others. I do get that Armada is down the totem pole from the other miniature games. But it feels like the redheaded stepchild has been told to sleep in the shed because they won't stop asking for that new bicycle.
  24. Nah, only small base close range ships need activations. Wave 7 fixed that for medium and large. Our local meta is currently being run by 2-3 activation lists that crush the older 5 activation ones, so it doesn't matter much to me anyways.
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