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  1. Completely agree. The final was utterly engrossing from start to finish. Well done @Vae for a tremendous performance.
  2. I was @Vae's opponent yesterday (still trying for my first win vs him ?) and it was tough. I didn't give myself an escape route and skirted too close to the flank meaning he was able to box my Defiance in. Tough game, with lots of lessons learned!
  3. Thanks again to @GammonLord and @Realadmiralsdoitinspace for coming along to The Eagle last night, was a genuine pleasure meeting you guys and welcoming you into the fold. We have an active WhatsApp group where most games are arranged. PM myself, @TheCallum @lordpreyer or @vae if anyone here ever fancy joining us. Fair warning: there are a lot of puns in this group.....
  4. @florianhess you did an incredible job setting up the 2nd annual London Masters competition. Thanks again for all the effort you put in, Im already looking forward to next year!
  5. Hi everyone, UK/London based player here. I'm on the look out for 4x Tie Interceptor squadrons. I have an unopened R&V pack and prepared to break it open for a trade. Andy
  6. Dude, play. You'll have a great time. Without exception, I have found that the Armada community is one of (if not the) nicest gaming communities in the world. Everyone was a new player once, and I dare say many of us would love the chance to have our first tournament again! Thanks for the tips on where to eat. Nudging @SmurfWedge;something to think about?
  7. We're just a short hop away from Clapham Junction and occasionally open on weekends too. Let us know if you're ever planning to be in the area and we can line up an opponent for you.
  8. Played you in Round 1 at Darkspehere Regionals back in January. Had a blast! Are you coming to Nationals next week?
  9. Just putting this back out there for anyone attending UK Nationals next week.
  10. I like the sound of that! What was the load out?
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