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  1. That looks just like the TIE Vector that EC Henry designed in his youtube channel: TIE Vector
  2. Happy Friday! I'd like to see a Defender Starfighter: Not the prettiest IMHO, but I loved the cartoon as a kid...
  3. So it's bad planning, then... Thanks for the info ?
  4. Do they really meet? They're in the same scene towards the end of the movie (during the map reveal), but there's no interaction between them. Yeah, it's a bit awkward, but remember this happens right after blowing the Death St Starkiller Base to pieces and loosing Han Solo and Rey leaves with Chewbacca shortly thereafter, all happening within hours or a day maybe... Lazy? Sure. Could be justified? I just tried. Seems like bad planning/scripting. Now, we shall continue praising that magnificent display of Imperial might that is the TIE/ca(staña).
  5. Well, I see your point (and had a real good laugh ? ), but at least the TIE/ca is a decent ordnance platform... That new designation could have been TIE/castrato, twin ion engines screeching 6 octaves higher than a regular TIE/ln. Now, where are my pills?
  6. Happy Friday!! The HWK could also work IMHO.
  7. I'm thinking of getting another one and give it a "shave" to the nose, making it flush with the rest of the fuselage. I like the way those two look.
  8. I can help you with a link for the B-Wing. As per the X-Wings... I'd wait until the new ones get released.
  9. I noticed that too... I hope that one is just a prototype and the final product behaves better than that.
  10. If a re-sculpt is on the way, maybe we'll end up with more than that ?
  11. I'm all in for an updated e-wing mini. And I have not one, but TWO of the 1.0 ones...
  12. I went the Feldherr way for the minis. Takes up space, and it's not cheap, but I like the way you can get your fleet sorted and have them almost ready for deployment. When it comes to cards... I've been using binders, but I'm on the hunt for another solution, specially for the upgrade cards. Maybe a custom made tray or box with dividers...
  13. ... And then play! This is a fantastic idea, I really like it.
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