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  1. I apologize if this information has already been shared or is common knowledge. Has ffg announced when the 3 expansions that are already out will be available again? I would really like to get my hands on cap, ms. Marvel, and goblin.
  2. Does anyone have any info on when the playmat will be available?
  3. Is there any scenario that would prevent you from using the rest of your movement points if you stop to do an attack, open a door, etc.
  4. So I keep seeing people post that you must end your movement before you declare an attack. If you don't use all your movement points then attack can you use the rest of your movement points after you attack?
  5. I'd like to see Boba RGC and Weiss get some sort of help or buff.
  6. When you use overrun with a group that has 2 or more figures do you get the ability with all figures in that group or just 1 figure?
  7. I am a little confused about the crates on this map. In scenario A obviously you play the map with the crates as shown. Do you do the same with scenario B? Or are there only 2 crates as indicated in the spaces labeled 'B1'
  8. Thank you for the input everyone. I personally would like to see the developers just let you pick 12 cards for each tier and keep it at 6. I personally believe that if your playing the campaign the way it's meant to be played (aka having multiple people run rebel characters) the success or failure of each side depends 100 percent on how skilled the imperial player is. Which if your playing against the caliber of player that I play against it just makes it almost impossible to win the campaign. My point is, any advantage that can be given the rebel side (I believe being able to choose your 12 tier upgrades for each deck would be huge) would only serve to enhance and even out the playing experience.
  9. I had them separated. I just got really unlucky. The middle of the campaign was terrible because we just couldn't get a ranged weapon to come up to save our lives. Very irritating.
  10. Just lost a campaign pretty much because I have too many expansions and never drew a ranged weapon during the rebel upgrade stage. With all the new expansions out and figure packs starting to come out with tier upgrades can you choose your tier upgrade decks like imperial chooses agendas? Core comes with 12 each. Sounds like a good number to me. Thoughts?
  11. As the rebel player, are you allowed to choose which tier upgrades to bring to a campaign? The core set comes with 12 upgrade cards for tiers 1,2 and 3. It seems to me that that is a good number to use but I also want to stay within the rules of the game. I recently played a campaign in which I drew not a single ranged weapon after any of the 4 missions that you draw tier 2. It seems to me that with all of the epansion boxes out that come with new tier upgrades and now some of the figure packs are coming with them as well that the tier upgrade market is becoming a bit flooded. With now 18-20 cards to draw from instead of 12 you would have a much lower chance to get the card you need. It would make sense to me that the rebel players should be able to assemble each tier with 12 cards of their choosing, much in the way the imperial player assembles his agenda deck. Anyone have any thoughts on this topic?
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