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  1. I came up with a Tarkin list right after the Cymoon dropped a year and a half ago. I have been playing with it and I think I can switch it to a JJ list now. One key for my list is ET or Arq Command Cruisers. Combo that with JJ and you have an incredibly mobile list. This list uses RitR cards and I haven't played it yet but the Arq's should each have a Nav Token every turn and can run C.F. almost every turn. Still a lot of play testing needed. Name: JJ Arqs Faction: Imperial Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault: Suprise Attack Defense: Rift Ambush Navigation: Volatile Deposits Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Wulff Yularen (7) • Engine Techs (8) • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) = 79 Points Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Commander Vanto (7) • Engine Techs (8) • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) = 79 Points Imperial II (120) • Moff Jerjerrod (23) • Emperor Palpatine (3) • Gunnery Team (7) • Reinforced Blast Doors (5) • Leading Shots (4) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Avenger (5) = 173 Points Squadrons: • Bossk (23) • Colonel Jendon (20) • Maarek Stele (21) = 64 Points Total Points: 395 This is my original Tarquitens list. It did very well for me for a bit until folks caught on to it. Some folks are surprised when you suddenly have super mobile Arq's. Name: Tarkin Sovereign (2018 Regionals) Faction: Imperial Commander: Grand Moff Tarkin Assault: Station Assault Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Dangerous Territory ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) • Grand Moff Tarkin (38) • Strategic Adviser (4) • Intensify Firepower! (6) • Gunnery Team (7) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Sovereign (4) = 182 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) = 25 Points Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Engine Techs (8) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) = 72 Points Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Engine Techs (8) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) = 72 Points Squadrons: • Ciena Ree (17) • Valen Rudor (13) • Mauler Mithel (15) = 45 Points Total Points: 396 Either way it's a super fun list to run. Good luck!
  2. Every time we have had one on a table at a Store we have had other folks come up and ask if they could take a picture of it. Several say with the SSD and all the new news they might have to try out Armada. It's definitely good for the game.
  3. The key is getting into the rear, most of those ships are fast enough that you should be able to get them around the front and into the back half. I played 2 rounds as a test before a tournament, I had 3 Arquitens a Quasar and squads in the list and I had 9 damage on the SSD at the end of 2 rounds and only one of the Arquitens had suffered hull damage. Arquitens should never get into close range. Usually you should be able to out deploy an SSD list so you should have some idea where it's going. Also use obstacles to limit their options, make turns difficult for them. I usually hate to start going fast but sometimes it's worth it vs an SSD to get yourself around it ASAP. With small ships focus on objectives, maybe take second player so they have to play your objectives, dodge the big Arcs as much as possible. Get the points you can and play keep away.
  4. The other SSD finished 4th but was first coming into the final round, I took him out for a 9-2 but I was tied with another player going into the last round and they got a 10-1. The other lists were.... Rebel player with an MC-75 and an MC-80H with a GR-75, Shara, Tycho, and 2 A-wings. I won 7-4. Imperial list of 2 Interdictors, Dominator, and 2 TIEs. I was able to take out 1 Interdictor, Dominator and the TIEs but the other Interdictor still had 4 hull left. We played Station Assault and I didn't get either station and he got a solid half points from me so it was a close 6-5 on points. I think a couple things contributed to my success. First it was the first time anyone had faced an SSD. Second, for the most part the other fleets were also slow so it was more difficult for them to flank me and get to my rear. Third I had a compliment of 5 Defenders and other than the Rebel list I didn't see much in the way of Squads all day and the Defenders could work on bombing ships. When I run again I'll probably downgrade to a command variant and add a Gozanti and another Squad to help with Deployment. I did get a little lucky with my opponents choices for deployment and placement of obstacles. I think it's clear folks have found lists and strategies for taking out an SSD now, but those lists may not fair well vs other traditional lists so as things settle down I think the SSD will have a place but it won't overpower the competitive scene, at least not in the near future. It might take a tournament here and there but that's it. Half points is no Joke and will keep them from many big 9-2 or 10-1 wins.
  5. I went 3-0 on a 9 player tournament and finished 2nd with a single ship SSD list. Only 1 of those games was vs another SSD. I think it's well balanced but not overpowering. It probably isn't the most competitive thing out there at the moment but give it time and people will make it shine.
  6. That is some convoluted future proofing text on that card. I have to think FFG had a need for it beyond just distant future proofing. My guess would be something in Clone Wars will make this relevant.
  7. I feel like it is going to cost considerably more than an ISD though. It is going to depend on the tech (upgrades) this has. It has to have some sort of tracktor beam tech that is stronger than what is in game now. Does that mean it has Experimantal Retrofit or a new upgrade slot? The size of the arcs is more MC-80H then it is ISD as well. For me it is really going to be how much can I fit in a list with a Starhawk.
  8. I got one more last night, I used the same list as my previous post. This time my opponent had a Command Prototype with Piett, a Raider, 2 Defenders, and 3 Interceptors. Despite his fighters punching above their weight class (9/10 of the first shots did damage) I was somehow able to keep Avenger alive at the end with no sheilds, no defense tokens, and 10 damage. Avenger did most of the work but the Cymoon got the kill with the first activation of Round 6. I used a similar tactic as the last time, bide my time and get around the front arc of the SSD ASAP. Demo did not do well this time around, I was too aggressive with it and it died quickly. Avenger did great though clearing the front arc and getting a close shot on the front left. This kept my opponent from being able to turn as well and we bumped for a couple turns until Avenger could clear the rear. The Cymoon had a more measured approach but got good damage in late. Avenger was extremely fortunate to survive the game but I will say getting into those rear hull zones when you can is not very scary. Lots of ship on ship touching, I really need to get some extra tall supports from Mel. Next try will be with Rebels, I really wanted to try some SSD cards though, mostly Palp, Krennic, and Piett.
  9. I disagree that X-wing is cheaper. X-wing more often encourages multiples and there is so much of it that completionist's, even for a single faction will be buying far more expansions. Yes each expansion costs more but Amortized over a year I think Armada is far cheaper then X-Wing.
  10. Yeah no A-wing but I did take the last damage with a Squad which was fun for me, not for him. 😁
  11. Well if Sector Fleet battles become a regular thing here I will probably have to back off of my only one of each of the new expansions... A thematic Battle of Jakku game would be fun.
  12. Even without tarrifs there is always inflation and we have not seen too much of an effect from inflation on Armada. X-Wing 2.0 saw a price jump for everything with very similar ship sculpts. A price rise over time is expected. Based on the size and the fact that its command 4 I can't see needing more than 1 Starhawk. The Onager may fit 2 in a list but it seems like it will be a tricky mechanic and probably not the best use of list points to have 2. I will get 1 of each, day of release, if I decide there would be some reason to have more than one of either I will just wait for a price drop on-line or a big sale. As others have said, our releases are few and far between. Amortize the cost out over time and this is a very cheap game to keep current in compared to others. I also play Legion as a Rebel only and the rate of release for expansions there is insane, sometimes I barely have time to try out the newest release before something new comes along. I am a completionist with Armada and it is far far cheaper than being single faction in Legion. Plus no painting (unless you want to). Legion is a fun game but Armada is an amazing game and well worth my investment.
  13. Technically this was my second SSD kill although the first was a Mirror match which I didn't post. My opponent had an SSD and Interdictor. My List... Name: Dual ISD Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Piett Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Minefields ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) • Admiral Piett (22) • Director Krennic (8) • Gunnery Team (7) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) • Sovereign (4) = 164 Points Imperial I (110) • Emperor Palpatine (3) • Boarding Troopers (3) • Leading Shots (4) • XX-9 Turbolasers (5) • Avenger (5) = 130 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) = 25 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • External Racks (3) • Demolisher (10) = 73 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 392 We played his Targeting Beacons. It took 6 rounds because Avenger got blocked out by the Cymoon for a couple rounds, I also took it slow with Demo and got a big shot in turn 5. I only lost the Gozanti, I was worried about the Cymoon for a while but it made it. As I have said and posted before, the Palp officer is no joke. Definitely the strongest card in the release for my money.
  14. Piett and Executor work just fine. Dial a Nav first turn, take 2 nav tokens. Now you have 2 Nav commands to use whenever you want the rest of the game. Way cheaper than Tarkin.
  15. Yes taken word for word that is what it says. There is a lot of future proofing in cards, The CR90 Liberator title for example, that has language that doesn't seem necessary. I just think the language on this card is bizarre and confusing. Maybe at some point you will be able to place a ship before deploying fleets but that seems odd as well. As for future objectives... At the rate we get new objectives thats at least 3-4 years away? I don't see that being a consideration that would require this wording. Maybe there is something planned for Clone Wars factions that required the wording? Maybe. It just seems very strange to me.
  16. Taken word for word this card appears wrong, if you have to discard the card before deploying ships but place the mines beyond distance 5 of enemy ships. How do you place the mines before deploying if the have to be beyond distance 5 of enemy ships? I assume nothing generally with cards but all I can guess is the intent is to... 1. Declare your intention to place proximity mine's before deploying ships. 2. Deploy fleets. 3. Place proximity mine's. The problem is the card isn't explicit, my feeling is this card needs a clarification on the order of operations.
  17. We had a casual 9 Fleet tournament over the weekend with 3 SSD lists. My list finished 3-0 and took 2nd place. Here are my initial thoughts and experiences. The list. Name: ssd defenders Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Piett Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Capture the VIP Navigation: Intel Sweep SSD Assault Prototype (250) • Admiral Piett (22) • Emperor Palpatine (3) • Captain Brunson (5) • Damage Control Officer (5) • Ruthless Strategists (4) • Quad Laser Turrets (5) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • Leading Shots (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Executor (2) = 320 Points Squadrons: • 5 x TIE Defender Squadron (80) = 80 Points Total Points: 400 This list was probably the most squadron heavy list at the tournament which surprised me, the toughest squads I played was a list of Shara, Tycho, and 2 X-wings. Shara was a pain for the Defenders but I was able to take out all 4 Squads with a couple Defenders left. In this match my opponent had an MC-80H, MC-75, and a GR75. We played my Capture the VIP and, based on deployment I decided to run because it it would be difficult for my opponent to get his MC-75 in the fight as it was blocked out by the MC-80. In the end the SSD took no damage and neither did his ships except for hitting an asteroid field. I took his Squads and he got 3 Defenders. I got the VIP and took a very fast 7-4 win. My Second opponent brought 2 Interdictors, Dominator, and 2 generic TIE's. We played his Station Assault. He had 1 of each Experimental Retrofit and Konstantine. Because I didn't have Gunnery Teams he bunched up in my front arc but was messing with my Speed. In general my command strategy was Nav (take 2 tokens), Squad (take 2 tokens), then Engineering the rest of the way, because of the speed shenanigans I put in an extra nav turn 5. This was a mistake on my part. We engaged quickly, I initially focused on Dominator but in turn 3 my opponent made his one mistake by activating one of the Interdictors first (he wanted to force me to activate and move into close range of Dominator). The Interdictor finished it's move double arced by my front and side. I switched targets as I was first player and got 6 damage trough to hull in the 2 shots. This did leave me in Dominators front arc and he got a huge 10 damage shot through. Next activation I finished off the Interdictor with the side shot but didn't quite finish off Dominator. We were now bumping hard so no need for that Nav Dial. Dominator got a smaller shot through putting me over half health. I finished off Dominator turn 5 but never even got a shot on the stations. If I had that Engineering turn 5 I would have avoided half points. In the end we finished a very close points match and I got a 6-5. Last match was SSD vs. SSD. My opponent had no squads but had a Gozanti and an Arquitens. The deciding factor in this game was Palp and my squads, we played my VIP as well. I put the VIP on the station and just stayed on the station. We ended up broadside, I used a Nav to bump and land back on the station as well. My opponent was first player which was definitely an advantage to him but thanks to Palp, my attacks, and Squads I was able to burn off all his defense tokens, he also got the crit which didn't allow him to have command tokens. Midway through the game my opponent made a mistake and put his Arquitens in my front arc, dead Arquitens and I ended up tabling him for a 9-2 because he did get half points off my SSD. Probably the funniest bit was the final damage was dealt by one of my squads. Final thoughts, The SSD is not going to significantly change much, they are hard to kill but the half points is no Joke and will significantly hurt your MOV. The winner of the tournament was 2-1 but had one more tournament point than I did. Palp is strong, he is gonna be great with Sloane and/or Avenger. Piett with Executor is fun, lots of command potential. Also turning a SSD is no Joke. I think the SSD is fun and will see play but isn't super competitive yet.
  18. Not sure where you heard that but I'd highly doubt it. It would require a new tool and could make lining up that bulls eye arc a little too easy. My guess is the cannon may require a recharge after use, maybe a turn? I'd say 100 points for the OSD. The Starhawk I see as 150-160.
  19. Nice to see this, I'd like to come up some time to Concord, it's just slightly out of the way for me on weeknights. Weekends would be more doable. I've been getting ready for the 8/3 tournament in Saugus. It will be interesting to see how many SSD lists get played. I'm going to bring a couple lists just in case we are overrun with death triangles.
  20. We actually have a casual tournament scheduled for 8/3 at BattleGrounds Saugus which isn't too far if you have some transportation... https://www.facebook.com/events/2362429957156929/ You could post there as well to try and get a game if you are going to be gone by 8/3. There is a pretty decent group of us in the area you should be able to find a game. I will post a link to this in our Facebook Messanger Group as well.
  21. And so many colors too. By far the most colors I have ever used on a single mini. I am just glad there isn't a "squad of Sabine's". Doing one is fun, doing seven would be torture.
  22. She is a challenge no doubt. I also painted the Helment and the Dark Saber and have not glued those in place. For now friction fitting seems like it will work. I am happy with the result considering the challenge. My goal is to have characters that are recognizable on the board to Star Wars fans. I think I managed that anyway.
  23. Snipers don't worry me all that much. Like others have said there are ways to deal with them. Pathfinders are another option, they have a good range 4 attack. As long as I can get them in possition without being a target for too much enemy firepower they can easily wipe out a sniper squad before they activate. Also when attacking Imperial snipers they are one of the few white defense die Imperial units so that is another reason to focus them down early and reduce your opponents activations early. Activation advantage is one of the most powerful things in game.
  24. Love/hate with Rogue One? Now granted you said it is the only Disney movie you like more than TPM but what about Rogue One do you hate? Most of my friends adore Rogue One, I personally have it as a solid #3 in my list of all Star Wars Movies. On the other hand the only movie I dislike more than TPM was Attack of the Clones which is hands down the worst Star Wars movie ever. What I remember about the lead up to TPM was that Jar Jar, who was unnamed at that point, was described as a Chewbacca like side kick that would protect his friends and be loved by all. They completely missed the mark (FYI I am one of those older fans for perspective). Now I'm not a Disney hater, I thought TFA was a good reintroduction to the franchise, it had it's flaws but nothing to the scale of Jar Jar. Other than Canto Bight I did like TLJ. Solo while not great I think is better than it gets credit for. Now finally I do want to make it clear that I did not dislike Gungans. Their accent was a bit cringy but other wise my dislike was with Jar Jar, not Gungans. That and the movie was a CGI love fest. Disney does a better job balancing practical effects with CGI.
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