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  1. Thrindal

    Interdictor on Sale!

    I couldn't justify the VSD as I have 3 and not one of my favorite ships to fly anyway. The Interdictor I did get one more of for some odd reason. I have 2 and am not sure what I will do with 3. If nothing else I can use the ship support when I replace AFMK1's with Mel Miniature models.
  2. Thrindal

    Interdictor on Sale!

    That certainly works for casual play, it is highly suspect for tournament play however and it would depend on the TO, the type of tournament, and the other players as to whether that would be acceptable or not.
  3. Thrindal

    Interdictor on Sale!

    As for the Neb-B if you only have the one from the Core then the expansion has value as it has the Yavaris title and X17.
  4. Thrindal

    People still playing?

    Over the last year since Regionals 2018 things have exploded here. Last year we had 1 regional in the New England area with 11 people. This year New England got 2 regionals that drew 18 and 23 folks each. We are organizing a CCC with 10 players at the moment and games can be had weekly if you want. For me I asked stores for over a year if they would host tournaments but outside of Store Championships there was almost nothing. I finally found a store that would let me TO and something similar happend in Connecticut as well and we now have 2 solid bases of players in the region. Granted we have to be flexible and move around to meet up for games but the enthusiasm is there and we have been able to add new players recently. One player at Regionals was playing in his second game ever and held his own fairly well.
  5. Here is ship #2, a Gladiator. And for those interested I posted my painting video. I really try to make these as simply as possible, there are more skilled painters for sure but for those looking to start painting some ships I hope my videos give you some ideas and basic tips to take the plunge. Edit: I am working on my photography as well and I have new LED camera lights and I had them set too bright for these photos and they came out a little over saturated. The line definition is a bit better then can be seen here. The Arquitens has better line definition in the model however IMHO compared to the Gladiator. Interdictor will be next then likely an ISD as my ISD 1 conversion kit just arrived.
  6. Thrindal

    Max number of each expansion you'd like to own.

    Rebels Home one: 2 (2) MC-80 winged: 2 (2) MC-75: 2(2) MC-30c: 3(3) Assault Frigate Mark II: 2(3) I buy second hand lots when I can for cheap to mod so I have a few excess ships I hold onto until new players need them. Modified Pelta class: 2(2) Nebulon B Frigate: 2(4) CR90 Corvette: 3(5) Hammerhead: 4(4) I took this as ships not expansions. GR-75 transport: 2(3) Rebel Fighter pack I: 3(3) Rebel Fighter pack II: 3(9) Just for the Z95's so unless I get them on deep discount this wont happen. Rogues & Villains: 6(7/6) I have an extra set of Rebels Empire Chimera Star Destroyer: 1(1?) There is a future potential for more if the Mandelorian Squads get decent. Star Destroyer: 2(2) Modified to ISD 1s Interdictor: 2(2) Victory Star Destroyer: 3(3) Gladiator: 2(2) Quasar: 2(1) Arquitens: 4(3) Raider Corvette: 3(2) Gozanti: 2(2) Imperial fighters pack I: 3(3) Imperial fighters pack II: 3(3)
  7. Thrindal

    Paint Setup for Beginners

    I find the wash the simplest and most satisfying part of painting. You need to practice with dilution and such but it's a relatively simple step. For a cleaner look in Imperial ships I go with about a 50/50 Nuln oil/water blend with just a touch of dish soap. Always start on the bottom of the ship as it won't be seen hardly at all. If it's a touch dark just put a little more water in before you get to the top which folks are gonna see.
  8. Thrindal

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Thanks for all the work @Truthiness @CyborgNinja et. al. The large data sampling is telling.
  9. In this case you could/should use the squadron differentiation tokens. The Black and Grey tokens with "wings" printed on them. These are used to differentiate players squads when both have identical squads. One player takes black the other gray. That said his choice wasn't the best for a subsitute and should have probably been better off flying the stand without the models. Again, to the OP's original question. As a TO knowing that squad 1 packs have not been available for a considerable amount of time I would ask them to first see if someone has models they could borrow but if that doesn't work I would work with them and their opponent to come up with an appropriate visual cue to identify the squad as long as the player has the proper card and squad token. This is an extenuating circumstance out of the players control (FFG has not been able to stock the item for a considerable amount of time). Players in this area would generally be happy to accomodate the player in question in this case.
  10. The Spanish site, which has been more accurate than the english site for some time, says they will be available tomorrow. I wouldn't necessarily say they will be available tomorrow based on that but it should mean they will be available soon.
  11. Is that because of lack of supply or the lack of desire for the stores to stock it? The former is problematic the later can be dealt with but special ordering from stores (preferable as it is tangible interest shown to the store) or buy on-line.
  12. Thrindal

    Springfield, Ohio Regional

    48 Entrants, thats awesome. Congrats.
  13. Thrindal

    Derry New Hampshire Regionals Live Stream

    Yeah I might add an E-mail option in the future. Thanks.
  14. Thrindal

    Fighter Pack 1 Update (FFG Spanish Site)

    For the last year plus the European sites, especially the spanish site, has been updated and much more accurate than the English site. I wouldn't trust the exact dates but I think this is a good sign that Fighter Pack 1's are not far away from being restocked.
  15. Thrindal

    Derry New Hampshire Regionals Live Stream

    Some folks just don't have access to printers. Like with X-Wing I am sure there will be an App at some point and that is all you will need and eliminate paper all together. For now all I can do is highly suggest.