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  1. Finally something that is relevant to Armada! Well it must be relevant right? We have some use for these don't we? Something to hold command tokens maybe? I mean we couldn't be being bumped down the road again for Plastic Stands 2.0... These must be a must have Armada Item I know it! I need to stop checking the FFG news feed... Legion Barricades release tomorrow, probably the least needed expansion I have ever seen, or HAD seen before plastic stands 2.0. I fully expect a 10 paragraph announcement with details on all the different uses and ways that you can place Barricades tomorrow.* * Full disclosure I play Legion and I do like it, not nearly as much as I enjoy Armada but it is fun. That said I can't see why anyone would NEED more barricades.
  2. I'm not convinced of anything anymore... 😣 If they wait for Gen Con it could be because they want to make up for last year's Armada no show at Gen Con. BUT if they wait until Gen Con that means we will have waited nearly a full year between announcements and that makes me sad. I don't want a monthly announcement like Legion but 1 a year isn't enough. I have stuck with 1.5 a year or one every 9 months as being my perfect number. That doesn't include non ship releases like the CC campaign. I shouldn't be able to play my same list from regionals at store championships with nothing new to consider.
  3. Yeah the scene around me seems to be picking up as well. There were already more stores than ever hosting Store Championships and another store that just did a Demo is seeing if they can get a SC kit and if not they are going to get Quarterlies. Many stores are struggling with Legion OP and X-Wing is a bit of an unknown at the moment with 2.0 from the store owner perspective, at least with the stores I have talked to. That said, during the demo we had 2 full games also going the whole time and we had a steady stream of folks asking what is this? Or saying, I didn't know this was a game! That isn't all FFG's fault, it is also a lack of stores wanting to take on "another" space based Star Wars game. I think stores need to be educated on Armada and what makes it different then X-wing, I think we can do that if stores are willing to listen. Many won't listen but the few that do, and don't currently support Armada, will still strengthen the game.
  4. Thrindal

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Let me know, I should be free evenings this week if you get free time. If not and @CaribbeanNinja wants to wrap this up I think all we are fighting for is the bottom feeder award 😉
  5. Thrindal

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    Well there were 4 commanders in the top 4. Rieekan, Motti, Sloan, and Tarkin in that order.
  6. Thrindal

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    While I am concerned overall one thing I do to check on Armada is look at the Upcomming Products page on FFG's site and search Armada. Of course there is nothing new but I am looking at what reprints are in process and what stage they are in. Currently the Raider and the original ISD both just shipped out and are "In Stores Now". The Quasar is "At the Printer" The Arquitens, IMP Squads 1, and Rebel Squads 1 are "Awaiting Reprint" So the positive is they are still (re)printing ships and restocking stores. Of course we don't know what the size of a print run is but usually there is a minimum run needed to make it worth while so my guess is the numbers on each reprint is in the Thousands of units. Could be wrong however. The potential negatives are things sitting in "Awaiting Reprint" for an excessive amount of time. The Arquitens has been waiting since February and the squads since April. Considering the printer space currently being taken up by X-Wing and Legion that isn't a surprise. Plus both of those Squad packs were just recently reprinted and the fact they are back again so soon must mean they are selling and/or they grossly under produced the last run. The Arquitens traditionally isn't the most popular ship BUT I have seen a lot of chatter recently about folks trying to get their hands on them so there is Demand there. I just don't know how much. With so much focus on X-Wing and Legion at the moment I am concerned. I mean Legion is getting 1-2 releases a month! I can only imagine the strain the printers are under to have X-Wing 2.0 and the 2.0 expansions ready for release. I still contend that Armada is in the most stable spot from a mechanics perspective of all the Star Wars games I have played from FFG. X-Wing's issues are well documented and required a 2.0 to fix them. Legion is new but there are a lot of things that still need to be clarified in the rules, with terrain, and line of sight. Plus some rules I just don't like (A T-47 Airspeeder can collide with a Baricade that is shorter than a character mini? Not very thematic is it...). Now I will grant that we play a capital ship game that takes place in Space on a 2 dimensional plain so we have to stretch our imaginations as well but it is still in such a good place. My Regional Tournament this year had 11 different commanders being played! That is an indication of an insanely balanced META. Go Armada!
  7. Thrindal

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    And I always tell folks this is an overblown concern. I have never failed to complete a standard tournament match within the 2:15 time limit and often finish with 15 miniutes or more to spare. The difference comes in casual play, for whatever reason, maybe us Armada players are a little too chatty, my casual games tend to take 4+ hours to play. Now of course a new player is going to take longer to play the game, I also think one reason casual games take longer is there is more experimentation happening. Most folks in a serious tournament setting have tested their list thoroughly and have a pretty good idea what their strategy is going to be. My first few Legion games took just about as long, recently as folks have become more used to the mechanics things have picked up and when focused and ready to play we can get a game in in about 1:30 after deployment and for whatever reason turn 1 seems to take forever but the game speeds up considerably as it progresses. Armada on the other hand tends to have quick first turns and turns 3-4 tend to be the slowest before picking up again for the last couple rounds. Anyway my point is that when prepared Armada can be consistently be played in about 2 hours, it is just the distractions of casual play that slow things down.
  8. No that is exactly the reason, although you can make TRC work without Needa he makes your choice much easier. Of course if you fly multiple only one can have Needa. Personally I consider Needa a crutch and don't use him much in my Arquitens builds.
  9. I'll answer the page... I won't go into details on my lists as that has been done elsewhere but Arquitens can be competitive. Others have mentioned the best commanders for them. I prefer Tarkin and Jerjerrod, Vader also helps with the Red dice but he doesn't help with Navigation. My favorite way to fly them is 2 Command Cruisers with ET, a Cymoon with IF, a Gozanti, and a small fighter contingent with Tarkin as the commander. Fly the Arquitens in the front Arc of the Cymoon and use their side arcs to cover the Cymoon side Arcs while the Cymoon front arc covers the Arquitens. Use Tarkin and Sovereign to give tokens, Cymoon CF, Arquitens Nav, and Gozanti Squad. Then C.F. dials on the Arc, IF helps mitigate red dice a little, I like QBT on the Arquitens but TRC or DTT are also solid choices. Jerjerrod also works with 2-3 Light Cruisers and a Cymoon. In this case you can either do IF or Sheilds to Maximum. If you go Sheilds to Max you should be making every use out of JJ. Arquitens are super maneuverable in this build and you should be trying to get them behind your enemy. Just make sure you are staying at long range no matter your build, Arquitens evaporate in close combat. Fly them like Demo and you will not do well. They need a different thought process. Kite like crazy and kill from long range.
  10. Thrindal

    Rebel vs Rebel Video Battle Report.

    I am going to try and see if I can suspend th camera from the ceiling to avoid all the shots of the back of my head. 😁 Thanks
  11. Thrindal

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Does @jeebus have a new username? Just trying to contact him for our game.
  12. Thrindal

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    I have been thinking about this a lot recently and the answer I have come to is no. So far the SW stories have tied more closely in pace, theme, esthetic, and story with the original trilogy. That gives them an advantage I think. Most folks like me in the late 40 early 50 age range have a lot invested in the OT and I think we feel that time frame is what we like the best be it nostalgia or something else. I do like the new trilogy but my biggest misgiving is we never got to see the big three all together again. I liked TLJ probably more that TFA but neither really caught me like the movies set during the Galactic Civil War.
  13. Thrindal

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    I liked the movie, I thought the acting from just about everyone was very good. The story was a little weak and predictable. I did not like L3 and the I really didn't like the Lando L3 relationship, it was just a bit disturbing. Maul had not been spoiled to me so I take that as the big reveal. I was glad Han shot first, Chewie was great and I think they pulled off the Han/Chewie dynamic. It was interesting to hear Han speak Wookie but I hope we never have to listen to that again. They may have made Han more the "good guy" then I would have liked. Without doing a complete 1-10 ranking I would say it wasn't even close to R1 for me, it was better than all the prequels and about on par with TFA and TLJ, and to be clear I liked TLJ. So overall middle of the road for Star Wars but an enjoyable film which is really all I wanted out of it.
  14. Thrindal

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    I think thats fair, it made a difference for sure BUT I should have noticed it too. Plus I played like crap.
  15. Thrindal

    Mel's miniatures 5% off sale

    I would never buy an SSD at this stage from Mel. Especially not as a first purchase. I have purchased many great models from Mel including one fairly substantial Aggressor Class SD but I don't see FFG ever doing that one. If I can make a suggestion, as a first purchase I would go with something small and try it out for size and always go for the highest quality printing available, its worth it. Probably my favorite small ship of Mel's is his Combat Hammerhead... This is true to the Rogue One version and I will run this one as Garel's Honor. It is really a fantastic and really reasonable model. If you have to go Imperials I would suggest one of the alternate Gozanti models. I run this one as a Comm's net... Again a great model that won't break the bank. I have worked my way up fairly slowly. Not sure I would ever do anything bigger than the Aggressor. These get really expensive really fast as they increase in size.