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  1. Thrindal

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Saturday January 12, 2019 Midgard Comics and Games Derry NH I will be the TO for this event, more details to follow.
  2. Thrindal

    Which slot?

    Rebels have Caitken and Shollan as a Weapons Team upgrade. We also have DTT. I think the thing is the red dice inconsistency is supposed to be thematic. Vader is great for Red dice but Vader is supposed to be great which is why he is so expensive. You don't want to make Red dice too consistent or nobody will take brawlers and matches will turn into wars of attrition at long range which would be boring. I honestly don't think we need anything more than what we have, taking red dice heavy ships carrys the risk of poor rolls but you will likely get 2+ more shots a game per ship then you would with other ships. I think that balances things out.
  3. Thrindal

    Eagerly Awaiting Next Necro'ed Gem of a Thread

    Lets not give folks ideas...
  4. Thrindal

    Tarkin Strategery

    This just doesn't look like the most efficient use of Tarkin to me. Tarkin is better the more activations you have in general. He is also way more efficient with Sovereign on the ISD over Avenger. I would try and get Engine Techs or Projection Experts on the Interdictor for even more Token efficiency. As others have said get Brunson on the Interdictor. I love Tarkin but the trick is having token efficiency. The Defense Liason is a nice idea, I am just not sure if it is the most efficient choice. If I wasn't trying to do more with Rebels at the moment I have an idea for a new Tarkin List that has some combination of an Interdictor and 3 Arquitens all with ET.
  5. Thrindal

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    Sorry for the lack of competition, I'd also like to apologize to anyone that had me in the Fart, how I played smelled like a Fart but was a little more brown in color.
  6. Thrindal

    Regionals kit speculation

    Agreed, no chance we get mats. I would think we will get an Alt Art Ship card as usual, last year was Imperial (Gozanti) but SC was Rebel(Hammerhead). I guess I have to lean Imperial, it would be like FFG to have an Alt Art for Arquitens which has been impossible to find for almost a year... If not maybe the Quasar. Besides that probably Redirect Tokens in the new (and awful) white scheme. I think the Ship cards holders is a good guess but I will go with something completely new, premium command dials (set of 3). There has to be something else as well as last year there were 4 items (plus the first place stuff). We got the Card, Tokens, Dice, and Measurement tools.
  7. Thrindal

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    No Hurricane worries here, best of luck with that, keep me updated if we need to postpone. Otherwise start time is a little up in the air with daughter driving duties.
  8. Ugh, KeyForge... I don't know anyone that plays Runewars, most stores around hear have clearenced all their stock... I am still not hopeful for an Armada article, the SSD is too far out for articles yet and there is no sign a true wave 8 is on the way any time soon. I just will keep playing and be surprised when I see an article.
  9. Not really an answer to your question, I don't know of anything for iOS but I have Cryodex loaded on my laptop and use it for when I TO tournaments. I just find a laptop a better platform for such a thing, trying to manage a tournament on a phone or even a tablet can be daunting IMO.
  10. Thrindal

    Happy Friday you Beautiful Forum People.....

    Lower the price point, if at all possible make 2 Core sets, one for each faction and try and get the price around $50-$60. Currently the Core components that you have to have are the Damage Deck, the Objectives, and Range Ruler. You can get 3rd party range rulers. If they other required components were sold separately that could work too. The problem with both suggestions are additional SKU's. Stores generally want to keep individual SKU's to a minimum. Armada has fewer than X-Wing and IA and Legion is very quickly catching up. Armada could probably handle the extra SKU's, FFG has shown a willingness to provide alternate Damage decks with X-Wing, they could do similar with Armada. Just make the game more accessable. X-Wing has a $40 Core, Armada is more than twice that. Find a way to cut Armada down to $60 and I think we are talking.
  11. Thrindal

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    @Thrindal vs. @Undeadguy finished as a 318-314 win for Thrindal in what Turned out to be a bloodbath. Both of our ISD's delivered Crippling/Kill shots to each other and were out of the game by the first activation of Turn 4. Thrindal did take out one Raider early, killed the Comms Net Gozanti with Rams, I got the Slicer Gozanti with a very lucky long range shot from an Arquitens with 5 Red dice late in the game and cleaned up the second Raider turn 6. I did also get lucky in that Rhymer saved my butt and gave me 2 squad phase shots on the second Raider from close range clearing away some shields for the eventual kill. @Undeadguy was able to pincer my Gozanti in a kill box. He then worked down my squads and eventually killed both my Firesprays and Rhymer and Demo had a big shot vs one of my Arquitens to kill it late. In the end all that was left was @Undeadguy's Demo and I had one of my Arq's and the Jumpmaster. My bid was what gave me the margin in the end as I had a 14 point bid. Thanks to @Undeadguy for a great, bloody game. Not sure if this worked or not but here is a Log file.
  12. Thrindal

    Tarkin and ST-321 Lambda

    Bummer, the Decimator is already expensive, Tarkin makes it almost a 100 point ship right there and I am not thrilled with the Krennic/Tarkin combo. I tried it on a Reaper (Thematic Rogue One list) and wasn't impressed with what I got out of it for the cost.
  13. New to X-Wing but long time Armada player... The FFG app is not letting me add Tarkin to a Lambda with the ST-321 title. Shouldn't that be allowed? The title allows a Lambda to aquire a target lock thus allowing Tarkin to do his thing. Thanks
  14. Thrindal

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    Sorry for the delay... Submitted, don't love it but submitted.