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  1. Thanks! I am a small business owner that deals in STEM Enrichment programs so I have been totally shut down since March and my entire Summer Camp schedule has been cancelled. I have nothing but time, other than the Honey Do list that gets longer and more extravagant by the day. Fortunately I have a 3D Printer and some Filament or I would be going crazy. I self taught myself how to design these buildings since March and being this close to having a complete table is satisfying. If I am lucky I might get it done by next week, at least this general setup. I have another much more asymmetric setup in mind with pools in the middle, a smaller village on one side and a Forest on the other side so maybe once this version is done I may see about doing some trees to have a second option.
  2. The Mat and the "Sidebars" came from the Fifth Trooper. They really are very nice although with the shutdown I have yet to get to use them in a game. https://thefifthtrooper.com/gaming-mats/
  3. I have not posted this on the forums yet. I have designed Sorgan Village terrain from Mandalorian S1Ep4. If you include the unpainted buildings I think I have enough buildings now but I need to double the number of pools and more than double the scatter terrain. Hoping to have this all done well before the next time we have a store event...
  4. That would be a novel idea, its not like any of us are trapped at home starving for news and could use a distraction...
  5. What if they are adding a new command, or a ship that goes to speed 5? That could necessitate all of us buying a dial pack.
  6. My guess is that some ships like the Venator and Acclimator will be designated as "Clone Ships" where some other ships like the CR70 - Cruiser will not.
  7. I TO'ed a 19 player casual tournament at Midgard in Derry NH. This was the largest casual tournament in the region, was bigger than this years Prime event hosted by another store, and second only to Regionals 2 years ago at Midgard which drew 23 players. The winner was a Rebel Player with a Starhawk list. I don't have exact lists as this was a Casual Tournament and I do not track lists the same way I do for Store Championships or Regional/Prime events. We also had our largest contigent of women in the area at 2. The following are a few images of the tournament tables and the 3rd party prize support that was provided. I will be setting up our Spring tournament shortly.
  8. Thank you very much! While it is hard to nail down exact numbers and level of interest my gut feel from talking to players is that this event will be very well attended which will hopefully greatly sway the store in favor of even more 3rd party support in the future.
  9. One more prize for this tournament. I created a case for the Faction winner's prizes that isn't the overall winner. There does appear to be significant interest in this tournament, depending on the number of attendees we may have some additional prize support from an FFG kit or other source if needed.
  10. I would talk to the Store Owner some more. The way Midgard works it (for now, if tournaments get bigger the numbers may change) is I budget $40 for prizes, which I pay for. Midgard charges $10 for tournament entry. I get reimbursed with store credit of $40 as long as we have at least 4 players, which is almost a given. For anything over the $40 they take in for fees the rest is added to the prize pool in the form of store credit prizes, usually for 1-3 and last (Smoking Boots award). I think Midgard's approach is perfect, they do not try to profit directly from tournaments. Instead they provide good to great prizes and store credit which is a big hit and increases attendance at events and encourages players to make purchases at the store. I personally drive by at least 2 stores to go to Midgard because of their customer friendly approach. Definitely feel free to steal the color scheme. I am working on the other 3 season color schemes now. Fall I have pretty well decided on (Brown and Orange) with pumpkin symbol, Spring will likely be Green and ??? with a flower symbol like a tulip or rose, Summer will be ??? and Yellow and a sun symbol. Summer could be a solid Blue with Yellow. Spring could be Green and Purple. I just need to see if the other colors would jive.
  11. Agreed, you need to Drybrush after the wash dries
  12. Thanks, after I made it I thought I should have made it look more like a lightsaber hilt. I am also not sure the magnets are strong enough. I think they are but if it gets dropped or swung around like a sword they will separate. I think a bar magnet might be better in the future. I am going to do a Legion version and then revisit this one and I may make them available.
  13. On 2/22/2020 I will be TO'ing and playing in the Midgard Winter Tournament. https://www.facebook.com/events/569329910576983/ For this tournament I sourced my own Prize Support. All the Acrylic's are from Admiral Tator's Etsy shop, the ruler and token holder I came up with and printed myself. Midgard is great and will reimburse me with store credit for the prizes although the Ruler Holder I will probably just donate this time around plus I paint the acrylics myself which I don't get reimbursed for. I do that because it makes the budget go further. General Prizes, Prize distrubution depends on the number of attendees... Faction Prizes (Defense tokens for an ISD and an MC80 Home One) And First Place Prizes...
  14. Of course 97% of us don't need the command tokens but this is odd...
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