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  1. You didn't teach him anything, you told him to go learn how to fish.
  2. Played a game of 2 on 2 with my niece on my team and her boyfriend paired up with my brother. It was her and her boyfriends first time playing, so we kept it to 2 ships on each side of the table. I gave my niece her choice of ships to fly and she chose Boba Fett, so I put this list together: TIE Advanced: •Darth Vader (40) Engine Upgrade (4) TIE/x1 (0) Predator (3) Proton Rockets (3) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) Firespray-31: •Boba Fett (59) Engine Upgrade (4) •Andrasta (0) Expertise (4) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) •Bomblet Generator (3) Tail Gunner (2) Total: 99/100 I built Boba like this to keep combat relatively simple for her as she was always rolling 4 dice out the front while gaining a little bonus for shots out of her rear. Bomblet generator was just for fun but managed to do some work for us. We went against a loaded Jake and Dash w/HLC & VI, with Dash being flown by her boyfriend, which is another great build for beginners as he want aren't for hitting obstacles. My niece flew masterfully and opted to boost for the majority of her actions and took out dash almost single handedly, I think I put 2 points of damage on him with Vader. If flying scum, I would go with much the same build on Boba but with Dengar instead of the tailgunner, and then paired with some Fenn build.
  3. Playing Hera with wookies, this happened to me against a Rieekan mill deck. Game went 4 rounds of me just having a U wing in my hand with C3PO being key to getting it on the table. Eventually lost because the wookies and U wing couldn't find their damage sides before he could get the discard rolled out and resolved.
  4. I like that the Ahsoka die and Shoto die are different enough that I won't get them confused, like FN and the riot baton.
  5. Gunboat? I read your post to mean this board.
  6. I think it's premature to pass judgment on Cinea ether way without seeing what's in the rest of the set. Based on cards available now and current deck combinations, it's easy to say that she won't be competitive. But in a week when they preview some more cards and one of them is a "you just passed go, collect 200 resources" event, or some equivalent, then she'll be awesome.
  7. Auto includes: Blue - Rejuvenate Yellow - Electroshock Red - FN-2199
  8. Tingaleo

    Positivity Thread

    Making it thru a tournament flying 2 large ships without hitting a single obstacle.
  9. 2 boxes, first awakenings packs for me to open as I got into the game after sor was released, First pack, Jango 2nd, QuiGon 4th Sith holocron 8th QuiGon 14th (first legendary) Luke Proceeded to get 2 Luke's, 2 ATST, 1 Vader, 1 Luke lightsaber, 2 landing bay, 2 commanding presence, 1 black one, 1 Phasma And 3 holocron, and 1 hold out
  10. Can you provide a picture of the initial set up please? Thanks!
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