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  1. Also, the additional clues on your home can be nifty in the Midnight Masks. It's low shroud.
  2. Moonlight Ritual was made for Blood Pact, as far as I'm concerned. It's fantastic. Bit of a gamble to use Blood Pact if you've not drawn one yet, though. I did, and drew Moonlight Ritual just in time to clear the doom from Blood Pact.
  3. Personally, I prefer the .42 - it leaves more room for other non-rogue cards in her deck, and it still works very nicely. The new Switchblade is pretty interesting too. Basically, a fast, unlimited-uses .42.
  4. Neither. It stays in the slot empty until you play an arcane asset to replace it. At the moment, the only way to recharge a spell card is Book of Shadows. https://arkhamdb.com/card/01070 This seems a bit weird, but consider, instead, a .45 Automatic that's run out of bullets. That continues to sit in your hand slot. If you draw a treachery that forces you to discard an asset, you can discard the empty gun, thus not losing much. Or, you might draw something like Extra Ammunication, and reload it. Or you could replace it with a machete...
  5. I liked it, but I did find the Hunting Horror sufficiently simple to defeat I wondered if I was playing it right. The biggest difficulty I found was Beyond the Veil, and managing your remaining deck. That seemed to put a much tighter timeline on the game than the agenda deck. It wasn't as good as the first 2 Dunwich scenarios, but it's not my least favourite scenario. I also expect that the difficult might increase through the campaign. Much as I agree with the disadvantage of the Elder Thing token, I've actually kept it for both pairs I'm playing... Agnes and Zoey could really use +1 Intellect Jenny and Daisy - Daisy could make very efficient use of the +2 resources ability, and is potentially intellect 7 at the moment. Also, the Old Book of Lore isn't working out well for her at the moment - Beyond the Veil keeps blocking that one. I guess we'll see how bad a choice that was in time.
  6. I have read another thread like this elsewhere; I think it was a pack that had failed Quality Control but then been packed up and sent anyway. Contact FFG was the answer there too.
  7. That's certainly the problem I always have.
  8. First question - Yes, the enemy remains there until you reenter the location. Some enemies spawn in empty locations, waiting for you to arrive... Second question - Yes, if you evade, but remain in a location until the enemy readies, then they will re-engage, assuming it doesn't have a 'Prey-only' instruction. Third question - Yes, you can. Each Burglary would have to be used separately, as an action. However, if you had 2 Pickpocketings out, they could both trigger on 1 evasion, I believe.
  9. To be honest, I hadn't realised English was your second language, so I wouldn't worry too much. It's better than many English people. You're wrong about Skids, though - he's awesome
  10. I don't know - Agnes seems like a far more powerful Mystic, just based on her Horror ability. And Daisy can make a passable Mystic too, whereas Rex... can only investigate. And Wendy gets access to a nice wide set of events, which is ideal for her. I kind of think that for soloing, the Dunwich investigators might be too specialised. As part of a pair/group, that's offset somewhat - but I think that ultimately they'll be less flexible, even with the wider choice of cards.
  11. Also Rex Murphy, who cannot take Fortune cards. https://arkhamdb.com/card/02002
  12. Any of the cultists you can Parlay with to send them away?
  13. Me too, unless there's going to be a local supplier. It doesn't seem like they've thought of the EU at all. It's not like there aren't that many of us...
  14. I did the same in preparation for this release. I'm about half way through, but Colour out of space, The Dunwich Horror and The Whisperer in the Darkness have been my favourites so far. I'm looking forward to Shadow Over Innsmouth
  15. Same for me. It goes so much smoother to use the same deck every time. Now I'm wondering if there are cards that force you to "downgrade" your deck. Say, you get scared stupid by Cthulhu and your skills suffer because of that and you have to replace say x amount of XP worth of cards with lvl 0 cards. If not, there should be. Or maybe like adaptable - downgrade so many cards to reclaim/redistribute the experience.
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