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  1. Hello everyone. Just wanted to post an update to let everyone know there is a new version of the app available. It fixes some bugs, and adds the new feature of allowing you to customize specifically what characters and endings you would like to include or exclude in the randomization. EDIT: You can download the new version here. Happy Talismaning!
  2. Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you like the direction I took things with the songs and the artwork! The intention was that the "Spell" spell could backfire and make everyone including yourself a Toad. It was somewhat modeled after the Toadify spell and it seemed a bit more balanced (and Talisman-y) if it could backfire.
  3. I just wanted to post an update to say that I did end up making a set of spells comparable to those in the base game based on the spells in Zelda II as well as the three spells in Ocarina of Time and the non-warping Ocarina songs. Feel free to check them out and leave feedback if you are interested; I added them to the same gallery that was posted before.
  4. I'm glad you guys like it! I could easily see myself expanding the project into additions for the Spell deck and/or the main board, but I wanted to post what I had completed as I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on this more in the near future, what with the holidays coming up. I'm sorry if your favorite Zelda games were under-represented; as stated in the first post the expansion takes about 70% of its inspiration from the original zelda, with the other 30% being filled in by Ocarina of Time. There is enough material even in a single Zelda game to make 104 cards from, probably, so I aimed at what the "biggest" two Zeldas were to try and achieve a classic or generalized Zelda feel. If this got popular enough I could see myself making another set fo Adventure cards or two for some of the "smaller" Zelda games (Majora's Mask and Wind Waker are personal favorites of mine!) Thanks again for the support!
  5. Hello all! I had the idea recently to combine two of my favorite things, Talisman and The Legend of Zelda. It seemed like it would be a great fit! After working on it for some time I am ready to show the world the 104 card adventure deck I completed. The cards in roughly the same proportions as they appeared in the original base game Adventure deck. So you can use these cards alone as their own Adventure deck for the game, or you can mix them up with other sets if you want to. Inspiration was mostly drawn from the original NES game, with a little bit of Ocarina of Time mixed in for good measure. I originally planned to make a set of spells and/or character cards to go with these too, and I might still do that if I feel like it or if demand is high enough. For viewing convenience, I uploaded all the cards to an imgur gallery that you can find here. Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear feedback on them as I've yet to try and print them out to play with them. If anybody else is interested in doing so, feel free to ask and when I finish compiling all of the cards into a printable document I will let you know. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it coming from you.
  7. Hey everyone! I have recently got into Talisman big time, and I decided I wanted to create a faster and easier way to randomize which characters and alternate endings we used each game. So I made a randomizer app to do so! You can find it in the google play store here. It supports all of the existing official expansions, as well as the characters introduced by the Digital Edition of the game. It will randomize game set-up, hiding or revealing the ending depending on the card and the user's preferences. It also allows you to press a button when a character dies during the game to get the next character for that player or reveal the current ending. Feel free to leave me feedback however you'd like if there is something missing you would like to see included! I can't promise I will be able to add everything but I will try to update the app with new features if there is a feature that becomes widely requested. Thanks!
  8. I would agree with this interpretation, that this rule is only in effect for this particular ending. Nothing on the original ending card or the original rule book mentions not being able to heal once the Crown of Command has been reached, to my knowledge. There's no such thing as "original ending card" unless you mean a page from rulebook or default ending card from Cataclysm. Yes there is. I referenced it earlier in the thread, and you can find it on the Talisman FFG Website under Player Resources (here). It is also what the Digital Edition uses when the original ending is chosen.
  9. So this alt ending says you can't heal when someone is on CoC. That pretty much dictates that normally you can heal. I would agree with this interpretation, that this rule is only in effect for this particular ending. Nothing on the original ending card or the original rule book mentions not being able to heal once the Crown of Command has been reached, to my knowledge.
  10. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is correct. I have never heard that the original or any other ending doesn't allow healing after a player reaches the crown. Only that if they die, they don't come back with a new character. Can you please point out where it says that in the rules, because I've just checked again and I don't see it. Thanks!
  11. I know people can get a new character when they die, we play this way as well. But usually once a player has reached the Crown of Command any player who dies does not come back until there is only one left, which is the issue we are discussing here. I got curious as to how the digital edition handles this and played a rigged game against myself to find out. Turns out, it does it yet another way that hasn't been discussed yet. It doesn't seem to turn on the permanent death once a player has reached the crown if the ending is something like the Eagle King. I made it to the Eagle King, lost, and then ran around until one of us died, and it still re-spawned that player with a new character next turn. So it seems to think that the correct ruling here is that the alternate ending ALSO overrides the permanent death activation that happens with the original ending, unless otherwise stated. This is very strange to me because the alternate ending card for the original Crown of Command ending makes no mention of the "whenever a character dies he no longer respawns with a new character next turn" rule, and this rule is definitely not listed as part of the ending in the main game rulebook, it is listed under the "Losing All Lives" section like a hard and fast rule: The Frostmarch rulebook also mentions this as one of the rules that still applies even when playing with alternate endings, which also seems to imply that the Digital Edition is just wrong: The rules seem very clear about this to me, so i wonder why the Digital Edition was implemented the way it was. Maybe because they too thought it would be silly to have one single player left running around while everyone else watched? Who knows.
  12. We always played with the rule that the last man standing wins, but since we started adding in Alternate Endings to our games, we began to question whether this was ALWAYS the case or only the case with the base ending... to my surprised I was unable to find anywhere in the base game rule book that described this simple rule of what to do if only one player is left in the game! The thing is, while it was not very common to have the player at the Crown of Command be killed while another player was not at the Crown of Command using only the base game ending, it was still possible, so I was surprised to not see that case covered in the rule book (unless I missed it!) But with these Alternate endings like Demon Lord and Eagle King we have had players die at the Crown of Command several times. My question is, if there is only one other player left remaining after that (due to the perma-death being activated once any player has reached the Crown), does that player win? Or does that player still need to travel all the way to the Crown of Command, and possibly even lose to the Eagle King or Demon Lord, creating an ending where no player wins and everybody loses? It seemed awkward to have to have multiple people sit and watch as one player goes about playing the game on his own for what could be quite some time just to try to defeat the Ending, but like I said, I saw nowhere in the rule book that outright states the last player standing wins. So have we been playing this wrong? Please point us in the right direction! Thanks!
  13. Thank you, that clears things up quite a bit! I appreciate it.
  14. That helps with the first question. Thanks! Does that mean if the Grave Digger draws close shop that he is supposed to discard everything to the bottom? Is he the one discarding them if he is the one choosing the order? And does the Closed Shop card get discarded before or after all the place cards on the board? My gut says after, it I don't know.
  15. Thanks for trying to help with my rules question. It is very unfortunate that there appears to be no official answers. My group changes between 2 and 4 people, usually 3, but I think the game with the Grave Digger in it was actually a 2 player one. It was also the Sacred Pool ending using the reaper and the city and the dungeon (and blood moon of course). We don't have any of the other expansions yet. The Grave Digger did win in this particular case, but it was an extremely close race at the finish where the other player was only one space behind me on the Valley of Fire when I reached the crown. I don't know if it's enough to call it a good character or not yet, but getting the witch's broom early was a nice boon as it meant I could do my digging at the graveyard almost every other turn. That only probably helped out quite a lot!
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