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  1. jlittle576

    Let's share some good rebel lists

    Based in placings so far, 4-ship rebels is the strongest archetype, followed by trip Torp. Common pilots for 4-ship are Jan, Wedge, Sabine, Norra, and Luke. I do like Ten Numb, but the only low PS uniques that are competitive are so because their econ is stupid-good, e.g. Sabine and 4-LOM doing effectively 3 actions per turn. Ten's single "free" action, even as a coordinate, unfortunately does not make the cut.
  2. jlittle576

    Are veteran card packs still a thing?

    What has FFG actually said? Was it just "Veteran players will not need to buy ship models they already own to get the upgrades." , or did they explicitly mention single-ship upgrade packs at some point?
  3. jlittle576

    Happy Friday - Let's talk B-Wings

    blue squadron / AdvSen / x4 / git good
  4. jlittle576

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Sabine shuttle is comparable to Wedge value-wise, if not better
  5. jlittle576

    worst ship in the game - E-Wing

    Empty sensor slot is more common than AS on competitive level defender builds.
  6. jlittle576

    Best talent upgrade on Boba?

    Debris Gambit has become the "standard" option with Han load outs, in my option and according ListFortress, for what those are worth. It stays turned on pretty often, and the odds of it being the optimal action are fairly high. I think its slightly worse on PerCo where you're often better off doing a standard double focus and not having to stress clear next round. Nothing is fine as well. Fearless is ok but the proc rate (it being both usable and you actually needing to use it after mods) is a tad low considering the amount of times you're trying to get shots out the rear and the mods you already have rolling out the front at R1. This is assuming you have Han, Fearless gets better without Han due to increased chance of no tokens.
  7. jlittle576

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Must have got Nordics mixed up with UKTC
  8. jlittle576

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Anybody have details on the Wedge BBB list that went 4-1?
  9. jlittle576

    Homing missiles, how have they been working for everybody?

    Not having tokens OR having tokens can be used later if they take 1, that's more common a case. Running HM and not Juke on Rexler is... ill advised.
  10. jlittle576

    Homing missiles, how have they been working for everybody?

    Not really. The problem is with how good Juke is (which you definitely run on Rexler) you're almost always better off taking the Juke shot. If they don't have tokens and you're Juking, you're more likely to do 2 damage than miss, so you take a primary shot. If they have no shields, tokens and 3+ green die and a focus, HM does offer increased chance of landing a hit, but if they take 1 and use that token later, you've likely lost your gains.
  11. jlittle576

    How to loadout BBBB

    Dash says "while you move, you ignore obstacles". CD says "After you move...if you spend...ignore until end of round.." so maybe it doesn't trigger However, in the Obstacles sections, its lists 3 "effects" of obstacles and obstruction is not one of them, so maybe it obstruction is not considered a "obstacle effect"
  12. jlittle576

    How to loadout BBBB

    Yeah, this. By not spending the charge you get the extra offensive (trick shot) die and defensive die in exchange for a stress and 1/8 chance of damage. A small net dice advantage (considering the red focus you could have don if you had not hit), I assume the real benefit would lie in increased squad positioning flexibility. In other cases, you may just clear the debris field with the BR, and in others (with rocks) you will want to spend the charge (spent charges don't turn off ability to ignore with BR) Probably you just make a cluster of debris in the middle and have your squad hang around it, occasionally hitting it, trying to maximize obstructed attacks/defenses.
  13. jlittle576

    How to loadout BBBB

    Yeah, I was feeling a bit meh about FCS due to low PS and a slight preference of focus action (being linked to BR). But the other option I was considering was Hull Upgrade, which is probably more meh, so maybe FCS is the answer. That is interesting, may try both! With CD you can just sit on debris and trigger trick shot, eh? Wanted consistent PS squad so maneuvering doesn't get screwed after K turns, but that is a good looking Ten build.
  14. jlittle576

    How to loadout BBBB

    Not expecting it to be S-tier, but want to fly BBBB as a casual list. Blues with AS? Blades with Selfless and ?? I saw Wedge + 3 Blades went 4-1 at UKTC, anybody know how that was loaded out? [First person to say Uwings are more efficient gets shot]
  15. jlittle576

    How do Scorpion reliably gain honor?

    You are contradicting yourself here. The ability helps a tonne, its the best honor steal in the game. When I feel honor pressure I drop to biding 3 and its very hard to dishonor scorp out with 3 bid and 4-5 honor. The other way to effectively gain honor is to pressure their hand to make them need to bid higher while bolstering yours so you don't have (all the time anyway). When feeling honor pressure: Policy Debate > Earth ring > Fire Ring (juicy target) > Air Ring > Liar > Storehouse > Niece (to cycle out dead cards like assassination) > Fire Ring (poor target) Not a big fan of blackmail artist. He seems like an obvious choice but rarely works out in my experience. Spies is good too but I can't find room for it.