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  1. This seems to be more or less the same system as the Star Wars RPGs. As there are not many Star Wars supplements announced anymore (Ghosts of Dathomir (FaD) being printed but taking forever, Fully Operational (AoR) "arriving soon" without being printed yet) I'm wondering if this is meant to be a more generic replacement or is there more Star Wars material to come as well?
  2. There are two different profiles for the Firespray-class system patrol craft printed in the Beginner Game and the Core Rulebook. The one in the Beginner Game is for a customized model and comes equipped with concussion missile launchers (probably as known from the Slave I in Attack of the Clones) instead of the light tractor beam projector of the stock model. Forthermore its passanger (/prisoner) capacity is only 4 instead of the regular 6 and it is available for 40,000 credits, costing half of its stock counterpart. I would like to know why that model is so much cheaper and how to best incorporate the difference into gameplay (story-wise). Where are the different versions available? Do the concussion missile launchers require the extra space originally meant for two prisoners? What would it cost to re-modify such a ship to return it to stock specifics later selling it for twice its price? etc. Thanks for any ideas.
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