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  1. Have you figured on how crafting works, or do you still have questions? I don't know if there's a rulebook available. EDIT: The Talisman facebook page just linked to this guide, which should have all the info you need.
  2. Hopefully some of you have been able to play with the DE's Clockwork Kingdoms. I've been mulling over ideas on how to incorporate it into Clockwork City. The City would obviously replace Cog, and most of the Adventure cards would be folded into the Clockwork Deck, while a few off-theme cards might go elsewhere (I think the Animate Room, for example, would fit better in the Dungeon or City decks). The real challenge though is what to do with the Inventions. The DE can get away with having an indeterminate number of generated Objects with other cards that can create copies of those, but that doesn't work well in a physical format. One thing I'm considering is to just have blank invention cards, and have the players right down the effects of their materials with an erasable marker, but I'm open to other ideas.
  3. Discarding or ditching may work. I did just realize one complication that would come of this. The Sun Talisman in my Atlantis set won't work anymore. How could do I that to myself?
  4. Took a bit longer than expected with the Woodland, but I just sent it and the Dungeon off, along with a little bonus. Hopefully they'll be up on Talisman Island soon.
  5. You obviously need a Talisman to walk through the Valley of Fire at the end of the game. But if they can protect you from the otherwise impenetrable Valley of Fire, then surely they could also protect you from the Firelands that pop up around the board if the Ifrit are invading. While this makes the fireland tokens a bit less dangerous, it also makes Talismans a valuable and useful resource earlier in the game. Currently, if I get one too early, I just ditch it because they're not all that hard to come by (thanks, Warlock!). Might there be any unforeseen consequences to adding this rule?
  6. Biraell reminded me that I never actually sent this one off to TalismanIsland! I've corrected that mistake. Hopefully Jon will have it up soon enough. EDIT: Didn't take long at all. Here is the link. Thanks, Jon! Since there's some thematic overlap with the upcoming Clockwork Kingdom expansion for the Digital Edition, I may end up doing an expansion-expansion to merge some elements of Clockwork Kingdom into the Clockwork City. I'll need to figure how to handle Inventions in a physical medium though.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out! I don't know how I missed it. Here's a corrected version:
  8. The City has been sent off to Talisman Island. The Woodland is next, but might be more than a week to finish that up.
  9. I've finally gotten around to making good progress on this, so part 1, the Highland, is on its way to Talisman Island now. The City should probably be ready next weekend, and hopefully the Woodland and Dungeon won't be too far behind that. Since you will be able to see all the Highland cards soon enough, here are 2 for the City that I'd love to have someone else weigh in on. Not sure about the balancing on them.
  10. Have you considered making the Black Knight space more like the Black Knight Denizen? Basically giving the option to pay him to go kill other people for you (assuming he doesn't come after you for failing to pay).
  11. Now that Souls has been out for a while, any chance we'll be seeing the templates soon?
  12. If you master making new corner regions, I may have to enlist your help. I've got a corner I've been wanting since pre-Woodland days, but actually making the board is daunting.
  13. I'd agree with your on this. Personally, I've always felt that the Sentinel is just an annoying roadblock that doesn't add anything to the game. The Middle Region has its own challenges with the Deserts, Chasm, and Runes - it doesn't need a gatekeeper to block players who want to try their luck there.
  14. I do the same thing with my character cards and endings. It works well enough for my purposes.
  15. If a character has no symbol next to their icon, they're from the base game. All the expansions have a unique symbol. In this case, the head is for the Digitial Edition exclusive characters like the Exorcist, Pirate, and Black Witch. They're mostly updated versions of characters from prior editions of the game.
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