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  1. I like it since it does limit your opponent to that just one attack that turn. True it also limits you as well but you know that you are going to play this card and your opponent doesn't.
  2. Same here for me. Though the conflict decks are sleeved with Red Sleeves.
  3. Now this might need a FAQ since I do not think Reprieve would keep them in play.
  4. Mainly I am Dragon Clan but would want to have decks for every Clan. Like many others the main problem is having enough of the neutral cards. I just might get some more Core Sets or buy more cards off of Ebay.
  5. Because it really not that great of a Holding. It has several conditions that need to be met in order for it to work. First you Opponent needs to have more characters than you, second one of them needs to have Fate on them. I would drop the Otomo Courtiers, the Seppun Guardsman and the Seekers plus consider no more than two Holdings Max for now. Bring all of the Dragon Characters up to three each and until we get more Dragon Characters run three of the Wandering Ronin. Sure he cost more than the above neutral Characters but he does not have any of their limitations.
  6. He is okay and against certain Clans will not really be all that useful. Since he can only pick from the Topmost Event card.
  7. Well there would be one since we are talking about a Unicorn Stronghold.
  8. True but until FFG puts in the ability to move from one Province to another, which they may never do, the Cavalry ability is not too great.
  9. It only works in one type of Conflict. It provides +0 to the province so at best it has a Province Strength of 5, which is horrible. It can only move only one Cavalry Character 10 Honor is not very good; go for the big draw first turn and you are down by 3-4 Honor than you play an Assassination and you are down to around 6-7 Honor. So sitting on 3-4 Honor and Phoenix or Scorpion will Dishonor your Characters and before you know it you are at "0" Honor and have lost the game. No Golden Plains Outpost really not that good.
  10. Oh and there were just not that many Unicorn Players. Here is how the top 30 breakout by Clan Phoenix - 7 Crab, Dragon & Scorpion - 5 each Crane - 4 Lion - 3 Unicorn - 0 Individuals just are going with the FOTM which is Phoenix and more likely Phoenix Dishonor splashing Scorpion. Their opponents are forgetting that in this version of L5R you can lose Honor far faster than you can gain it and are not paying attention to what their Honor is at and Phoenix is making them pay.
  11. They are just not there at the moment. They have the worst Stronghold They can do okay in Military Conflicts but not so well in Political. But Golden Plains Outpost is like the Outpost in "Dances with Wolves" only thing is it is... Worst
  12. Problem it is not as good as you think it is. Smart players do not bid high when playing against Crane or Lion. Smart players think of other ways to draw cards.
  13. Guys, Most players are not going for the big Card Draw on turn one. In my area the players that I know go for no more than 2. But winning by Honor is still possible it just going to take you a bit longer than the first turn. But remember one thing a Conflict deck built around Honor Winning is going to have some problems in Conflicts. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account. Your card draw Your cards in Provinces Your opponent's cards in draw and in Provinces. Even being able to change out your initial cards might not be enough. Plus as the new cards come out everything changes.
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