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  1. Hawkwing

    MC 75 promo card

    I'd also like to trade for such a card if anyone would part with their copy 😁
  2. Hawkwing

    Slicer tools

    'You' refers to the ship owner. So if you use slicer tools on an enemy ship, you get to set the new dial - not your opponent.
  3. Hawkwing

    What is the one ship you hate playing against?

    Demo. It always has a tremendous effect on the game
  4. Hawkwing

    Acrylic Command Tokens

    How many different types are there currently and are all of the individual tokens "released" (e.g. transparent Concentrate Fire command token).
  5. Hawkwing

    q2 kits

    "Fans of Star Wars: Armada tend to be dreamers". Yeah, it's no secret we dream about the game - or when the next wave will be announced
  6. I think the idea is going second and farming tokens, forcing his opponents to get close to him. This would be tricky if he goes first though
  7. Hawkwing

    2 MJJ Cymoons

    Highroll all the way
  8. Hawkwing

    Why not Avenger & Sloane?

    Same here - every time I play against a Sloane fleet it includes a BTAvenger : /
  9. Hawkwing

    The Armored Cruiser

    Also a very viable option ☺ but I am taking HIE into account. There is no need to keep proccing this effect when there are no shields remaining. That is why I am furthering the point that HIE + ACM is more safe than HIE, XX-9 and FCT, As Ovino suggested ☺
  10. Hawkwing

    The Armored Cruiser

    I typically run a 87 point squadron setup consisting of: Shara, Tycho, 2x VCX & 2x HWK. If I am player two, I usually play the fish farm objectives and use the squads very defensively. If going first, I still keep the squads close and only launch them at a target IF I also can manage to fire a couple of shots with the Cruiser. As you point out though, Sato only works with squads, so if they are gunned down, you basically lost your admiral. But the good thing is that Tycho and Shara are usually tough to bring down. Moreover, the two VCX also take quite a few shots to bring down - all of this is just meant to buy your Cruiser more time to finish its job and move on. One thing that I struggle with is bringing more than one threat with this fleet, though. The Cruiser + Sato + Squads are mandatory to my list, so a secondary threat is difficult to include. My secondary threat for now consists of an Admonition with ACM or Salvation (depending on mood)
  11. Hawkwing

    The Armored Cruiser

    I did say "typical loadout" right? I've made the Fire Control Team combo work ONCE and it was worth it :b But I really prefer the "safer" alternative for consistency
  12. Hawkwing

    The Armored Cruiser

    Now, I am only speaking from my OWN experience (subjective analysis ahead) I just need to get this off of my chest: Initially, I thought that the new MC-75 Ordnance Cruiser was the only viable option of the two in regards to dishing out massive amounts of damage. I turned out that I was horribly wrong. Please let me know how you typically use your MC-75 and the amount of succes that you have had with it! I will first present the loadout I typically use for the Armored Cruiser below and then discuss it a bit: [ flagship ] MC75 Armored Cruiser (104 points)- Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Damage Control Officer ( 5 points) - Caitken and Shollan ( 6 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Heavy Ion Emplacements ( 9 points) - Assault Concussion Missiles ( 7 points) Most notably, Sato is commanding this vessel and it has therefore been outfitted with both Assault Concussion Missiles (ACM) and Heavy Ion Emplacements (HIE). The idea is that I use Sato to swap two dice to blue dice when entering combat with another ship so that the chance of proccing HIE increases. Even at long range, dealing two damage will actually result in three shields being removed in addition to the two damage. At medium range, such an attack becomes even more devastating. When there are no more shields, Sato can be used to swap two dice for black dice and start working on proccing ACM to remove whatever hull remains. This is also the reason for not using X17 as the goal is to completely render the use of Redirect redundant. I find that this setup actually gets the job done more rapidly than the Ordnance Cruiser, despite the Ordnance boasting two Ordnance slots. Especially against large ships, stripping away 3 shields without being able to mitigate the damage is bonkers, according to my own experience. The most difficult aspect is positioning and navigating the ship to its intended target and delivering the payload. In some cases, I have torn down an ISD in two turns while at other times I merely wound a large ship as it escaped me for the rest of the game. The lack of yaw can is a significant drawback of this ship, unsurprisingly and needs to be factored when commanding the Armored Cruiser in battle. Has anyone else tried the Armored Cruiser in all it's glory and what experiences do you have commanding or fighting against it?
  13. Hawkwing

    Armada is dead

    #armada4life But I also enjoy some forbidden stars and pandemic once in a while
  14. Hawkwing

    Raddus dies

    And it counts as destroyed for the purpose of scoring
  15. Hawkwing

    First time flying Sato

    If you want to try something else than the Sato Ordnance Cruiser, try the Sato Armored Cruiser! And here's why: You can include both Heavy Ion Emplacements (HIE) and Assault Concussion Missiles (ACM). Include Caitlynn and Shannon and you have one set of rerollable dice per round. Now, you might be wondering about the effectiveness of this setup - but I'm here to clear any doubt of your mind! When a ship has full shields, you trade two dice to blue dice so that you can increase the odds of proccing HIE. In other words, you start tearing down shields insanely fast. Now, when you've torn through all shields, you start trading two dice for black dice so that you increase the chances of proccing ACM! Initially, I thought Sato would only be viable with the Ordnance Cruiser, but I actually found that the Armored Cruiser could take large ships down way quicker. For added fun, you can Profundity a Hammerhead with ER and Garel's Honor