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  1. @CaribbeanNinja? Maybe @BrobaFett or @Visovics? @MandalorianMoose? Any of you guys interested in a campaign game?
  2. Teaser. With a lack of turbo, at least we have confirmed that either you or Cal are mafia. . . At this point, I feel as if there are no decent arguments against voting you, so: ##vote Jabbawookie
  3. The more I think about it, the less I think it likely that scum would skip the night kill. If they had killed a townie, the surviving 2 town members would not have been able to lynch scum, and so they could ensure stalemates during the day and kills at night. Now, we might lynch a scum. Why would they jeprodize their chance at victory? Therefore I intend to vote Jabba. If anybody (other than Jabba, obviously) objects, please let me know. I intend to block Caldias tonight, so if there is a death, at least we'll know that he didn't perform the kill. The scary thought occurs to me that I am indeed the only power role. . . obviously that would mean that Mad is lying, but should I die tonight and Jabba be town, we know that Cal didn't do it and there are still 2 scum. This of course is useless info at the time it would be made known, but I felt I ought to mention it. . .
  4. Well, I am almost positive that 2 of you 3 are scum. So, lynching any of you gives us pretty good odds. I am inclined to lynch you in the order of Jabba, Cal, and LP, due to the roleblock result. Still, we know scum didn't jump on the Cal vote, so. . .
  5. Or, the mafia didn't perform a kill, so as to spread confusion.
  6. Whom did you protect? You might have been the lucky guesser. Whoa there. Just in case you are wrong, we don't want scum piling in and messing it up.
  7. Well, with so little time left, and everybody having claimed who is able to, I think we might as well vote. I am not fully convinced of the validity of anybody's claim, but as no further questioning will, I think, bring anything new to light, I shall ##vote @LTD and hope for the best.
  8. So, assuming all claims heretofore are truthful, town has 5 vanillas, a babysitter and a roleblocker. What would scum have?
  9. @Lord Preyer your claim is requested. If we don't hear from before the time is nearly up, I shall likely vote you.
  10. No need to force. I am a town roleblocker. I blocked Cal night 1 and Mad night 2, which us why I was asking - if Mad was lying, he might not have done an action.
  11. I doubt it. 4 town, 4 to lynch. Still, if you and Cal are telling the truth, then it would be either LP and LTD, LTD and Jabba, or LP and Jabba. There is a 1/3 possibility that LP is scum. Unfortunately there is no way to verify either of your claims. I was hoping that, had you been blocked, you would have been notified, and thus the blocker would confirm your stories.
  12. Hmm. Well that's disappointing. I am prepared to claim, but I would prefer it if @Caldias and @Lord Preyer did so first. For now, I am willing to accept Mad's claim. ##unvote ##vote Caldias
  13. I assume you weren't blocked in any way? If you were, that would be helpful in knowing what other roles are out there.
  14. Except that you told me D2 that the LP push was 'obviously' scum engineered. Was that only obvious after nightfall? You made it seem that it was obvious at the time, which was partly why you didn't vote him. And yet, did you say so? No. I would have expected you to at least state that the case against him was weak and being pushed by scum, and then go after those voting him with rather a lot more pressure than you seemed to have done. Essentially, you didn't have to defend him as a player (how could you, without having any past actions to go by?), but you could easily have defended him as a target of an 'obviously' scum train.
  15. I had, earlier. That was merely a recapitulation. However, if you insist: 1) Mad - I suspect you most of all, because of what were, in my mind, poor and unsatisfying answers to my questions, which raised more suspicions than they squelched. Additionally, you have been pushing most for those I suspected least, and have consistently been shown to be mistaken. Furthermore, your methods leave something to be desired. You bring attention to lynch victims, insinuating suspicions of them, but await others to make the first move in most cases, and then claim to be clear of blame in their deaths, whereas it was based on your arguments that they were lynched. Finally you, like Cal below, voted Clon ostensibly as a result of an edit. I am staggered that that would be considered worth voting. It seems more likely that you both were attempting to vote for the one who needed one less vote to lynch.* 2) @Caldias - I suspect him due to the no-lynch result of D1, which was down to his actions (or lack thereof). I do know whether he was trying to save Preyer or not, but either way his actions have caused me to have doubts regarding his allegiance. 3) @LTD - I suspect him because of his lack of content, helpful or otherwise, and the habit of merely stating what is obvious when he does post (such as his 'It appears a train is forming on clon' post). Additionally, it seems likely that the scum may try to pursue a policy whereby one of their members is active, and the other not, so as to keep one or the other under the radar and out of general attention. LTD could easily fit the description of a 'silent partner'. 3) @Lord Preyer - I suspect him due to his D1 behavior, though I am willing to let that slide, as well as his possible connection to other potential scum, such as Caldias above (if Cal tried to save him, could it be as a scum buddy?). 4) @The Jabbawookie - I can't say that I really suspect him too much, though his attempt at fishing has me partially concerned. Also, like LP, process of elimination implies that, if Mad and Cal are not both scum, he may be the second partner. *Why did you desire to redirect pressure from LP so late in the day, after having not really bothered about his defense? To me, it seems that either one or the other of you was town, unknowingly colluding with scum, or there are indeed 3 scum present and LP is the third. Both of these seem weak to me, but as I can't take the edit as a serious reason to vote somebody, I am struggling to find an answer. If, however, one of you was indeed town, then I am willing to concede that it was probably you, as Cal was the one whose vote was needed to finish off LP.
  16. Indeed, I have already given my reads in response to LP above. The order is: 1) Mad 2) Cal 3) LTD 4) LP 5) Jabba
  17. Ever since I first voted Mad, he has been my prime suspect. I only unvoted him to hammer clon in order to forestall a no-lynch scenario. I would have preferred to keep my vote on Mad.
  18. The "step back from mad" didn't happen. I hammered clon (unhappily) to avoid a no lynch scenario. At the earliest possibility I voted Mad again (your "resurrection"). Isn't that miss lynch and lose? If we didn't vote (not that I am advocating that) it would be 3 v 2 tomorrow, with 3 needed to lynch. This is assuming, of course, that there are only 2 scum.
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