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  1. We can roll with that, if people want. The only problem is that the Republic would have no reason to go beyond 451 points worth of stuff. . .
  2. Hyperpings at: Anaxes, Cato Neimoidia, Coruscant, Christophsis, Bespin, Dathomir, Daveron, Jabim, Khorm, Kuat, ds Kuat, Malastare, Mimban, Onderon, Utapau, ds Umbara 251 points of CIS fleet engage 20 points of Republic fleet over Cato Neimoidia. -10 CIS advantage. A 3 is rolled and converted into a -5. The Republic fleet is obliterated. 20 points of Republic Fleet engage 181 points of CIS fleet over Mimban. +8 CIS advantage. A 7 is rolled and converted into a 15. The Republic fleet is obliterated. Anaxes has fallen to the Republic. Please let me know if I missed anything. Awaiting Orders from: @The Jabbawookie @LTD @Ling27 @Npmartian @clontroper5 @Matt3412 @FortyInRed @Bertie Wooster
  3. The following is similar to what clon suggests, but a slightly different take: Have any of you played the Galeforce 9's game Tanks? In it, each tank has x amount of attack dice, health, and defence dice. In an attack, the attacker rolls the attack dice, and only 4-6 counts as hits. The defender rolls his defence dice, and 4-6s counter the equivalent number of attacking 4-6 results. There is some extra rules about the significance of the number and in what order they are cancelled, but I think the system overall is similar to the one you propose. Now, attack and defence dice can be annoying (see, from what I hear, X-Wing) but the principle of attacking with x amount of dice and having only certain results count makes sense. We could either have defence dice, which makes battles a little more complected for the GM but not for the players, or just attack dice and compensate for the lack of defence dice with less numbers counting (only 6s?). If so, we can then add boosts, e.g. for Warships 5s also count.
  4. OK. So standard Risk ground combat rules for future games. No advantage to either side, lest we unbalance the system. There may still be a little bit of wiggle room to differentiate the DF and CF, but I can't think of anything that will not swing results one way or the other. Some hard thinking will be required to balance out the ships. We could make them equal to each other, but that will lead to identical game play. I noticed that in previous games the Rebels were the most popular as a result of being cheaper. That seems to be affecting the Republic here as well. But inevitably one side will have cheaper units, so the question is how are we going to compensate the players who pay more for their units? I would imagine a greater abundance of effects or boost to said effects is worthy of consideration. No boosted shipyards.
  5. If that is everybody's wish. I do know that I have seen battles won and lost that shouldn't have had the result they did, on both sides. If we were to scrap and patch, what changes do you recommend? Even ground forces? Clones that win ties but cheaper droids with a higher garrison?
  6. I am not particularly keen on making such major changes mid way through. And, as Matt points out, it is to a large extent dependant on luck.
  7. I have orders from: @Matt3412 @FortyInRed @clontroper5 @Bertie Wooster @The Jabbawookie @LTD @Ling27 Waiting on: @Npmartian
  8. Turn 7 may now begin. Awaiting Orders from: @The Jabbawookie @LTD @Ling27 @Npmartian @clontroper5 @Matt3412 @FortyInRed @Bertie Wooster
  9. Hyperpings at Ando, Anaxes, ds Anaxes, Cartao, ds Cato Neimoidia, Coruscant, Dathmoir, Geonosis, Skipio, ds Kashyyyk, Kuat, Mandalore, Mimban, Ryloth, Umbara 500 points of Republic Fleet encounter 469 points of CIS Fleet over Kuat. -1 Republic's advantage. A 7 is rolled and converted into a 6. The Republic suffers 1 VC1 scarred and 2 NU class Shuttles destroyed. The CIS suffer 1 RcB, 1 Trifighter and 1 Sheathipede destroyed. The CIS must retreat. 311 points of CIS Fleet engage 302 points of Republic Fleet over Coruscant. -1 CIS advantage. A 5 is rolled and converted into a 4. The Republic loses 1 PelM and 1 VC2 scarred and 1 PelC destroyed. The CIS loses 1 PrD scarred. The Republic must retreat. Coruscant has been bombarded and lost 2 Production, being reduced from 30 to 28. Coruscant is under blockade by the CIS. The CIS bombard Dathomir, wiping out the garrison. The planet is now neutral. Mandalore has fallen to the Republic. Awaiting Orders from: @The Jabbawookie @LTD @Ling27 @Npmartian @clontroper5 @Matt3412 @FortyInRed @Bertie Wooster
  10. I have orders from: @FortyInRed @Matt3412 @LTD @Npmartian @clontroper5 @Ling27 @Bertie Wooster @The Jabbawookie
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