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  1. It will indeed. Transfer 63 credits to clontroper5. @The Jabbawookie we will immediately begin transferring the raider to H. It needs to make two jumps, so expect it in 2 turns.
  2. @clontroper5 you haven't responded yet. Could you, so that we can finalize our orders?
  3. I have encountered no difficulty I cannot overcome. Due to the proximity to Ava, some people are overly resistant to the Crown Prince's authority. We would welcome your craft at Diomedes gladly. A summer home is being built which ought to accommodate you nicely. We request you stay away from Ion and Warning, however, as due to the above mentioned issues the citizens may become restive at your presence. We need a little longer to convince the last holdouts of disbelief. We get along quite well with our neighbors. Regarding peace in the Sector, it seems that things are largely quieting down. A mutual treaty of defense would go far to ensure peace, I believe, similar to that which I have with the FUNK.
  4. @clontroper5 - are you selling the raider for 68 credits then?
  5. It's not mentioned in the rules. Selling stuff was something Matt improvised last game that we rolled with. Currently, you can't make vessels of other factions, but you can buy them.
  6. It would be 68 credits next turn, minus the 5 credit bonus for your cartography project, or (4 GF and 16 credits) on turn 6, also minus the 5. So: my offer was 68, but I also am letting you come to D for your map, which you offered 5 credits for. Instead of you paying me 5 credits, I am deducting that from the price of the raider, meaning I pay you 63 credits and you save 5. Since you offered a discount of 13 credits per GF, I offered 4 GF, at discount o6 (4*13) which leaves 16. Again, since you are visiting D, there's a discount, so ultimately I am transferring 11 credits and 4 GF. See above. I would profit 5 credits from the cash deal and 16 from the GF deal, including fuel costs in the calculation. It's the easy money. I am fine with it going straight to you, but it must pass through D as it does so.
  7. @clontroper5 I can pay you 68 credits next turn (turn 4), or 4 GFs (for a 4*13 = 52 credit reduction) and 16 credits on turn 6, delivery/exchange to be done over Diomedes.
  8. Me too. It just started (barely) working now after ~16 hours. 504, and it still has it for some pages. . .
  9. Hmm. I will not have sufficient GFs available to make a difference for a couple of turns, pending a reply from LTD about something. So at the earliest I can pay you by next turn in cash, or the turn after in GFs, hopefully. I will get back to you.
  10. How much of a reduction per GF?
  11. Unfortunately 68 is as high as we can go. We are willing to buy it for 68 and sell it to you for 70 though.
  12. No, like a royal emissary respecting the request of a friend to have a longer time to prepare the reception that is your due. Think of it as camping without the walls whilst the pavilion is being set up and the oxen spitted ere your triumphal entry into the palace proper.
  13. You could just jump to deep space TC for the turn.