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  1. That leaves me with 2 Artillery, 3 Cavalry, and 10 Infantry, you with 3 Cavalry, and @LTD with 2 Artillery and 1 Infantry.
  2. Ok. That leaves 2 Cavalry and 5 Infantry. I'll take 1 Cavalry and 4 Infantry, leaving: 1 Cavalry and 1 Infantry.
  3. Ok. So then before I go there is 2 Artillery, 4 Cavalry, and 8 Infantry left. I'll take 1 Artillery, 1 Cavalry, and 3 Infantry again, leaving: 1 Artillery, 3 Cavalry, and 5 Infantry.
  4. I am pretty sure it is. That leaves 3 Artillery, 4 Cavalry, and 7 Infantry. I think @LTD wants 1 Artillery and 1 Cavalry, leaving 2/3/7. I think his 'locking in' preferences above was so that we can proceed without him should he be unavailable. Should we continue with selection, or wait for him to post?
  5. We'll take 1 Artillery, 1 Cavalry, and 3 infantry. That leaves: 3 Artillery, 5 Cavalry, 8 Infantry.
  6. You won't believe what they bid! Their competitors were shocked when they revealed their bid. . . You think you know how much the Greedy Nobles bid? Guess again. . . For more click-bait headlines, please pay gold.
  7. Will it be posted later, for those unable to listen to it live?
  8. Yes. My 3 threes and my pairs (2 Kings, 2 Jacks). That should leave me just a Queen, right? I've sort of lost track. I can't do the math for how many coins that is right now. I'll have my movement orders in by this evening.
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