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  1. @Aurin you are absolutely welcome to do so, if Caizu is keen she can have a very anti-alien dude who maybe super hates aliens (particularly Chiss) due to Thrawn and a spurned ex?
  2. In one of the games I am a part of, we've had Inquisitors who can solo the entire party in brutally efficient form. We're also over 1000 exp now. There's currently a set of Inquisitors running around who each have a specialization - the "Paladin" is more defensive than the Soresu Guardian PC and hits a lot harder. Basically, they're are strong as you want them to be. And they can be terrifyingly strong.
  3. @Aurin Either that, or in his time wandering the galaxy after the destruction of Mroma. Captain Thero Treddeks Something of a legend in the Imperial Navy, Captain Treddeks came to galactic fame as the man who put down a pirate incursion using nothing but a single Raider Corvette and a squadron of four TIE Interceptors. Tales are still told of his tactical prowess, a man whose strategies have, at times, rivaled those of the deadly Thrawn. Ever in the Chiss' shadow, and ever a humanity-first believer, Thero has made a number of friends and enemies within the Empire and without due to his ruthless ways of carrying out commands. Only in his mid-thirties, Thero continues to strive higher within the Imperial war machine, determined to command fleets as an Admiral, or perhaps even go further still and gain the title of Moff; along with the modest planetary holdings that go with it, of course. Hidden from all but the highest elements of the ISB and Imperial Naval Command is the story of Captain Treddeks' youth. A vicious and relentless boy who grew up on the streets of Coruscant, Thero made himself known as a brutal gang enforcer and someone who would salt the earth in his wake after putting down threats to his turf. After realizing cartel life could only take him so far, the young man enrolled in the Naval Academy, distinguishing himself to his trainers as a man with nothing to lose and a penchant for the extreme. Channeling this rage and brutality took some time, but the result was worth it. Thero is a man who will stop at nothing to win, and always has backup plan on backup plan to ensure his victory. Race: Human Location: 325th Fleet - Star Destroyer Noble Fury Organization: Galactic Empire Threatens/Supports: The galaxy, the Rebel Alliance, Grand Admiral Thrawn, any aliens, The Empire's image at times What can he do: Command military units, both fleets of ships and ground assaults What do they need: A way to bump a certain Chiss off, a promotion to Admiral, a planet with laws he can set
  4. Chusara: Shuffling along with Ramani, Chusara feels almost limp under his arm. She lets herself be steered by the Balosar, walking with him towards Eya, who she eyes nervously. Chak T'Vont: Glaring at the scene unfolding before him, the furious Devaronian watches his source of information be let out of her cell and into the ignorant arms of the cretins who had hijacked his ship. Unable to do anything else except fester in his fostered rage, the horned man sits on the edge of the small bed, waiting. S3-L3: "Designation: Protocol and serving droid S3-L3. Purpose: Assisting Captain of this ship in all tasks requested. Master: Captain of this ship. Current personnel log states Chak T'Vont. Current prisoner log states Chak T'Vont. Error in Captain designation. Reassign designation to a different individual?" Sally rattles off in binary to Embeetoo as the droid stomps into the cockpit and requests answers from the much smaller unit. The Navicomputer: After the series of error messages are closed by Embeetoo's quick and precise skills, the astrogation charts flare to life again and this time the route from Ord Mantell to Ithor appears to be available. With some quick reprogramming from the B2 unit, the computer and the hyperdrive communicate in a way that can only be described as a perfect understanding, the route plotted now shaving hours off the time and landing the Nova Courier just short of the planet itself. S3-L3 coos appreciatively to the war droid, knowing that organics just do not quite understand the harmony between mechanical and computational beings. Solan and Grrowv: Having limped their way to the mess hall after the treatment administered by Embeetoo, both the smuggler and his bodyguard found some food supplies and have tucked in heartily. Anyone heading that way or passing will notice the pair enjoying a rather simple fare of tinned Naboo scalefish and vegetables.
  5. Chusara: As the formidable droid raises its voice modulator again, this time barking out in clear irritation, Chusara slinks back and hides behind Ramani. He can feel her quivering in fear, and a moment later there is a small wetness on the back of his neck, her head buried against him allowing the tears that roll down her cheeks to touch his skin. "Please," she begs in a small voice, "Please no more questioning. I can't... I don't have the strength..." Her voice breaks, the whimper of terror clear to any who can hear her.
  6. "Now, where were we?" the Mirialan asks as the droid finishes the treatment. Looking out across the street, he sees Six-Tee-Six wading into a brawl with the remaining Imperials, and Dro-Kar taking shelter behind a shopping stall. Caizu arrives at the speeder the moment Dro calls out for cover. Leaping from the speeder (and only just disguising the wince of pain at the movement), Lang strides into the middle of the street, seemingly unfazed by the chaos around him. In truth, he is concerned stray shots will hit the Chiss, or the Dug, still hunkered down in the vehicle. Reaching the Nikto, Lang sees the oncoming trio. Drawing and firing from the hip, Lang gives the soldiers a reason to duck against the walls of the alley, though unfortunately none of his shots strike true. "Right mess this is becoming, eh partner?"
  7. Chusara: For a moment after Ramani finishes his encouraging and reassuring spiel, the Twi'lek woman does not make any outward sign of noticing that the Balosar even exists. Then, slowly, she tilts her head up, her gaze going from an unfocused stare at the floor to a more lucid acquisition of Fenn's features. Her lips part slightly as she releases a small exhalation, almost a sigh but not quite. Then her hands tighten into fists, and her eyes sharpen into a glare that could cut through durasteel, before she throws herself at Ramani and begins battering him. The blows are weak, fruitless efforts of pent up frustration that the woman is clearly venting. A few moments later and she collapses against him, sobbing uncontrollably and taking huge, heaving breaths. The Balosar can feel the weight of her anger and sadness, his kindness to her after such an ordeal causing her to race through a whole host of emotions she cannot properly express. A minute or two pass before she sits back, wiping her eyes and moving her tangled lekku out of her way. "I... I'm so sorry about that. Please, forgive me. It's been weeks since I've had anyone talk to me as a person, rather than an object." Composing herself, the woman checks over Ramani, fixing the part of his jacket she had crumpled in her assault. "My name is Chusara, and I would quite love a decent meal."
  8. Grunting as the droid administers treatment for the blaster wound, Lang does his best not to squirm as the pain lessens substantially. "Mighty kind of ya, Vex. Thank you."
  9. The Navicomputer: As Crow inputs the commands for plotting the jump to Ithor, the navicomputer buzzes a rejection and flashes a red error message. The text that appears next shows a lack of navigation data, which the Clone has tried to input, but it cannot calculate it based on the mathematics he has used.
  10. Syala Dannr A Zeltron of incredible skill behind the controls of a starfighter, Syala Dannr, crossed Lang’s path some years prior to the current setting. Born on Zeltros to a local lord and raised to take on the mantle of leadership, Syala felt the call of the skies and abandoned her fate as a noble to make a difference in the brewing conflict that was the Clone Wars. Only a teenager when she first started as a fighter pilot, her natural skill was such that she earned herself commendation after commendation – leading to many wondering how she was able to do what she did. Active only in the last year of the conflict, she was relegated to a backwater when the Republic was reformatted into the Galactic Empire, as per their new rules around non-humans. Frustrated with her post, Syala did her best to perform, but was progressively more shocked and appalled by the new regime’s actions towards the planets they governed. Resigning her commission, the Zeltron wandered for a time, before coming across the fledgling Rebellion. Committing herself to the cause, she flies for them as one of their best, engaging the Empire when ordered (and often when not) to fight for a cause she believes in. It was not until she was older that she discovered a lot of her natural talent came from a connection to the Force – one that only manifested while she was piloting, or in an unstable emotional state. Race: Zeltron Location: Unknown (last posting near Dantooine) Organization: Rebel Alliance Threatens/Supports: The Empire What can she do: Pilot like there’s no tomorrow, train new pilots, prove she is the best What do they need: An Imperial ship in her crosshairs, a shopping trip for less than regulation attire, someone to teach her to use the Force Frontier town – Mroma This was a quiet, unassuming town, found on the developing planet Rynkua. Populated mostly by farmers, mechanics and entrepreneurs, Mroma was thought to be a place destined for big things. As with most frontier towns, the place was the target of bandits and criminals looking to score easy credits off the simple folk who lived there – which is where Lang Shinqo comes in. The Mirialan took a position as Marshal, taking care of the ruffians who blew into town and making sure they did not come back for a second attempt at no good. Mroma prospered for a time, but the great things the populace hoped for never came. Some time towards the Life Day celebrations of (x BBY – still need to know what year we are in) the town was attacked and destroyed. So ruthless and efficient was the assault, Mroma was effectively erased from the planet. The only known survivor was Lang, who has spent every single day since then hunting for the perpetrators. What occurred that day, and why, remains a mystery to him, but he will not stop until he finds justice for the people killed. Planet location: Estraan system Faces: Various frontier folk, all of whom were killed as far as Lang knows Why come here: To start a new life, get away from city planets and enjoy a calmer, less intense lifestyle What is a common smell or sound here: Natural examples, from newly turned earth to the wet reminder of a day after rain, farming of animals and crops, the wind, people enjoying themselves and their work What actions do you receive bonus dice to: n/a What actions do you receive setback dice to: n/a Who belongs here: Lang (who spends time every day regretting his failing) Who doesn’t belong here: Criminals and anyone wanting to disrupt the peace of the now grave