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  1. Stranger Things is pretty great I print everything on normal paper single sided and then sleeve them with an extra core set card between the two pieces of paper. Gives me something to do with my extra core set cards (from buying 2 core sets)
  2. Thank you! Will print them and try them out this week. Been printing some custom scenarios as well. Community created content is off to a great start.
  3. Most of the first printing went to pre-orders. Also my FLGS only received half their shipment. I think there is another shipment coming. But yeah the first print run will be gobbled up quickly.
  4. Not always. The "normal" for a lot of people is that you buy a game, bring it to your game group and everyone plays. When my friend bought Fury of Dracula I didn't run out and buy myself a copy. No need. I love the LCG model, but as a former CCG player, the LCG model makes sense. I've seen a lot of players who are new to LCGs with this game and an LCG doesn't fit the "normal" mold of board game groups. Nothing wrong with that. Just that not everyone is going to immediately key in on the fact that the whole group should buy the game so everyone can have 100% deck building freedom. It is a small paradigm shift from what some are used to.
  5. I hope they get Rodney to do it. He's the best.
  6. Both channels are setup so anyone can give out invites. There is a drop down on the channel name that is 'Send Invite' which will give you a link.
  7. There are two discord channels for Arkham Horror LCG https://discord.gg/YxNRSXK and https://discord.gg/Rz763Qm
  8. Looks like early November now https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1654063/soundslooks-early-november-release
  9. I'm planning to play through the campaign solo with Wendy. She fancies herself a Survivor so I'll give her a chance to prove it.
  10. Sure and you can make any playmat you want at sites like inked gaming. Still it is nice to have official game-specific playmats.
  11. Exactly. It is completely a personal decision. You will have some sort of card pool limitation no matter what unless you are buying multiple boxes of everything. Just figure out what your group is comfortable with and go. Just as long as you don't use up all the Gandalfs before I build my deck we'll be fine.
  12. In all my time fighting against Lovecraftian nightmares I never thought of hitting up the halloween store to accessorize my board game! I'm headed there this week for sure. Good idea.
  13. Just more conformation that this is going to be a great game. We need to get our hands on it, but so far it does seem that homebrew campaigns will be possible. Unless locations are specific to a campaign in some way.
  14. Wendy Adams because I spent the money I was going to spend on Signs of Carcosa, plus more, on this game. I owe her one. Plus it has been a long time since we hung out in Innsmouth. Hopefully I won't get her killed as often in this game....
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