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  1. Captain Nym VI TLT Bomblet Havoc Adv sensors Genius Gold squadron y wing TLT R3A2 Tala Squadron Pilot Concussion missiles Guidance Chips Tala Squadron Pilot Xx23 thread tracers Guidance chips You should do fine with this list. Quite versatile and flexible. Probably should fly the y wing and headhunters in formation to get the TL from tracers. And dont forget to trigger the stress bot You can keep nym as like a flanker and fly him solo, he is quite maneuverable.
  2. Looks like the Co pilot upgrade is the answer to the u-boats Iam happy
  3. You can do without a large base but you are gonna have a hard time without biggs. The new t 70s look fun but i doubt they will be competitive. Stresshog is almost a must but beware of the title. A double stressed y wing usually is unable to acquire new targets after the first attack run.
  4. I still do not see how this expansion will help the rebels in the current meta. Jumpmasters and tie defenders would still probably eat these new pilots alive.
  5. I like your version quite a bit actually, but i always prefer to bring 4 ships minimum to give me flexibility. Plus the blocks the a wing could do helped win me a game against a triple jumpmaster list.
  6. whoops forgot the link, here it is http://xwingtactics.tumblr.com/post/111293866500/technical-tips-offset-formation-improvements-and
  7. I just wanted to post this up for any rebel player in need of a list as i have not seen anything like this before on the net. I flew this list just yesterday in the Malaysian National x wing tournament. It was my first tournament so i took a long time to think about it and i got into the top 8. Wes Janson (29) Veteran Instincts(1) BB8(2) Integrated Astromech(0) Biggs Darklighter(25) R4D6(1) Integrated Astromech(0) Gold Squadron Pilot(18) Twin laser Turret(6) R3 A2(2) Prototype Pilot(17) Chardaan Refit(-2)99/100 points Wes is here to strip tokens from any aces, jumpmaster's and Poe dameron's using his high pilot skill to potentially shoot before his enemies, Biggs sole purpose is to keep wes alive to do his job as well as potentially taking the brunt alpha damage dealt by u boat torpedoes. You may notice there is no title on the y wing, this is because in my experience before the y wing is very limited in options after receiving the double stress during the initial engagement, therefore rendering it useless as it is hard to acquire new targets. The A wing is here to block which proved essential in 2 games against 2 scum lists with jumpmaster's, however this only works if you plan your maneuvers correctly. Fly the list in an offset formation deploying on the left hand corner by deploying your a wing in the front row right side, your y wing behind the a wing's left nub and biggs beside the y wing and finally wes in front of biggs.( link below for a diagram) try keep biggs as far back as possible. however when flying against a u boat list keep biggs in the middle of the formation if you can. Once engaged break formation by using the a wings fast speeds to block a targeted ship while keeping your x wings and Y in formation bearing down on the blocked target. You can use BB8's ability to change wes's position to strip tokens from any other threatening target (such as a u boat flanking form the side). As long as you keep your head cool and pick your targets correctly you should do fine. the website in the link is not mine, all credit for the diagrams and explanations on that site should go to the host of said site. Everything else here is my opinions and thoughts ( or at least i think it is, the internet is pretty big)
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