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    Kuni Katsuyoshi got a reaction from Hida Jitenno in Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)   
    This is from 3rd ed. rpg.
    Crab. 258,000 samurai
    Crane 213,000 samurai
    Dragon 101,000 samurai
    Lion 292,000 samurai
    Phoenix 88,000 samurai
    Scorpion 102,000 samurai
    Unicorn 203,000 samurai
    MC and Imperials 143,000 samurai
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi got a reaction from Andrew.Taon in Summary of story-wise changes between Old and New L5R?   
    We can only hope that's the case.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi got a reaction from Togashi Gao Shan in Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)   
    Shinjo Alternity
    They too wasted their money on TSR 's attempt at a sci-fi RPG 
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Shiba Gunichi in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    I love 4th because it dialed back the absurd cheese that crept into earlier editions. Kinda hope they avoid absurd "take this school if you want to do X, everyone else who tries to do X is absolute trash by comparison."
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Shiba Gunichi in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    *Shuffles in, sets up a deck chair, signals for a drink*

    Home again, home again.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Drudenfusz in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    I am so excited. Hope that the costom dice will be L5R themes in symbols and not just a Genesys derivate.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Kitsuki Edogawa in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    It may still be the Genesys system, but packaged as a full RPG rather than a supplement.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Mirith in L5R RPG Open Beta Announcement   
    In case you missed it
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Daigotsu Steve in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    Eh? How do you know what someone is truly indifferent to? My uncle in law has been nuts deep in Rastafarian culture for over 30 years. Reggae DJ, respected member of the community, smokes mad amounts (toothpaste for the soul he calls it), wears the coloured cap and has dreads he's never cut. But to an observer, and a bell, he might well just be someone "appropriating culture". But how do you judge who is allowed access to these things without being labelled and who isn't?
    And what on gods earth gives someone the right to do that?
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Ishi Tonu in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    Last night was not a good night to try.  Wifey had a really difficult day and was clearly not in the mood for jokes 'n pokes.  
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi got a reaction from Ishi Tonu in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    So.....did it work??
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Ishi Tonu in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    My wife showed me this article yesterday and I almost instinctively threw her phone against the wall.......but the more I think about it this is pure genius.
    Tonight when I get home I'm telling my wife that it's racist to wear cotton and she should take her clothes off as a sign of solidarity with our African American friends........
    It could work.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to shosuko in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    This was much better than the SU&SD story, but I'm not with this guy 100%.
    In the beginning he links a few things, and while they were cool - I think its important to understand a few things clearly.
    1) He links an introduction to Edward Said's Orientalism.  This is basically the conceptualization of "colonialism."  The problem with colonialism is that it denies the realities of the times.  There are privileges we ALL enjoy, around the world today because of colonialism.  Right now we have near global unity in political leadership, where nearly any country can go to another country to settle their dispute before the courts of the other countries leadership to sort out their differences and sign agreements.  We can also sanction those who don't want to play by the rules rather than bombing them outright.  These ONLY happen because we've reached an epoch of post-colonialism which has wrapped the world in cooperation through mutual benefit.  Some are still exploited and suffer, but the trend of the world is still to the betterment of all citizens around the globe.  When these first contacts were established there was no reason to expect to walk into a different country without clashing in a potentially fatal conflict.  Whether you came to kill them, or they followed you back to kill you - there was war.  There was war between Orientals and other Orientals, and between Native Americans and other Native Americans.  As technology shrunk the world, a dominance hierarchy was formed - but that dominance hierarchy paved the way for civil discourse, trade and politics between people.
    Yes - people were war like, and there was much subjugation - but that is the nature of all people, and all tribes of people around the world - there were misunderstandings and a mingling of cultures from all sides.  As they took products from Asia, they also brought products to Asia.  If Asia had won the wars, or the Natives had successfully defended against European colonies then the world would look different today - but the problems would be the same.  Dominance hierarchies are a natural fabrication of humans from all areas, tribalism persists to this day in all areas of the world, and no matter how much we want equality there will always be those who own, those who manage, and those who labor.
    Culture is by nature public.  There is no registry for being Jewish, or Japanese.  If your parents were Japanese you could be Japanese and know little of the culture because you were never exposed to it.  If you were not Japanese, but were raised with FULL exposure to the culture you could be Japanese.  It is natural to adapt to your environment, to culture and customs.  If you receive only partial or incomplete exposure, as one who travels through a land or only receives 2nd hand knowledge of is apt to receive, it makes sense that you would both adapt the culture, and not fully understand it.  This is sub conscious and not exclusive to "being empowered" or "dis empowering" or "subjugating" you can be a street vendor in Japan and you will pick up Japanese customs and you certainly are not empowered over them - and it would be the same middle ground "cultural appropriation" as this article writes it.
    2) There are two arguments being combined.  One of "cultural appropriation" which states we are taking Japanese culture from Japanese - and another which I struggle to label, which basically says "Japan used the Banzai shout during invasions, and they attacked and subjugated many people" and that us using this shout is offensive because it reminds those people that Japanese people attacked them a very long time ago.  I gotta say this second one feels really bogus to me.  The post traumatic stress conflating the word Banzai to the anxiety of being invaded would only be relevant to the people who were invaded.  Those people in those countries today may hate Japanese people, but to those who didn't hear a Banzai! shout followed by an onslaught don't really have the basis to form such a reaction from a word.  If any people hate Japanese enough to be so traumatized by a single word, I doubt the rest of the game would pass under their scrutiny as they simply hate Japanese people - and I do not have to respect their hate.
    I genuinly feel people bringing up those aspects (korea, manchuria, or banzai charge in ww2) are just grasping as straws to justify the potential for someone to be offended, but that there are no actual offended parties.
    Unless the Japanese people are offended by the Banzai shout I don't see any reason to bother about it.  I didn't care that Japanese pop idols dressed in SS uniforms, and Japan didn't care much either.  I question if its right that they should care.  Japan is Japan, they have a right to teach the history they feel is important, and as offensive as it is to say it - I don't feel it is important to learn about genocides except to learn about genocide its self, and to be familiar with the dangers of genocide, and the benefits of global civil communities.
    3) The artwork is generally what Japanese artists would make it to be.  Here I post again a character designed by Japanese, for Japanese, who IS Japanese according to THEM.
    That blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned girl on the left?  
    Mika Nanakawa, known as R.Mika or Rainbow Mika.  She is a Japanese blonde, its something they do...  so I don't think it's an honest white-washing complaint considering THEY promote these images of themselves.  You might call it cultural appropriation because we are taking their art style, but you can't say we're white washing it.  I think the white-washing complaint is made mostly from an ignorance of Japanese fantasy dipictions, and a mis-preconception about what is good or bad in art - basically they are being a bit racist by claiming that a white person (or white company who employs an Asian artist) is making it white because that is what they want, not understanding that the people being represented may favor that representation as well.  I imagine if the artwork tried to steer away from being "whitewashed" by specifically giving the ethnically accurate depiction they would still receive complaints about racism in their depiction of what "is" Asian.  There is no pleasing some people, so at a point I feel justified in ignoring them.

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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to selderane in New Article up at Cardboard Republic   
    When you realize that there is no such thing as cultural appropriation, because there is no such thing as a "pure" culture, this all becomes childish. 
    Show me something you think is distinctly Japanese and I'll show you how it was influenced by all the cultures surrounding it.
    I leave you with this image of cultural purity to meditate on: Japanese men wearing the traditional suits of their fathers and forefathers, long into the mists of the ancient past. 

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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Yogo Gohei in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    ^ This
    White Knighting and Virtue Signalling are not becoming.  Please stop.
    As soon as I see someone of Asian decent take issue with the game in a way that isn't rooted in "Japan was evil in the 30's and 40's", then we can talk.
    As it currently stands...

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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Daigotsu Steve in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    I love the shout personally. I don't think it's "cringe" in the slightest. We should be proud and show our spirit. I get why the more deeply introverted sorts might feel uncomfortable doing it, but to be honest I feel those folks could probably do with a bit of community spirit and pride the most.
    Also, personally, I think that if I was my white self living in Japan(and therefore a serious minority) I wouldn't be offended by celebrations of medieval culture or 'Englishness'(which they are huge on) so much as I would by Japanese folk speaking up "on my behalf" to whinge about tripe like cultural appropriation and get offended and uppity for me. 
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to sndwurks in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    As someone writing pretty much an entire article for my blog about Cultural Appropriation and L5R, I find all this discussion interesting.
    The skinny on my opinion? Wong's problem with the Banzai cheer is fair, and he has every right to be upset by it. However, L5R is a game which CELEBRATES Japanese military traditions, and if you have a problem with the Banzai cheer, well... let me tell you about Yobanjin Mura, the Colonies, and just what the Kami did when they arrived in Rokugan... I promise you, there's a LOT more to get upset about and maybe L5R is not a game for you if you do not like samurai.
    For the Banzai cheer itself... eh? I am not tied to it precisely. But having something to shout at the start of a tournament does create a powerful sense of community and togetherness with the other people who broke their voices doing so. Do I need it for my organized play? No, but I would miss it if it were not there.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to RandomJC in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    On the topic of things people find offensive, I find bananas offensive. Far to sexual.
    I've been stuck for a week do to evacuation from a scary *** hurricane. I'm not feeling sorry for trivializing people who find Banzai offensive, or rage against cultural appropriation, while being perfectly accepting of what they've already culturally appropriated.
    Call me when we decide to rename Montana.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi got a reaction from Isawa Syd in Politics of Rokugan   
    A quick simplistic answer:
    The culture of Rokugan pretty much puts things in a game of personalities.
    Your point vis a vis the Unicorn vs. Other Clans seems spot on.
    Politcal progress is near impossible when.
    A: goes against 'Tradition', a cornerstone concept of Rokugani culture.
    B: could be considered Treason or Heresy and suppressed with prejudice 
    any political or sociological debate is kept more or less private and therefore usually has little impact on things. The 'usually' was the Gozoku, and we knew how that turned out.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to MrMenthe in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Yeah, I love it too. It makes me feel being a part of something greater than a card game.
    I understand that some people don't like it and I am 100% supportive if they chose not to do it.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Isawa Syd in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    I love banzai. I can see why some may not. That said, please give it a chance. It's a lot of fun and literally unites the clans (players) for one brief moment. The l5r community has always been a welcoming place irl. The forums can get heated and sometimes folks explain themselves poorly or react when they should take a step back. Courtesy is a Bushido virtue. Let's not forget that, even as others do. Just because someone's on slips doesn't mean yours should, too.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to WHW in The Melancholy of Shiba Kirikage [A story about a certain Shiba Yojmibo]   
    Hello! Inspired by a fun conversation about a Shiba Yojimbo, I've decided to try my hand at writing some short fiction placed in L5R. This is both an experiment, which I might later use as a basis for a character for RPG. Anyway, Ive decided to post it in its own thread. I hope anyone who decides to read it will have fun...or at least wont regret opening it too much. I'm happy to read comments! And I think I'm going to write at least a few future installments for this, too. 
    Individual spoilers are, em, "chapters", so to speak. 
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Manchu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    When it comes to "generic fantasy" players tend to assume that the culture is equivalent to their own IRL culture - for whatever reason - apart from a few, often superficial points. With L5R, you have to begin by putting that assumption aside and entering into something that at a very basic level is very different.
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Mirith in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
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    Kuni Katsuyoshi reacted to Manchu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    What does "downgrading" mean?
    What I see is a tactic. You say X is problematic. I disagree. You say my disagreement is problematic. Seems like you are the one doing the "downgrading." This is the problem of assuming you have the moral high ground: you are willing to forgive or overlook in yourself what you criticize in others.
    What SU&SD said about other issues in other places has no bearing on the entirely superficial, petty, and irresponsible way Quinns mentioned the banzai chant.
    The right group can do a great job with just about any system or setting, no question. My separate point is that I have never seen a player base as a whole so committed to immersion as the L5R base.
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