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  1. Of course, she secured the proposition with her life. ?
  2. A quick simplistic answer: The culture of Rokugan pretty much puts things in a game of personalities. Your point vis a vis the Unicorn vs. Other Clans seems spot on. Politcal progress is near impossible when. A: goes against 'Tradition', a cornerstone concept of Rokugani culture. B: could be considered Treason or Heresy and suppressed with prejudice any political or sociological debate is kept more or less private and therefore usually has little impact on things. The 'usually' was the Gozoku, and we knew how that turned out.
  3. Agghh! Only part one! Nooo! I really enjoyed seeing Seeing some familiar names and faces, being a City of Lies fan. Another job well done ? ?
  4. I believe I've seen Tenno used in L5R before. So I'd go with Tenno-heika.
  5. the Crane, Phoenix, and Scorpion derive much of their power and legitimacy from the 'imperial' system. So if the Lion went off their nut. These three would be first in line to do something about it. I'd add the Unicorn to the list. The only reason they didn't get pushed out of Rokugan is because the Crane vouched for them, and the emperor accepted that.
  6. Lol! Perfect casting and extra points for referencing a breakdancing movie in the topic title ??
  7. The conflict between clans only bolsters the emperor's authority by keeping the clans divided and himself as the 'neutral' party of appeal. It also allows the clans an outlet for their aggression.
  8. They do however, see the Discord server. This and other issues are discussed at length. So we'll get a ruling..eventually. ??
  9. The Crane do pretty. They don't do do fair. but I see your point.?
  10. .....Where did I put my Jade Strike scroll? ....Okay, wait here while I go get it.?
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