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  1. True. I'm just personally struggling to think of what else they could do. With this expansion, I think we've passed the original 54 investigators and while FFG can always make more, a full new eight investigators seems like a tall order. It feels like they've covered almost every profession unless they have John Doe the IRS agent. That and the fact that most of the other ancient ones don't have a ton of lore behind them strictly speaking of Lovecraft's works. I hope they do have a China board but if they do end up making another big box expansion I'd really like a Europe board more than just Rome and London.
  2. I'm excited about the personal stories, they seem like they'll add a lot more flavor and the concept of campaign play seems cool. I wonder though if this is going to be the final expansion for the game just like Miskatonic was for Arkham. The expansions seem to cover things in broad strokes so I wonder how much more they can do in terms of ancient ones.
  3. She seems interesting but I agree I wonder if she'll be more usable after Carcosa, I do think she's likely to be in one of the next two expansions though. So probably sometime in 2018-2019. Based on the release schedule of Dunwich and the month break it seems like we'll be done with Carcosa by February assuming it comes out on the last day of this month. I wonder if there will be a larger gap though between Carcosa and the third deluxe though. I remember when the leak came out earlier this year so I'm curious if they announced Carcosa when they did because of the leak or if they always intended to announce it when they did.
  4. I agree, I'm personally excited about the four icon skill cards that you can only use when your at a certain threshold.
  5. I meant Shub. Funny that, that's the thing that gets someone to comment.
  6. I realize it will be awhile before the next deluxe is announced but it's always fun to speculate. FFG has done a great job on this game and continues to surprise with each scenario; that being said patterns and cycles have started to emerge with both the permanent boosters and skill cards as well as with the investigator requirements. Some people may say otherwise but I think it's interesting how Minh, William and, Sefina with the exception of her 33 card limit all have deck-building requirements like the core investigators. I don't doubt that FFG will break the mold in some way but I also wouldn't be surprised if we get a set of investigators that are inverses of the core or people like William. What I mean is this: We have so far 8 Primary/secondary class investigators Wendy (Survivor/Rogue) William (Survivor/Guardian) Roland (Guardian/Seeker) Minh (Seeker/Survivor) Skids (Rogue/Guardian) Sefina (Rogue/Mystic) Daisy (Seeker/Mystic) Agnes (Mystic/Survivor) The deck building requirements for all of these is primary class levels 0-5 Neutral 0-5 and secondary class levels 0-2. This likely gives us at least two more investigators with this deck building structure with the possibility of 10 more if you reverse them ex. Roland is a Guardian with access to Seeker cards levels 0-2 but imagine a Seeker with access to Guardian cards levels 0-2 I don't FFG will be that formulaic but I do expect at least two more most likely a Mystic/Guardian and Rogue/Seeker which I could see Luke Bryant and Trish Scarborough being respectively in some later expansion. Another thing that was surprising was the release of Lola Hayes and her requirements so early. While her ability to use cards from any faction makes sense thematically when you compare her to Marie Lambeau I think Lola was released to get players to playing with 3 classes. Yes, she can technically have a deck with all 5 but consistency becomes a major issue even without worrying about her signature weakness. In order to have efficiency she really needs two main classes plus a third to cover any bases she's lacking in or you could go with a ratio of 50% one class and 25% for the other two. Lola Hayes's requirements: Deck size: 35. Deckbuilding Options: Survivor, Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, and Mystic cards level 0-3, Neutral cards level 0-5. Marie Lambeau's: Deck size: 30. Deckbuilding options: Spell cards level 0-5, Mystic cards () level 0-3, Neutral cards level 0-5, Occult cards level 0, up to five other level 0 Seeker and/or Survivor cards Notice the occult trait in Marie's requirements I think that she's basically a Dunwich Legacy investigator except instead of having 5 oof slots from any of the classes she has two. Now if any of you play magic you'll know that there are 10 3 colored combinations. I think the rest of the investigators like marie will probably probably be in expansions 3-5 as well as the other investigators that complete Mark and Akachi who are also focused on traits but who seem to stick with their class/color like how Mark focuses on Tactic trait cards and Akachi on cards with charges and occult. Now in terms of what I want for a Deluxe expansion I really hope there's a Dreamlands campaign as well as a Mountains of Madness/Ithaqua campaign based on the release of the first two expansions it seems like expansions 3 and 4 will be Cthulhu and Shub-niggurath. I also want to see Lily Chin, Amanda Sharpe, Monty, Charlie Kane and Diana Stanely soon as well as Dexter Drake.
  7. Oh, whoops my eyes deceived me. I was looking at the additional requirements and operating under the basis that someone would choose seven cards from each class as 7x5=35. It's nice that her requirements aren't as stringent as I thought.
  8. It's actually 7 cards from all five classes.
  9. So after missing out on the first run of Miskatonic Museum, I decided to sign up for a Team Covenant subscription. My semester ends on May 5th though so I don't want to be away from campus and have it accidently sent when I'm not there. Do any of you think it will release before then?
  10. I know that so far it seems to be the case that scenarios that take place far from Arkham seem to be POD but I'd really like either a Mountains of Madness cycle or a scenario in Alaska with Ithaqua. Also a cycle in Egypt with Nephren-ka or the Dreamlands.
  11. To restate what everyone else has already said I don't think that strange solution will be mandatory to beating the campaign. Will it add a benefit? Most likely, I think that the route of allowing more cards to use if the solution is identified is very likely. But for the long term, I don't think that everyone is always going to add it to their deck several cycles down the line. I think it will have a purpose for the Dunwich campaign (Why else include it?) But I don't think that it will be necessary to identify it to "Win" the campaign, that would be a highlight of bad design.
  12. I realize. I'm asking for more of a generalization, not a specific period. I like to save as much as possible so a $10 or even $5 dollar price drop is significant.
  13. I realize this isn't about rules or anything I'm just curious. It's been my experience with Fantasy Flight that if something cost $40-$50 it ends up being $30 and if it's normally $30 it ends up being $25. Does anyone know how long it takes for these prices to show up? Currently, I only see one offer for Dunwich Legacy at $27 plus $17 shipping. I know I bought my first core set at $30 excluding tax.
  14. Marie LambeauThe Entertainer Mystic InvestigatorPerformer. Sorcerer. Willpower: 4. Intellect: 4. Combat: 1. Agility: 3. Health: 6. Sanity: 8. While you have 1 or more doom among cards you control, you may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used to play Spell cards or activate Spell Action abilities. Elder Sign effect: +1. You may add 1 doom to or remove 1 doom from a card you control. Investigator Deck size: 30. Deckbuilding options: Spell cards level 0-5, Mystic cards () level 0-3, Neutral cards level 0-5, Occult cards level 0, up to five other level 0 Seeker and/or Survivor cards ( and/or ). Deckbuilding requirements (do not count toward deck size): Mystifying Song, Baron Samedi, 1 random basic weakness. So with Dunwich Legacy coming out soon and looking at the previews for the mythos packs it definitely seems like a lot of the player cards will be upgraded versions as well as cards that allow for some variety in deck building. As far as I'm aware it's been confirmed that Marie is actually from the next expansion after Dunwich and that pre-ordering just allows you to get her several months early. The thing that really sticks out to me are her deckbuilding options, it looks like traits are going to matter soon since there haven't been any occult traited cards yet. Also, it seems like the next expansion's investigators are going to have a bit of a multiclass theme. Since Marie can use Seeker and Survivor cards I'd guess that the other four investigators will be something like: Survivor: up to 5 level 0 Mystic and/or Rogue cards Guardian: up to 5 level 0 Survivor and/or Seeker cards Rogue: up to 5 level 0 Guardian and/or Seeker cards Seeker: up tp 5 level 0 Survivor and/or Mystic cards Alternatively, it could be Rogue, Seeker, Survivor Mystic, Rogue, Guardian Guardian, Seeker, Survivor Seeker, Mystic, Rogue and one other that I can't think of at the moment. Anyways what do you guys think?
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