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  1. So, according to the rules: "To drop a device, follow the steps below: 1. Take the template indicated on the upgrade card. 2. Set the template between the ship’s rear guides. 3. Place the device indicated on the upgrade card into the play area and slide the guides of the device into the opposite end of the template. Then remove the template." The problem with concussion bombs is that unlike every other payload upgrade it does not specify a template "on the upgrade card". I think it's fairly safe to guess it's intended to be the 1 straight like every other bomb but the problem is the rules for dropping specifically reference the template "on the upgrade card". Now, Spare Parts Canisters also tell you to drop the spare parts token without indicating a template and you don't use one for them but their shape is such that its clear you just place them between your rear guides but in the preview image, concussion bomb tokens are the same as all the other bombs indicating there would be a template used to drop them. Probably getting a bit nitpicky with rules lawyering but my point is that as written, concussion bombs are a bit broken right now.
  2. Ah. I didn't go far enough back when checking for if it had been discussed before. Thanks.
  3. Does it work? The huge ship rules say that a huge ship engages "at the initiative of its engagement value" so i would agree that something like swarm tactics which only affects standard initiative wouldn't change when it engages but Roark specifically states "it engages at initiative 7 instead of its standard initiative value" which is specifying a timing window it engages at and not having the ship actually treat its initiative as something else.
  4. So, the sticking point here seems to be the "you can choose not to perform an action when granted one" rule. People seem to be implying that gaining the token is "granting" the action but the way I see it, that's wrong. It's executing the maneuver that grants the rotate action and if you then choose to perform it you first gain the tractor token as an additional cost.
  5. What happens if a nantex tractors itself onto/over a debris cloud? I've been mulling the question over since it came up at my weekly game night and the way I think it works is this but I'd appreciate anyone else's thoughts. As I understand it you gain the tractor token, resolve it, then do your rotate action. The problem here comes when in resolving the tractor token you gain a stress and can no longer resolve the effect for which you paid the cost of gaining the token since you can't pay a cost if you cant resolve the effect. At first I was thinking maybe landing on the debris and becoming stressed invalidated paying the cost and I would have to roll it back but the more I thought about it the less that made sense since there's also the possibility of rolling over a rock and criting into panicked pilot and there's no way to predict that so you can't just ban it outright. The way I've decided it works is this and let me know if y'all agree or disagree. Since at the time of taking the tractor token you ARE able to take the action then whatever happens after can't invalidate that so if you become stressed in the process of resolving the tractor you just skip the rotate without running afoul of the "you can't pay a cost if you can't resolve the effect" rule.
  6. Technically the current FAQ states: Results that are added are treated as dice results that can only be canceled (they cannot be modified or rerolled). So until they change it Finn is useless.
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