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  1. Yeah I think its played so little people forget about them
  2. I could throw 30 red dice in a turn however
  3. Give me a shout and let me know when is good for games.
  4. Did not get picked sadly.
  5. It wasn't to bad. It compensated for the modification by sheer number of dice rolled. 3 ships all with gunnery teams and Ackbar is massive broadside
  6. I managed an Ackbar Slash in the last round of regionals with this Name: All the reds copy Faction: Rebel Commander: Admiral Ackbar Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Dangerous Territory Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Gunnery Team (7) = 79 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Gunnery Team (7) = 79 Points MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) • Admiral Ackbar (38) • Strategic Adviser (4) • Gunnery Team (7) = 153 Points MC30c Scout Frigate (69) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Admonition (8) = 86 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 397
  7. Your grand I have forgotten what part of the UK your from either and I have been there far more than you have been here
  8. Just out by Renmore. We can set up a game in dungeon and donuts. Work is madness this week and next but when suits after that?
  9. It is my ballpark. I work in Galway city. I only play Armada @ashorourke Where in Galway are you.
  10. If people want I can stream some of the weird matches as well as the Varsity level ones I'm in ( where my opponent agrees of course).
  11. Thanks for the explanations and the Irish was of saying it would be senior and intermediate referring to the Hurling and Gaelic football level of skill.
  12. What the **** is varsity in real life? have signed up for that side of the league but what the heck doe sit relate too?
  13. Not your fault. some of us are old and have no real people left to play with most of the time. So as a result not as much consideration for armada. Its us being dumb.
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