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  1. I predict that Ms Marvel will benefit from Tenacity and the Physical resource card (Enhanced Strength ?)
  2. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever Recovered as Spider-man; just swung by Aunt May’s for a stack of hot cakes and back to the fray!
  3. I don’t think Arkham’s XP system would be a good fit for Champions super-hero theme. What I expect a Champions campaign will have is consequences determined by your success and/or choices in earlier scenarios. For example, you are given a choice of thwarting two different side plots; which one you choose will determine the encounter sets you see next scenario. I could also see Story Assets as in Arkham - cards you can add to your deck as a reward for achieving certain goals.
  4. I’m not a big Marvel fan, but I am hyped for this game. I’ve loved and still play Arkham and LotR and I can definitely see their lineage in this. But this looks like it will be easy to teach and bring new players in. I can definitely see holding an event the day the Cap America pack releases and just handing Cap to a new player and saying, “Let’s do this!” Much like Keyforge I think this lowers the barriers to entry and will be wildly popular with folks who haven’t normally been interested in LCGs
  5. With co-op vets Nate French and Caleb Grace at the helm, it’s not surprising that there are similarities between Champions and Arkham and LotR Koff*Surge*koff You can see many ideas from the earlier games refined into Champions what impressed me is how successful these designers are at infusing their games with tone. Arkham feels constrained, often desperate; LotR captures a sense of (dare I say) fellowship. Nate spoke about wanting Champions players to feel “empowered” and everything I see confirms that. Arkham as it’s weaknesses, which make you mistrust your own deck. In Champions weaknesses become Nemesis, but they spring from the Encounter deck — because you are a super hero and of course your deck is your source of power. These guys are just terrific designers.
  6. If it would be narratively interesting for a PC to encounter Shinobi, just put it on whatever server they happen to run. Then move it to another server where it will taunt the runner. Genesys isn’t meant to be a tower defense game where we build servers, lock them in and let PCs smash themselves against them. Go ahead and build a general outline of a system, but change it as you need to to make the story fun and exciting.
  7. On the most recent episode of the Dicepool Podcast, Sam Gregor-Stewart explained that the limits on the devices should have been “installed” rather than “active”. As you point out, you can only have one breaker active at a time (important to note that limitation does not apply to ice). So your interpretation is correct.
  8. If I understand this correctly then you initiative would break down into blocks of: (All PCs who succeed), (All NPCs), (All PC’s who failed). Though, as normal, any PC could use a PC initiative slot.
  9. Using this ability, you can move once as an incidental. The incidental doesn’t count against your limit of two maneuvers, but the talent explicitly limits you to two Moves (one Incidental, one Manuever. Therefore on a turn you may: Move (incidental), Move (maneuver), Any Manuever but Move (2 strain) , Action.
  10. I joined that group just in time to witness that dumpster fire. Thanks for the link to the new group.
  11. Just discovered your cast and have been binging season 1. Love the concept of using familiar characters — as a listener I can immediately understand a player’s choices because I already have som understanding of the character. And I imagine it helps the players because they have a a strong archetype to play to rather than inventing a character. Keep upbthe the great work!
  12. Ah! Ok. I get that. The “draw to you hand size” reminds me of any number of board/card games (especially the draw at the end of your turn, which seems like a hallmark of Knizia) but I immediately thought of Star Wars LCG (R.I.P).
  13. What makes you think of Star Realms?
  14. I could see collecting one of each combination of faction — that’s only 35 decks. I could even see some trading away duplicate combos to achieve it. Or just every combination which includes a favorite faction.
  15. Try telling that to coin collectors, stamp collectors or rock collectors. There many things you can’t collect “all” of. I think rather that the point would be to collect a representative diversity.
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